Scam letter(s) from Alina Gybareva to Lesley (USA)

Letter 1
Hi Lesley. It was very pleasant to me to receive your answer on the site. It is very interesting to get know you better, you are very much interested to me. My name Alina, I'm 33 y.o, I was born on the 21 of April, 1974, I'm Aries.
Mine e-mail is
I never been married and I do not have children.
I am very sociable woman, I have many good friends. I constantly radiate the optimism on the people around me. I'm the pharmacist. I love my work because health is important thing in our lifes.
I like to make experiments with the hairdresser, a hair color, clothes. I send you some photos and you can see me and two my favorite animals Pysia and Mysia. Also I love competitions. You can ask me any questions about me and my life, I will answer them with pleasure!
I think it is interesting both of us to get know each other. I will begin the first. I'm very sociable woman, and I got a lot of friends. I'm the big optimist, and always have a fine mood! I send you some of my photos to share the smile and fine mood! I hope that you also will not give up to me in the photos, it would be desirable to consider you more close, to see eyes. I think eyes can tell much! I want to say a little bit about man of "my dreams"...
The man searching for serious relations is interesting to me.
The man with whom I would feel myself the happiest woman on the Earth is necessary to me. For me it is important to have mutual understanding, trust and responsibility! I think, that the Internet is very good way for acquaintance. I think, that it should be romantic to have a friend or even more in another country. I am interested very much that we could get know each other better. When I saw yours profile, I have became interested in you and consequently would like to have correspondence with you. I think we could be friends!
I will be waiting for your answer!
Letter 2
Hi Lesley. Forgive for the short letter, I have a problem with the computer. As at once to me will debug I will write you the letter! Alina!
Letter 3
Hi Lesley. It's me again!
Thanks for your photos! You are very attractive to me, and it is very pleasant for me to observe your photos. I hope, that you will send to me more photos! It would be interesting to me to see them! I think you will be glad to see my recent photos. In the last letter I have been told a little about myself. As you know I work as the pharmacist. I have the highest medical education. I live in Kazan city in Russia. It is big city and I like to live in such big city's style but sometimes I would like to live in a silent far place. As I told I got a lot of friends. All my numerous friends always communicate with pleasure with me and keep in contact with me because I'm creative person.
Tonight I with girlfriends want to gather at one of them to have a supper, to communicate, to find out about something new, I mean to have nice evening. We gather together not often, that's why each time this event occurs very interesting. You asked, why profile was wrong. It is a mistake of system, my registration has not been accepted, while I have not changed the country to Netherlands. Do not think that I made it specially! Ok?
About phone. I have phone, but I do not know with what code to you it's necessary to type it! As soon as I find out, I'll necessarily give you a phone number! It will be interesting to hear your voice! Unfortunately I haven't a father. He lost in accident, it have been long time ago, almost 10 years ago. Now I live one with my favorite cats, I rent the apartment. My mommy lives separately from me, at her the house with fine garden. I help her in a garden but usually she makes everything by herself. Although I try to help her as I can. Is it boringly? All these monotonous stories about a life have already bothered me! What is really interesting to you?
I do not want to carry myself to grey weight of people that's why I will not force you to get boringly from all these stories! So if you will have questions about different details of my life I will answer them, but I will not tell you this by myself! What is the purpose why I looking for acquaintance in the Internet? I want to find the man, the man with whom will be possible to talk about everything! I don't interest in just ***, simple dialogue without any meaning purpose it's important! I need interesting and intriguing dialogue! The conversation it is not usual exchange of grey boring letters! Do you agree? And just in case, than you understood what is exactly important in the man: I looking for serious man who is able to make the correct decisions, who is responsible for his acts and the most important thing is correctly treat with a women. You asked me about the instant messenger? I wanted to tell, that it is very much not convenient for me. I use a computer very seldom. I write to you from my girlfriend, in fact at home I have no computer. On work I use a computer to type various tables or schedules and to print it. Especially my work means constant movement, and it is easier to me to write you letter. Therefore it will be more convenient to me to communicate with you with the help e-mail. I hope you not against? Ok, I will finish on this, I will not write too much to not tire you with reading of my letter. I hope to see your letter soon!
Sincerely, yours Alina.
Letter 4

Hi Lesley. Let's continue our conversation!? I wanted to say you that you are very interesting to me. I almost do not know you, but my first impression about you very positive, and I like to communicate with you! I want to continue and continue... I have thought that it will be interesting for you to get know more in detail about we wash character!? In general I am the person not choosy but my character is those that if I do something, I do it well. I like to cook, and this is perhaps my main hobby. I already told that I love humor. We with friends sometimes gather together and we go somewhere to have a rest. One of my walks with the girlfriend we have decided to remember the childhood when we played on the court yard children's war with everybody who lived there, probably it is games for a male, but I always differed that that was and is very mobile and active child, that's why I always played such clockwork games. Probably because of this we have visited club with various computer games. I send you the photo with the computer weapon in hands. This day was the big entertainment for us... I hope very much, that it will be pleasant to you to look at me. I am assured that you will not be against if I will send you one more photo near our Russian fur-tree(X-mas tree), am I right? By the way, I womanly and fragile. But when someone speaks or does something not the way which will be correct under the relation to me or associates I answer very sharply and I will not give myself in insult. But I think such would not be if a I have a man near me which would be my protection and a support. It's very interestingly and pleasantly to speak a lot about itself, but I do not wish to seem to you monotonous and do not know how you will react to it and it is very interesting to me to find out more about you! I think that you understand what the knowledge will be each other more pleasant and easier if we will answer questions each other? That's why I will finish these lines and with the hugest impatience I will wait for your letter with questions on me, and the remarkable story about you.
Letter 5
Hi-hi-hi! I have just come from work. I have a perfect mood! How is your mood? You have answered me and I am very glad, that you were not frightened of my brisk character! :) Sun is lighting a little, and I can't wait for the summer. The summer is my favorite season, because sun is warm me up and don't let to freeze, and I like the summer rain... I wanted to ask you, do you like the sport? I like to watch voleyball and basketball, I'm not a player, but I'm good watcher. Do you know that Kazan is sport city? We got a teams in: voleyball, basketball, hockey, soccer, they participate in Russian Super Leagues. Kazan has most beautiful universal sport complex "Basket-Hall", here realizes local competitions, here plays basketball team "Unics" and voleyball's "Dinamo"... I'm interesting, what kinds of sport do you like and do you play sport? I do fitness occasionally to keep my figure well.
My favorite food are spaghetti, potato and other food. But I can eat other foods like pizza, pasta, soup...
I haven't a children, but I want a 2 kids. At least 2 kids and lovely man...
I will tell you about my education. Firstly, I educated in the school for 11th grades. Then I went to university and spend 5 years and I got the pharmacist diploma. As you know then I began to work and work to nowadays. I have a big experience about 10 years for national drugstore. National drugstore.
My family consist of me, my mom and other relatives. I don't have got any brothers or sisters, that's why I want at least 2 kids, than they know what it is big family.
I can relocate everywhere on the planet, I just need a partner to do that. Now I have no reason to relocate. I wanted to tell that then more I find out you then more I have a questions about you and your life. I do not dare to ask all of the question... It's interesting to me to know in more detail what relations do you have with the women? Is woman associates with the housewife for you or with an integral part of your life? I want to have relations with the man where we will be on equal!
It is not pleasant to me that men they speak they are main in the house!
When the pair lives together they share everything among themselves. And the man should discuss with the woman the important decisions before to undertake them. In fact sometimes men make like it will like them and woman would not like. I hope you understand me here. It was serious theme and I would to distract of that. I send you more of my photos. I have remembered how I with my girlfriend had a great entertainment of dances, I think it will be interesting to you to look at it. Also it is always pleasant to me to receive your photos! I think I will finish the letter. I am tired for all day and I would like to have a rest. I hope to continue conversation soon!
Your friend Alina.
Letter 6
Hi Lesley. It is pleasant to see your letter again. Your letters always cheer me up. There is a set of types of people and it is heavy to me to communicate with the some people, because they closed in itself. But our dialogue is easy and pleasant that's why I look forward to your letters. Today I have a good mood and I want to joke constantly. The smile does not get gone from my face. Generally I'm optimist and always try to smile to people. When you see a smiling person it's want to smile too. Maybe that's the reason why people are like to communicate with me? If each person think like this the life would become much more cheerfully and more interestingly, without grey and boring everyday lives. We communicate already for a lot of time constantly we find out that about each other, and I wish to know, what you think of me? Whether it is pleasant to you to communicate with me what you represent me to lives? I try to present, as you would speak the same words in a reality what would be at you a mimicry, gestures, etc. And I feel, that you very good person with whom it is interesting to spend time. I wish to discuss with you one very interesting theme connected with character of the person... I hope you not against this. You can tell about positive and negative features of your character? I would like to hear it... Begin the first, and in next the letter I will tell to you about the character. I will wait for your letter. Bye! Alina.
Letter 7
Hello Lesley! I hope that you will not take offence at such small letter!! I just have come home and I was flooded with neighbors at them has broken a pipe! Now I will do an order it is necessary to clean water. I hope that you will not take offence at such short letter! I will write to you tomorrow. Alina!
Letter 8
Hello Lesley
Today at us in Russia a holiday on May, 1st - Day of spring and work. This holiday at us is marked every year. Usually all people go on the nature to fry sausages! It at us is read by the day off. Today as very good weather, shines the sun. I with friends am going to go to walk. I hope that you will not be strongly offended that I again write you such small letter. When I will come I will necessarily write to you. Yours Alina!
Letter 9
Hi Lesley. Each time it is more and more pleasant to me to receive your letters ! You are really interesting person and I want to communicate with you as possible as possible but unfortunately I have urgent matters on work and I cannot answer in that day when you have written to me. But I hope you will understand me and you will not take offence at me... I promised you to tell about positive and negative lines of my character. Though I said about pluses already much … But perhaps my main plus is that I can accept the person such it is. I can be very kindhearted if someone is in a trouble. And a little about minuses. You know each person has minuses and it is important to foreknow about them. I consider that it is important since you will know about minuses of the person, and it will not bring to you unpleasant unexpectedness. I hope you understand what I mean I consider as the minus is that constantly I try to arrange the person under myself. I do not wish to concede to anybody, I obstinate! Sometimes I become too strict and I can be captious even in the smallest and imperceptible things. Now I can allocate only these minuses. After all much I do not see in myself. Certainly, I try to correct something, not to be so captious, to be softer. But I hope, you can accept my minuses. You know, I think, if people feel to each other something, whether it be love or friendship they always can forgive each other all their minuses. And even more, will help to master emotional impulses, thereby to get rid of many minuses. You agree with me? Ok, I hope to be pleased having seen your letter soon!
Letter 10
Hello Lesley You received from me last letter! If received that why you do not answer me! I wish to see your prompt reply! Alina!

Letter 11
Hello Lesley!
I very strongly am not happy that I do not see from you the letter. Yes I understand that there is not enough time to write the good letter. But I think that it is possible to write pair of lines that that you will be occupied what to write later.
Tomorrow as at us on May, 9th!! Day of a victory of the Soviet armies on fascist army. I hope that you know about this day. I am going to go with friends to look parade.
I hope that I will receive from you a prompt reply. Alina!
Letter 12
Hello Lesley! I cannot understand! If you do not wish to write me more that likely you can write that I any more do not wish to write to you that I did not wait from you for letters. My darling I hope that I will see your prompt reply. Alina!
Letter 13
Hi Lesley! I'm glad to see your letter! I'm glad to write you! I'm glad! I have a good moon, because of sun! Sun is warming much! My dear, hoping for your understanding, I want to tell that I cannot write to you one or two days. The matter is I will go to mum she got her anniversary she will be 60 y.o. tomorrow!!! It is a remarkable holiday! On this action will be practically all our relatives and close friends of a family. Such meeting happens very seldom as anniversaries happen as seldom. I think that you understand that we will have the big entertainment we will have various entertaining actions. I as well as all present wish to tell to mum the warmest and pleasant words for heart I hope, that this day will give to my mum not bad stimulus and fine mood on the future... We will collect the big round table there going to be many various foods. One of relatives has already ordered the big pie, in the form of the mum's house!!! I would like to know, how do you celebrate anniversary in your country? It is very interesting to me to hear it from you. I wished to tell, that it is very cheerful and pleasant to communicate with you! I yet do not wish to do hasty conclusions, but I feel so perfectly, only when I communicate with you! I would like to hear your voice, to have a phone conversation. I have a home telephone number, but I have learnt recently, that it is inaccessible to calls because of abroad. But at me is mobile, and I could call you! I use mobile for calls from a drugstore, I can use for a while another sim-card to call you. So it will be more convenient for me, there as you cannot phone on sim-card for a drugstore there special numbers. I want to ask you your phone number. If you give it to me I can call you and we'll talk. Do you want that? I would like to hear your voice quicker! Ok, I will finish the letter. I will be happy to see your letter after my arrival! Yours Alina.
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