Scam Letter(s) from Ekaterina Gordeeva to Dan (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello dear Dan! At first, I want to say to you, that I'm very glad to get answer from you. I am new person in the Internet, and I could not imagine myself, that my message to you will give result, and I'll get your letter so fast! Ok, my name is Elena, I'm 26 years old, I won't begin to tell again to you all information, which was in my profile, I just want to remind you, that I'm from Russia, I was born in Russia, and I live there now. If it doesn't scare you off me, I'll be happy to continue our correspondence and I want to know more about you. I live in the nice Russian town. The name is Cheboksary. I saw your profile at the site, and I liked much. I wanted to write a letter to you. I wanted to get registered on the site, but unfortunately all my attempts was failed, when I tried to place profile from Russia, therefore I took another country. I want to ask you if you corresponded with women already? Have you ever been in Russia or may be contacted with Russian people? It's interesting. I finished Medicine College 5 years ago and work as nurse in the Central hospital. My work is hard, but when I see at the eyes of sick people gratitude, I every time think, that it was right choice, and I am not sad about it. I have no computer at home and every time I write you from the Internet cafe. I have one request to you; if you send me photos, please, try to do them smaller, ok? You know, I studied English at the college, but it is not perfect off cause, so, I should please you to excuse me for my mistakes. If I will have possibility, I would try to take some English lessons soon. You know, I write you this letter by myself, but sometimes I use special program for translation some words or sentence. You know, I'm really sorry, but I can't write you every day, so, please, don't be offended or worried if I would not write you one day ok? I will try to write you every day, but can't promise exactly, because this depends mostly on the amount of work that I have to do. I really hope, that I would get letter from you soon (if be honesty, I was not sure that I would have reply from you to my message, and I just wanted to check my e-mail and it was big surprise for me, thanks a lot). As I told you before, I'm really interested to know you better, so, please, tell me more about yourself, and if this is possible, send me some photos. I would like to see them, and you can see my photo attached too. I can't send many photos in one letter, but I will send you another photo in the next letter too. I will be waiting your reply, with my best wishes, Elena.

Letter 2

Dear Daniel! I am very glad to get your letter, and I have to say, that I'm happy, that I have decided to communicate with Internet, and to learn English, I speak English rather good, and I hope, that you understand me good. You know, when I started my search, I really didn't believe that I can find somebody, and I would be interesting for man from another country! I have girlfriend, she advised me to try, because she found her husband around 8 month ago in Internet too. She was not serious first time when she had correspondence with him, but after some times they understood that couldn't live without each other and now she live in France. She visited our town last week and we had conversation about this, so, I decided to try. But I have to say, that I am not looking for just empty correspondence, I want to say, that my intentions are serious, and I look for my future husband. I hope you understand me, and if it is only the game for you (I don't think so, but...), tell me about it, please, and may be it will be better for us to stop our conversation, because I don't want to hurt myself. I have to say, that I am very interested in you, I want to know you better, and I want to understand you, what kind of man you are... And you know, I think you should decide, was I right when I started to write you. I really hope that we will continue our correspondence, and I want to tell you some more about myself. I'm 1 m 71 sm tall, my weight 56 kg. I like flowers; my favorite flowers are daisywheels, lilies and orchids, but I'd love when my man brings me flowers, which he picked up, and it doesn't matter what kind of flowers it is. I like decorate my home, and use in this flowers off cause too. I like tender colors and pastel tones. What colors do you prefer? I like ice-cream. I like cooking and this is my privilege when we have any celebration, because all my girlfriends think that I'm the best. But I'm not agreeing with them, because I know at least once 1 person, my mom, she cook better, and she is my teacher in this. I am single, and I have no sisters or brothers. I have no children, but I want to feel myself as mother, and I hope, I'll feel it beautiful feeling someday. My desire is to find the man, with whom I can spend my life together, I understand, that the days go, and we getting older, and I don't want to feel loneliness, and to think, that I have had chance someday? With my best wishes, Elena.

Letter 3

My dear Dan! I'm very glad to get your letters, and I'm also glad, that I have begun our communication with you, because I feel, that you are very good man, and every your letter brings me a lot of pleasure, and I also happy to see your letter from you! I'm really glade that you want to continue correspondence with me, and I want to ask you, do not stop to write me! I think you are interesting in my person and to know more about me and about place there I live. I didn't write you before, I live with my old grandmother in the small flat. We have 2 living rooms, kitchen and bathroom. Off cause may be you would think, that our flat is too little, but you know, it is very comfortable and clean. We live very modest, and this flat is enough for us with my grandmother. My parents live in the village, around 45 km from my town. I grew up at this village. The name of this village is Chernushka. There are little river and very nice nature. I like to spend weekends there, because I can rest from big town and off cause see my parents. There are Russian bath. Did you ever hear about Russian bath? It is like sauna, but without swimming pool and in Russian bath people beat each other special besom. They do this for make body hotter and perspire, because all bad for health can get out. Today in the evening my girlfriends will visit me. They names are Tanya and Natasha. They are married, and have children. When I talked with them last time, I told them about you too. They were very happy for me, because I have found such honest and decent man as you. Also they have told me, that they are glad for me, because they did not see me such cheerful, and happy for long time! I smile a lot, because I think about you and I feel myself so happy! I really don't know what I can tell you else about my self… Have I told you, that I don't smoke? And I don't drink, but I can drink some wine with holiday dinner. If you don't mind, I'll ask you tell me about yourself. I am very interested in all, what takes place in your life. And if you want to know me better, you can ask me any questions, and I'll answer on all of it. I will be waiting your reply with impatience, my best wishes, yours,Elena.

Letter 4

Dear Dan! I am very glad to receive your letter. Today I went to the Internet cafe that is not so far from my house to check my mail. I was very happy to find a letter from you. We still know not much about each other, but I shall try to tell about myself and find out more about you. You know, I like children. I like to spend a lot of time with them, to play in games and drawing. One of my girlfriend have son. He is very nice and clever boy, he is only 2.5 years old, and sometimes she leaves him with me. Some days ago I was walking with her son and waiting her from shop, when a woman make me the compliment: "So yang girl with so nice childe, you look as very careful mother". So funny, but she was surprised when I said that this boy is not my son. I think I'm ready to start my own family and I hope, that you are honesty with me, and you will not break my heart, because at preceding year, I had boyfriend, and we was together around 3 years. But after New Year he found another girl, and he started to defraud me, because he didn't wanted to say me the true – that he don't want to be with me and find somebody else. After 1 month I caught them together accidentally in his flat, they made love and forgot to close the door… he broken my heart, and it was double pain. I was not so painfully, if he would be honesty and said me all before I saw this my own eyes. No, I forget him, and I want to start my life again. I'm very optimistic person and I hope all will be ok. Tell me about your the city what beautiful places do you have there? How do you spend your free time? Tell me what kind of life are you having in the USA. It is really very interesting for me!! You may ask why I cannot find the right man in Russia. Though many men wanted to have love and friendship with me, but as I told you the most men drink here a lot and always find excuses not to work hard. I believe in God and I think every important for every person! So, it is really very difficult to find the right man to date with or marry to among them. Dear, it seems to me, that our meeting is destiny. Today I saw a dream... I dreamed that I was walking with the person and it felt so nice with him. I woke up and understood, that did not remember his face, but it seems to me, that it is not a casual event in our lives that destiny brought us closer. Perhaps you are the person who I may trust. I am looking forward to meeting a person who I can trust. I want to give you all my care and love to you; I am tired of being lonely. And you, do you believe in destiny? I'm sorry, but I should go for now, I send you loving kisses, and I hope hear from you soon. Yours, with my best wishes, take care, Elena



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