Scam letter(s) from Marina to Felix (Serbia)

Letter 1
Hello! Wow what a name!
Nice to meet you! I am glad to correspond with you. At once i will repeat that i am serious about my search of a good honest man and i am not playing games, i am for real! Are you?
I think we are lucky to meet each other in the big world of Internet.
I believe that correspondence is very important. here we will ask and answer each other questions. We will find out more about each other.
lets enjoy this process. Hopefully our correspondence will lead us to meeting. I think it is logic write?
I was glad to learn a bit about you, It was very interesting, thank you,Archimed. But I would love to ask you some questions:
What do you know about Ukraine, the country i live in? Do you like Ukrainians? Why do you want Ukrainian girlfriend and possible wife.
thank you for your answers in advance, you can ask me what you want i will honestly answer them.
Well, tell you about myself. As you know now, I am Marina. I was born in 1980, and on the 27th of March i was 28. I an Aries. I dont believe much in horoscope though. When is your birthday?
I was born in Perevalsk and then moved to Aleksandrovsk, small settlement, in the east of Ukraine. I live alone, I rent a flat. I could not find good job in my town that is why i moved. I work as a proof reader in the local newspaper. I have graduated from the university, Speciality- Editor of mass media. I like my job. I am friendly and like meeting new people. I am an optimist and always hope for the better, i am positive about life and try to trust people.
Oh my time is over I need to go, I have so much to tell you, but the time goes so quickly, well, may be some of your questions i missed, but i will leave it for our next correspondence, if you dont mind i will be glad to tell you more and answer your future question, Stay warm, take care, have a nice day, yours Truly, Marina
Letter 2
Hello! I accidentally sent you my last email.
I hope this letter will find you in your best spirits. I am grateful to you that you have commented on my letter a bit. it was really lovely to learn more about you as a man and a person. I must admit that with each letter i found myself thinking about you more and more, and it is really wonderful to have someone who you can share your days. Since we have started our correspondence my days are much more brighter and i need to tell you a big thanks to you. It is midday and I have my lunch time so as usually i am writing to you from the Internet cafe. it has become a lovely time for me, because at this time i got your letter and send mine to you. It is more important for me to find a real understanding and a soul that will be close to me because I want to have a happy family in future. I also want to tell that I will try to do everything for my beloved man to make him happy with me. I'd like you to know some of my treats of character. I'm very sensitive, communicate, kind, caring and loving person. I have a sense of humor and like when people have it too. I can't be silent when I see any injustice. I have a lot of love and passion inside me, all this i would love and i am ready to give to my man, you, my dear, if we match. I have told you but will repeat,If you want to ask me some questions, please, feel free and ask me everything you want to know. I will answer with great pleasure. If it is not problem for you I'd like to know about your relationship in your last experience. I hope my questions will not make a problem to you and you will answer them. Just understand, I am truly interested in you and i want our relationships to grow into something ******! Do you want this too? I wish you to have a good day. I'm very glad that I have met you on network. I'm waiting for your letter with impatience. Take care yours Marina
Letter 3
I have such a good feeling when i get your letters.
I have never had it before but definitely it is great and i feel wonderful when i have your letters!
It is so great! they bring comfort and warmth in my heart! It makes me feel great! my Dear I wanted to tell you one thing! I dont want you to be surprised one day if i dont write you, the thing is i live in a very small town, kind of village and here we have only one Internet cafe, it is quite expensive, i have no my own PC and Internet at home that is why i use the services of this cafe, but it appeared to be really expensive for me as the salary is quite low and i need to pay flat rent, food and transport so i hardly pay it. So i wanted to let you know beforehand. I hope you will understand, i know it is hard to understand but life here apparently is different. Here are the answers: Your home Address maybe? Phone number? I have been bewared not to give it to anyone from the internet
Your confection # and shoe size? what is confection? 38
Best Perfume? Deo spray? Dior pure Poison
Your relatives? what relatives?
One more thing, i hope that i am important for you as you have become really important for me and I am so much happy that I have met you, i know i can make You happy and give you what you want. Marina
Letter 4

hello, Dear! Thank you for your wish to help! But I have been bewared that i should not give any of my personal data to anyone from the internet! this what i have been told! How was your day? i hope everything is fine! i think that when the time will come we will meet each other if the destiny has already brought us!! Marina
Letter 5
Hello, Dear! tahnk you for your letter! Did i tell you that i need money for translation?
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