Scam letter(s) from Maria Yufereva to David (USA)

Letter 1
Hi David! I am very happy, that you wish to have dialogue with me and have given me the e-mail. I as wish to give you the e-mail that you could write to me. Here the name of mine e-mail:
I would like to tell to you, that I very sociable woman and if you have any questions to me or probably you will want to talk on a certain theme I will be always glad to discuss them with you and to support a conversation theme! I would like to tell a little about myself, about the character but where to hurry up, after all at us it is a lot of time and all of us will have time to discuss, whether not so?
Probably it is very interesting to you to ask me why I search for the man on the Internet? You know, it seems to me, that the Internet a quite good way of acquaintances. I think, that through the Internet it is possible to discuss many important vital moments and thus you should not hesitate of the partner in dialogue. Simply at many people is some kind of complexes and the person cannot sometimes tell some words looking in the face to other person. It sometimes really happens difficult! In this case the Internet very useful piece. What do you think of it? Also I wish you to warn, that I not so well understand the Internet and consequently I can have some difficulties with letter transfer. I can count on your help if suddenly I have a question concerning Internet and e-mail adjustment? I hope, what you not bad understand this area and can give to me any advice?
I would like to share with you the information concerning the work. I wish to tell to you, that at me very interesting work which definitely demands attentiveness and the big responsibility. I love the works and I carry out it always qualitatively! I check alcoholic production on quality. You probably heard, what in Russia there were many cases when people had a poisoning because of bad production of spirits? As to me - I do not take alcoholic drinks. From spirits I drink only red semisweet wine. I also do not smoke, because smoking is injurious to health. Also I do not approve any bad habits.
I live with mum in a small small house on suburb of the city of Kazan, which in turn is in Russia! The father unfortunately at me is not present. It has left, when I was 8 years old. If you not against I would not wish to mention this theme more. I have not enough relatives, but nevertheless they are! Mum and my sister for me the most important people in the world. Also we have a small doggie and her name is Drugok! It very clever and is little bit trained.
I love mum and sister. My sister already has married also it is little bit more younger me. She lives in Moscow with the husband and it already has a small daughter by whom 5 years recently were executed! Though my sister lives in Moscow, but it often comes to us with mum and we always very well spend time together. We with mum are always glad to see it, after all it for us the native person! My sister for me simply irreplaceable person. We with it all life together, we cannot the friend without the friend! I am very happy, that my sister already has a daughter. I very much love children and if I sometime have children I will simply out of myself for pleasure. To me of 35 years, but I consider, that at me still all ahead and I definitely can have children. I in general never despond and all time tries to be cheerful! I consider, that the person should have fun as much as possible, after all the laughter prolongs a life. You so do not consider?
My new friend, I wish to tell to you, that I will be glad to have with you dialogue! I wish to hear your first impression which has developed about me. I have interested you?
I wish to send you some photos that you knew with whom communicate. I also not against if you send me the photos. Ok?
I will wait for your letter tomorrow and I would not like to tell about myself more, but to all the time... Smile
Letter 2
Hi David! This is Maria!
You have given me yesterday the e-mail and I have written you the letter. You received it? Most likely my letter is not has reached you. I would like to leave to you the e-mail that we could communicate. I hope, what you not against? Here mine e-mail: Write to me, I will be always glad to support with you a conversation theme. I in general like to communicate with people because I very sociable woman and soon you will be convinced of it... Smile Also I wish to tell to you, that I very cheerful and kind! I wish to tell much about myself and much I wish to learn about you, but we after all have time and we can not hurry up. I think, that you very interesting man and we will find about what to talk, we will find what to discuss! I wish you to warn at once, that you can share with me all thoughts, I never will laugh over you and I will be always glad to listen to you!
Yesterday I sent you the letter in which told about myself. If you did not receive this letter it is quite logical to assume, that you about me do not know anything. I wish to tell to you, that I live with mum in its small house on a summer residence which is on city suburb. It most likely not a summer residence, and village. I wish to tell, that I live in Russia, in the city of Kazan! I do not wish to live in the city, because there not so good conditions: ***** air, is a lot of cars and more many other reasons because of which I do not wish to live in city centre. Here, very fresh air and is less than transport! It pleases! Sometimes here happens so silently, only it is audible as sing birds! This fine time. That that I have fallen into a reverie... Smile
I wish to tell to you, that I still have wonderful sister who lives in Moscow. It already has a child - a small daughter by whom 5 years were executed! A daughter call Natasha! I love children! You love? Also I wish to tell to you, that my mum and sister - very important people for me. I appreciate them more than the life and is ready to give all for them! Also I wish to inform you, that I love animals and the dog enters into a part of our amicable family. My doggie call Drugok! It very lovely and friendly and you can be convinced of it if you will look at a photo which I have sent you.
As to bad habits. I do not smoke, I do not use spirits! I take a great interest in sports. No, not weightlifting!!!... Smile I am engaged in fitness and many other things aerobics kinds. It helps to support the form! You go in for sports or there can be you run in the mornings? I try to run every morning - simply then on work is better myself feel. It is the best to be awake, than to have a sleepy condition... Smile
Work... At me very interesting work which in turn demands the big responsibility. I am engaged in check of alcoholic production! I do not know why I have chosen this trade, simply I like to be good to people and by that I protect people of the city from a poisoning with spirits. It seems to me, that it is better not to drink at all alcohol - then precisely you will not poison, moreover and health you will keep. You agree with me?
My friend, now it is necessary for me to go on not postponed affairs, but soon I will come. I hope, that to the returning I will see your answer.
To you became though a little interestingly? You wish to learn about me more? Then you should write to me... Smile
I will wait for your answer!
Letter 3
Hello David!
It again I... Smile How are you? It is pleasant to me, that we continue our conversation! Your letter has pleased me!
I wish to tell to you much about myself, at me in a head many thoughts spin, it is very difficult to concentrate, but I will try to gather and write the letter as it is possible more interestingly! I wish to tell to you, that it is very pleasant to me to see your photos! They are very fine and I simply do not have words to express the admiration! I would like to have your photos much and if you take it into consideration it will be simply remarkable! I wish to tell to you, that I write from the computer. I have bought it recently. At us with mum not so it is a lot of money, but we have decided to gather and save up for the computer. We saved long enough time because besides we had to pay accounts for the house, to buy clothes and food. It was a little difficult for us, but we very amicable family and we have coped with it! I hope, that you understand. I worked and postponed some sum of money from each pay and here at last that we could buy this expensive thing. I know, it seems to you little bit strange, but we with mum live in village and we cannot buy expensive things. It seems to me, that it not the most important thing in a life. We have a house, we have meal and heat, at me fine native both friends and all it lets to me know, that the world is fine and that I very happy girl!
You already know, that I live in Russia, on suburb of the city of Kazan in a small small house of my mum. I wish to tell to you, that we cheerfully spend with it time! How we spend time? It depends on a season. For example now winter in Russia and when I come after work we is frequent with mum we play various intellectual games and we watch various interesting transmissions on TV. This employment boring seems to much, but me does not interest that other people think of me. I love mum and I often spend with it time and this main thing. During summer we with mum spend the majority of time in a kitchen garden - we grow up vegetables and fruit! I think, that the fruits are much more tasty, because you do it with love! If you wish to look at me in a kitchen garden I have sent you a photo, only promising not to laugh... Smile. Ok? I do not hesitate, I am simple really I look a little bit ridiculously in these clothes. There can be it not habitual, but to work in it it is a pleasure. During autumn we with mum collect hay for a cow that it could eat in a current all the winter long and give milk. You probably are very surprised, but I wish to tell to you, that I very economic girl! When you will look a photo I hope, that I will not frighten you in such ridiculous shape... Smile
Soon to me there should arrive sister. I said to you yesterday, that my sister often visits us with mum. I think, that it will arrive to this week-end! It will arrive without the husband and without a daughter. When it comes, at us infinite conversations begin and all of them are accompanied by loud laughter and fun. You represent, what happens, when three women gather and start to discuss any theme? It is very amusing for observing from the party... Smile Mum - the wisest among us and we with sister often listen to its opinion because she more us has lived and naturally it is much cleverer and more reasonable than us. She often to us gives advice and we as a rule listen to them. Though we and adults, but agree, that we sometimes do such nonsenses, that without supervision of parents to us not to manage.
Stop, I that that wished to tell to you important.
Aaaaaaa, has recollected. I wished to tell to you, that I have phone, only at present it on repair.
The microphone and if I have called you I could hear you there has broken, and you are not present me. It would be not interesting... Smile I hope, that with it will be everything is all right! The master has told, that I have fetched it next week. He also has told, that with it anything serious does not happen and is not present cause to worry!
I wish to call you to hear your voice, but unfortunately it will be possible not earlier, than in a week: ( Now I wish to take a shower, since recently have come after work. I send you photos! Tomorrow you will tell the impression about my dreadful kind, when I in a kitchen garden... Smile
I wait for the letter!
Letter 4

Hello my friend David!
I am happy to see your letter. It is pleasant to realise, that we conduct conversation and I wish to tell to you, that you can tell about yourself much because it is very pleasant to me to have with you dialogue and I too wish to tell about myself as much as possible! I promise, that you should not read boring letters because I try to write as it is possible more interestingly. We live in the different countries and it is very curious to me to learn something about your country. I practically know nothing about your fine country and would be remarkable to hear at least a little bit about culture and traditions of your country. I in general consider, that we should be glad, that have met each other in such a way. It is pleasant to me, that I have such wonderful friend as you! I sometimes reflect what clever people is on the Earth. You represent that such the Internet? Same a world network and who is all has thought up - that present genius! Here if there was no Internet as though we with you have got acquainted? This unique invention of 21 centuries. You agree with me? Probably you did not think of it, but I often reflect on how our world is arranged, after all in the Universe so much interesting and mysterious. There is a lot of prophetic about which a mankind at all does not suspect, but it is all remains to the secret Universe! People - reasonable beings and at us still all ahead. . Smile I think, that in the future the person will necessarily create "time machine" and will have ability to go to the future or in the past. I would like to go to the future!
It probably would be unforgettable and is more tremendous! What you will tell?
As you have noticed I that that has again fallen into a reverie and has deviated from a conversation subject. I wish to tell, that I very often dream. To have dream it it is fine! I consider, that each person should have a dream! Well, my dream to find love - unique and unique! I already had a first love. During the school period I was on friendly terms with the boy. To us it was very good together! He loved me and I loved it, we were happy and always went to school together, but unfortunately after school our ways have dispersed! He always dreamt to arrive in the Moscow State institute to become the mathematician. I live in Kazan, and he wished to enter the university, which is in Moscow! It is sad, but I knew, that should not ask to remain it, after all it prepared for receipt in this university all life and I could not take away from it dream which became a reality! I am assured, that it probably has now reached level of the professor! Here so our ways have dispersed: I have arrived in college on biolgo-chemical faculty, and it has gone to Moscow. First time we often communicated with it, wrote letters each other, but soon our feelings have died away and more I about it heard nothing! I am glad, that could test such feeling at least once in the life! You had a school love?
Love it is fine! This greatest feeling which I tested in the life! I wish to tell to you, that I very much respect those people who really love. I always appreciated such people! Such people usually very kind, sensual, romantic, self-assured, they know that want and always achieve the object! As to me? I too the romantic woman, I also kind and gentle! I do not love roughness, I do not approve those people which swear. In Russia it is a lot of youth which communicates at the help of a slang. I hate such people. If I have children I will watch their education properly!
I the woman, you the man! The way to heart of the man lays through a stomach and you probably wish to ask me as I prepare?... Smile Well, I will tell to you fairly, that I spend a lot of time on kitchen, especially before holidays! Most of all I like to bake pies. My most favourite dish is a charlotte! You know that the such? It is a round pie with apples! I adore to prepare this pie. As to my favourite drink I drink green tea. I do not love some aerated water (type pepsi and coca-cola) because I consider, that it is better to drink natural drinks in which there are no dyes and other harmful substances. I wish to tell, that I am very captious to health! Only be not frightened... Smile
I wish to tell also to you, that my favourite music is jazz, sometimes I listen Rock, only not to the heavy! Also I like to look films, especially comedies and dramas! Also I adore, when show on the TV any transfers about animals! It is very interesting! I advise somehow to look, when you will have time. Ok? For today I will finish the letter but before it to make I I wish to send you photos. On some photos I small! Also I would like to send you a photo of the parents when they were young. These are old photos and some of them black-and-white because at that time yet were not so technologies are well developed, but I hope, that you will understand. On these the photo is my daddy when it was still live but as I already spoke, he has left us and we live now with mum! I hope, that it will be interesting to you to look these photos.
Letter 5
Hello my friend! Is glad to see your letter again!
We with you communicate with such ease! You agree with me? It is pleasant to me, when it is possible to communicate with the person not reflecting and to speak fluently on any themes! You well keep up the conversation! I feel, that it is very pleasant to talk to you actually! At you probably it is a lot of friends who respect and appreciate you? I have just come from work and at once village for the computer because was in hope to see your letter. My hope was justified... Smile Work has passed very well! Today just fine and I at all do not know my mood as you to express my condition! I feel such ease and pleasure in a shower! There can be it of what I have dialogue with you? Who knows, it can so!
I wish to tell also to you, that in the street weather quite fine - warmly, the wind is not present, it is visible the sun reflexions, all roads dry because deposits for a long time it is not observed a little. I feel, that that time when the winter should leave us has come and on its place the spring will come! The spring - is time love and dreams! You love this season? Ooops, I have forgotten, at you after all absolutely other climate and winter comes later, hence at you now the heat of winter? I wish to send you a photo when we with sister went to Odessa during my last year's holiday! Ukraine appears very beautiful country and we had wonderful rest! Then I the first time have seen the sea! It is magnificent, such big space of water! There there is a beautiful pier, it very long and from it it is possible to jump in water! It is magnificent! I never would go abroad, but my sister has given me such wonderful gift on birthday! She has presented to me the permit to Ukraine and itself has gone with me. It was very kind from its party, I already spoke to you what at me careful sister. Last summer I have received good sunburn and I wish to send you a photo when I am on a beach. I hope, that you will be glad to receive my photos. You also can send the photo - I will be always glad to receive from you photos! In general last trip to Odessa was unforgettable also it to me will be remembered for a long time! I in general like to travel, but not so is far, as last summer.... Smile I like to go to wood, I like picnics. You were sometime on picnics by the big company? It so is cheerful also you do not notice as time flies. Good very quickly passes, whether not so? I wish to remind also to you, that my phone now repair also I think, that soon it will be at me. I will go to receive phone approximately in two days. As soon as I will connect it it to cellular communication I will call you and I will inform number. Ok? But there is one problem - I do not know where to call, because I have no your phone number. You could not give the phone number? You asked about my week-end. I do not know that I will do, because me can cause for work. We sometimes work on days off, sometimes it is necessary. I hope, that you understand. If I do not work, I will spend probably this week-end with the girlfriend or with mum. For today I will finish the letter. I hope to continue with you conversation tomorrow.
Your friend Maria!
P.S. You to me are very pleasant!
Letter 6
Hello dear friend David!
I would like to tell to you, that asked you a phone number. There can be you have not seen it? I wish to know your phone number. You can give me it? I wish to tell, that I like to see your letters. When I receive them is to me it becomes cheerful and joyful on a shower. The letter you to me let know, that where that to other country, outside of Russia, there is a person to whom I am interesting also which wishes to learn about me more. It is pleasant to me as we with you we support conversation. I wish to thank you for understanding and for the interest shown to me. To me it is pleasant, that I can cheer you up the letter. It after all so?
Dear friend, if you not against I wish to talk to you on one very interesting theme!
It is very interesting to me to learn about your ideal. What girl is necessary to you? The man with whom to me it will be good that it was careful, for example, is necessary to me, kind that between us harmony and our love reigned was mutual. I wish to find such person who would show to me respect and did not consider myself as the main thing in a family. I consider, that the man should not press on the woman because from it marriage can collapse and relations become fragile. The person in whom I could trust is necessary to me. Also to me it was pleasant if the man with whom I could have serious relations, trusted me and never me would deceive, because the lie can destroy relations between people. The love is very vulnerable "being" and with it it is necessary to be very cautious. You agree with me? Also I very much would like, that the person whom I will love was the good father to our future children! I in general dream of a healthy, amicable, strong family! It so is remarkable, when you have children!
I have told to you about the ideal. Now your turn... Smile it is very interesting To me to listen what woman to you it is necessary!
Dear friend why you have not found to yourself the girl. You do not like type of girls which live in your country or can be eat what that other reason?
You probably wish to learn why I till now single?
The answer is very simple. I cannot find the suitable man. I many times tried, but all attempts were useless. In Russia many men impolite, do not know an etiquette rule, do not observe a culture of behaviour. Very much it is not pleasant to communicate with such people, such men cannot look after the woman! Certainly there are also good men in Russia, including in our city, but all of them I type... Smile I would like novel, absolutely new sensations. I live in Russia, in the city of Kazan 35 years. If it is fair, the monotony sometimes bothers and to you in due course it becomes boring, you would like that new, shaking, stunning! I hope, what you understand about what there is a speech? Here now I communicate with you and I can tell, that it is very interesting to me to support conversation with you. I will tell to you fairly, that I with anybody so did not communicate earlier. It seems to me, that I can tell to you all on light. To me still never was so interestingly as with you! We communicate with such ease is very much pleases!
If you not against I will send you the some photos which has just chosen. I hope, what it is pleasant to you to receive from me a photo? You set to me some questions. I would like to answer them. Dear David why you think, what to me is boring with you? I very much like to correspond with you and to conduct conversation, only you sometimes do not answer my questions. If you were little bit more attentive, I will be glad to it. As to the future. I think, that if you will interest me very strongly I can meet you. All in your hands. I hope to continue our interesting conversation tomorrow! It is very interesting to me, that you will write in the letter!
I wait for the letter, Maria!
Letter 7
Hello my interesting David!
Excuse me, that some time to you did not write. I simply could not adjust communication on the Internet. I live in the country and I often have problems to the Internet. It is necessary to cause the adjuster. It has settled all and has told, that can sometimes not there will be communications, but it will be rare. I have a little become bored of our dialogue. I hope, that you too! Now, when I do not have more problems with the Internet I think, that we can continue dialogue. Today remarkable day and at me remarkable mood!
How your mood? I hope, that my letter will amuse you and will make little bit happy. You know, I so like to communicate with you but if we communicate by phone very often it will be just fine. You agree with me? I consider you as the soul mate. In our letters we talked to you about love and did not hesitate of this theme. I searched for a long time for the man who can talk to me on such frank and serious themes! You have noticed as we easily we conduct our conversation? I am very happy, that I can share with you the secrets and talk on any theme. I have told about you to many friends. They are happy for me, that I have found the good friend! I sent you a photo in the previous letters. There there were my fellow workers. You saw them? I wish you to assure, that it is very good women - the clever, formed, brought up, cheerful people! They are my best girlfriends! They are very close people for me! I feel, that you too become for me very much the loved one, but it only friendship... How you think, whether the friendship in love can outgrow? I think, that some time and then the friendship can smoothly outgrow in love for this purpose is required. I think, that from friendship to love one step! Also there are cases when one person falls in love with another very quickly is the love at first sight is called. You trust in love at first sight. I to you will tell the opinion, it seems to me, that it is silly, because to grow fond of the person some time interval is required! The love arises between people when two hearts guess each other when them draws to each other improbable force! It cannot be at once, time for this purpose is required! If it is not so interesting to you to talk on such themes you can inform me on it. I will understand you. . Fairly to tell, I like to communicate on similar themes. I like to philosophise. In one of the previous letters, I told to you, that at leisure sometimes I read scientific grants. I have read many products connected with ancient Greeks, read many myths, "12 feats Gerakla"! You heard about it something? All right, you can not answer... Smile Very few people knows about it and I will not load you any nonsense...
Give we will better talk about us! I wish to ask you why you have agreed with me to communicate and what the very first impression at you was about me? It is very interesting to me to learn about it. I also wish to tell to you my first developed impression about you! When I wrote you the very first letter I many times erased many offers and wrote them again. I a lot of time read the text that it was without errors... Smile I very much wished to make upon you good impression and wanted to you it is pleasant. I waited for your first answer with huge impatience and thus very much worried, I after all did not know what there will be your answer. I hoped for the best and thought that I will interest you! I was visited often by thought: "That will be if I do not like you?" I all time thought, that I can not make upon you good impression, but now I see, that it is very pleasant to communicate with you and you support with me communication very often! I can sometimes be not absolutely I support with you the general theme of conversation because I wish to tell all time much about myself, I want that you have learnt me I want much better because you me are very pleasant also I, that you knew about me the greatest possible information. You always answer me with the beautiful letter! I am grateful to you for it, for your kindness, understanding and respect! Every day I learn about you more and more and in due course I will have an overall picture about you and your character!
My dear friend, I wish to remind you, that the more you send to me of photos the my mood is better!... Smile
I wish to send you the photos and to finish on it the letter.
I will wait for your answer with huge impatience!
Your very true friend Maria!
P.S. Your letters influence me very positively and give a positive spirit for a life!
Letter 8
Hello my interesting and romantic friend David.
I Wish to begin the letter of that I called to you, but could leave only the message. It is very a pity to me, that you have passed my inquiry:
(But I will call you still or you can call me. Ok?
I was connected in cellular communication and I can give you the telephone number. Here my phone number: 8-843-6091-5081 I hope, that you can call me. I will wait for your call! To read your letters for me makes very much great pleasure. You appear very well understand relations between people and I like your reasonings. You very sensitive and understanding man and the more I about you learn, the more I would like to communicate with you, but I also should not forget about work... Smile the monthly report Comes nearer, and it is necessary to prepare all papers very carefully.
Therefore today I try to have time to make many affairs that tomorrow it was possible to work only, without derivation on household chores.
House cleaning, purchase of products, etc. At home I was already cleaned, it is necessary to descend in shop to buy some products, but I think, that it will occupy a few time and consequently in shop I descend tomorrow!
I wish to inform also to you, that tomorrow or after tomorrow there comes my sister! I so am happy and I can not sit on a place for pleasure. My soul is full of fun and I do not know as to transfer you words this unimaginable sensation. If you not against I wish to tell about you to the sister? I am assured, that it will be glad for me! I affairs much and have not enough time.
Dear friend, you do not object, if I do not support today a conversation theme. I hope, that you will not become angry and will give the chance to me to write you the big letter tomorrow. I only wish to tell, that I hope for serious relations with you. I think, that between us can be not only the friendship, I is assured, that you very good man, but you should understand, that we still should learn much about each other!
I wish to inform also to you, that I will try to call you tomorrow. I will call approximately during same time or can be at three o'clock earlier. Be on communication and do not pass inquiry... Smile
Nearly has not forgotten, still it is necessary for me to walk with Kuzya! The dog should be walked before a dream. I hope, that you understand me...
I very much would like to continue the letter and still very many to you to tell, but it is time to me to continue cleaning on the house and to walk with a dog. I hope for your understanding...
Do not miss, you can look my photos!
In hope to receive your letter shortly, interested in you, Maria.
Letter 9
Hello my simultaneously far, but simultaneously so close person for me!
I am always madly glad to receive from you the letter. I very much am grateful to you, that you always write me such fine letters and thus support our conversation... I have just come from work. I have come specially as soon as possible because in half an hour it is necessary for me to go on station to meet my sister, but I still have time to write you the letter. I have come from work earlier only for the sake of you to write you the letter because I promised to you to write yesterday the big letter! I always fulfil the promises and now I with great pleasure write you the letter! At me such fine mood!!! I am very happy, that have met you on the Internet. You for me very important person and me would be desirable to make for you something especial, but what I can make on such far distance? I can send you an air kiss... Smile I wish to tell, that I have to you a trust. I believe everything, that you speak in the letters and I hope this truth because I cannot suffer not fair people. I do not say, that it you, I simply tell to you, that I can not communicate with such people, but IT DOES NOT CONCERN YOU!!! I can believe to you to tell the some secrets which to very few people I tell because I know that all secrets and secrets remain only between us. It after all the truth?
I also would not like to tell about you to the sister. I wish to have a look at its reaction... Smile
It will envy me probably! I will tell to it, that you from other country and that we remarkably conduct conversation every day! It is assured, that she will be delighted with it, but I all the same would like to look at its look!... Smile I wish to ask, how at you weather? At us it is very cold and cloudy, the north blows and in the street not probably to be without a jacket! But cold weather to me is not terrible, because your letter heats my soul. You know, at me is already a few warm feelings to you. I hope, what you feel too most? Your letter causes in me an unimaginable condition of soul and I would like to stretch pleasure at reading of each your letter! What can the person well feel and worry, whether not so? What for you is feelings? For me, for example, feelings are emotional experiences of the person in which the steady relation of the individual to certain subjects or world around processes is reflected. If we could not feel and worry, it seems to me, that the life has got absolutely other sense and to live it would be not interesting! The life would become dim and very boring. You divide with me this point of view? Without feelings, there would be no love. If we love whom we feel it, we feel as us attracts to the person which for us is very important.
Feelings give the chance to us to learn all sharp sensations in this life, whether not so? Here now I feel, that every day we all become closer and closer! You feel it?
Excuse, that last time I talk on such themes, but I think, that it is not necessary to hesitate of the truth. If I that feel that, I can put it into words and I would like to tell all to you. We already adult people and I think, that it is not necessary to be afraid or hesitate of that we feel actually... I wish to hear your opinion concerning these words told by me. What do you think about it? Now it is necessary for me to go and I am compelled to finish the letter! I hope to see tomorrow your answer.
I send you some photos and I hope, that they can make laugh you...
Do not forget, that I always think of you and you for me mean much, Maria!
Letter 10
Hello dear friend! How are you?
Weather in Kazan very good: the sun shines and the cool breeze blows. The spring - is time love and delightful dreams! It is all pleases and bewitches, but that that does not suffice me. Here when you write me the letter I feel, that more it is necessary nothing to me. Your lines my heart, they always please as a solar beam which tries to make the way in darkness. You understand, it is very pleasant to me to read your letters. I would like to write to you every day and would like to receive every day from you the answer to my letter, but to a great regret I too sometimes do not have time to write to you. I hope, that you understand. We adult people also should not pay attention to it because each of us has work and the duties. I understand all, I simply wish to tell, that you for me are the especial person. I at all do not know as you to explain. I have simply become attached to you and I do not wish to release you. I wish to learn you better because in you there is what is not present in Russian men. You not such as many men and to it you draw me. At you there are the features, some character traits which differ from character of the men living in Russia. You understand it? I would like to communicate with you as it is possible is more often but if you are occupied I will understand you and I will always wait for your letters with huge impatience. I the patient woman also will wait with the great pleasure for your news! I would like to send you some photos. I hope, that my photos can cause in you pleasure in your soul. Thus write to me always when you will have a free time.
Your friend Maria from Kazan!

Letter 11
Hello my dear friend David.
Excuse, that did not write you some time. I sometimes have urgent calls on work. Me caused to Cheboksary. We went together with the girlfriend. We should check up alcohol production on quality in Cheboksary. It has occupied some time, but now I can write again to you. I have arrived last night and have not had time to write to you because was too late and I am very tired after road. I hope, you can understand me. I wish to inform, if I do not write you some time, anything terrible. I all time think of you and is always glad to see lines of your letter! How you feel yourself?
Today at us very coldly the strong ice wind also blows - the winter does not give way to spring and does not wish to leave. You represent, even the sun cannot kindle a winter icy cold! You after all know what winters at us severe, whether not so? As a rule, the winter begins in Russia in November and comes to an end only in April! It is necessary to put on warmly that in future not to pick up what or serious disease and to feel good. I think, that it is better to dress a superfluous jacket, than to be ill. I think, that appearance not main - the main thing that it was warm! You divide with me this point of view? Promise to me, that you will put on as it is possible more warmly and will do the utmost not to be ill. I hope you not against my councils? Simply I want, that you felt well since cold is very unpleasant sensation. Also to me it will be pleasant, if you allow to take care of yourself. . Smile Each person in the life has tested a cold and it is not so pleasant. You agree with me? I can take care of yours health? I am very glad, that we discuss such themes about mutual relation between people. Every day I wish to give more and more to time to write you the letter as it is possible more long. I try to write as much as possible and more interestingly. I like to read your letters. You very interestingly write also to me completely not boringly to read them. They always raise to me mood and create in me a positive spirit! To tell fairly, I met people to whom I can talk about all on light very little and it seems to me, that with you I can dissolve discussion on any theme. It very much high quality in the person. I should assume probably, that you can dissolve conversation with any person! It is very pleasant to me to realise, that I talk to the man whom he does not hesitate to speak me what feelings tests to the woman. Should notice, that you very courageous and resolute. Some men are very cowardly also I never would be together with the man who is afraid to tell about the feelings to the woman. I consider, that if you like any person there is nothing terrible to tell to it about it. You divide with me this point of view? I any more know about you a little and have decided to tell to mum that I have very good friend as you. It was very glad for me. I have shown it your letters, but she unfortunately does not understand English. For this purpose I translated to it many letters into Russian and she says, that you quite normal man. Mine mum very well understands people. I trust it and itself I understand, that you very good person! You have very much liked it. She has told, that you very brought up and interesting man. I hope, that you not against I have told about you to the mum. Simply you very much like me also I could not restrain. I wish to tell to you, that my mum very much treats kindly to that I have such good and reliable friend as you. In general it very good woman and the most important thing, that it always and everywhere helped me and edified me on a correct life that I did not make nonsenses. I think, that each mother is ready to give all the last to the child and to make so that to its child was as it is possible is better! She very kind woman, at it very good soul and it wishes me only is kind also happiness. It never made malicious acts! I too like to be good and help many people who require the help. It is very a pity to me, that I cannot talk to the father since it already is not present on light now. I said to you, that it was lost, when I was small. I absolutely do not remember it... To me so sadly to realise that I grew without the father. You know, when I was at school all children had daddy and mum and to me it was uncomfortable that I do not have father, but all these years me were supported by my mother. I saw, that too it was heavy to it to realise it, but she tried not to show to me the grief. Probably she very much loved my daddy, but I about it never asked it. I think, that so it will be better, because if she will recollect about it at it will ache smothering. To my mum 59 years! It is necessary to protect my mum and not to lead up it to heart attack! I do not wish to lose mum, therefore I am afraid to ask about my daddy, but sometime I learn, that with it happen... I hope, that you understand me... Also I would like to tell, that to me there has arrived my sister, but much to our regret it will leave in three days. I will try to spend as much as possible time with it because I it did not see about two months! For this time I have had time to become bored... Smile I hope, you will not become angry, if I finish on it the letter and I will go on walk with sister? Only at first I wish to send you some photos! You asked, what I will be in this week-end? I think, that we will go with mum on the market to buy some things for the house, and then I am going to visit the girlfriend. I think, that we will go with it to cinema. I love cinema, especially comedies! On it I will finish the letter and I hope tomorrow to see your interesting letter again on my screen. I wait with huge impatience and I send to you million air kisses, yours Maria.
Letter 12
Hi David! I wish to tell, that miss of your letter!
Today in Kazan clear solar weather! The sun shines and the fresh breeze blows. Soon there will come moment when summer to replace spring and it will be possible to bathe. I like to spend in the summer the majority of a free time on beaches! I have very serious plans for this summer! I wish to receive good sunburn to become as a chocolate...
Smile I wish to become same dark and same sweet... Smile
I know, what the climate in our country absolutely distinct from yours climate and summer in our country at come earlier, whether not so? You too plan to receive sunburn in this summer? In our country have a sea? In Kazan we go to bathe on small river. The river is called Volga. It very big also washes many cities. Water in this river simply remarkable and pure!
I wish to tell, that today we went with mum to walk on park. Now in parks walks so a lot of youth. The majority of them young pairs. I too would wish to walk with the man, keeping for a hand and to go where eyes look. It so is romantic! You would like to walk with the girl keeping for hands, to go enjoying the nature together and to conduct conversation on various interesting themes? If yes, with what girl you like to make it?
On this question I will finish the letter and I hope to see your answer tomorrow.
Yours Maria!
Letter 13
Hello my dear man. I have not received your letter. I very much miss on your news! I wished to inform you, that in this week-end I with mum leave to distant relatives in Saratov. In this week-end there will be Easter - a great holiday in Russia. All people should have a rest at this time and it is impossible to work. We with mum will arrive on Monday. I speak you it that you did not worry, that I do not answer your letters. Ok?
Easter - very interesting holiday and I can tell to you about this holiday a little. I think, what it will be interesting to you to listen? In olden time in Russia before Easter owners of a bank court yard also were cleaned in the house, went to a bath, baked Easter cakes, did cottage cheese Easter, painted eggs in an onions peel. On kitchen baked the whole pig, a lamb or a gammon, fried veal. By tradition the made up eggs stacked on a wooden dish among the let germinate greens of oats or wheat and decorated colours. In night of Great Saturday everywhere in Russia to temples orthodox people hastened: through fields, through meadows, through woods, on footpaths and roads. Long before service gathered round churches in expectation of religious procession. Competent read on a choir of Act of Apostles. Burnt down the big fires from pitch flanks in memory of the cold night spent by the Christ.
Morning of Easter - a ringing bell across all Moscow! In days of tsar Alexey Mihajlovicha for distribution for Easter it has been prepared to 37 thousand eggs! Distributed chicken and swan, goose, pigeon, duck, even wooden and ****, carved and painted eggs.
Everyone in the house could not regret meal on a table. That owner if will not expose on a table of a pig, sausage, Easter with the made up eggs was bad. In total it is a lot of! At prosperous owners submitted 48 various dishes on number of days of the last post. Necessarily invited godfathers and matchmakers.
On pious custom for Easter visited poor on almshouses and shelters. Secret alms created. Wanderers, foolishes and crippled in the houses to satiety fed. And so all Sacred week, and that Easter will be not in pleasure.
So celebrated Easter in days of great Russia, but now to many people to spit for this sacred holiday is it is very sad, but I nevertheless adhere to rules and on Easter I will execute some customs. My darling, now we with mum should leave on station because our bus to Saratov depart in half an hour.
I wish to tell, that you for me are very important!!! I hope to see your letter in my e-mail after the arrival!
Yours Maria!
Letter 14
Hello my dear David! My honey, we have remarkably celebrated Easter! At us the big table has been covered and we suited the present feast. In our house there were many visitors and all of them were very cheerful, fervent, happy. We have very cheerfully celebrated Easter and I still had very good impressions. My honey, came today to me the master and has adjusted the Internet. It I can not come to me yesterday because nobody worked on Easter. It could not be done, because on Easter to work - the big sin. I hope, that you understand it. I would not wish to go in cycles on this themes. I wish to continue our dialogue. I am infinitely glad to see your letter. You always write such beautiful letters and clearly explain the point of view concerning any question. With you it is very easy to speak and you the extremely attentive, sensitive man. I like people who can easily support conversation and do not cling to various trifles. I had one familiar man who constantly got to the bottom of each word, to each trifle. At first I suffered, because thought, that it will be corrected, but no changes occurred. I have ceased to communicate with him because it is the extremely difficult to talk to such person. It was for a long time when I have finished the Kazan State university. You probably wish to ask me why I to you tell it? I simply wish to tell, that with you I feel the confident woman, each line of your letter does me happy. I never was so is happy. Sometimes I ask a question why I have deeply at heart inexplicable, but quite pleasant sensation at reading of your letter if I never you saw actually. Simply I know, that you very good person and will not offend me, I trust you. Earlier I thought what silly to communicate on the Internet, but now my opinion has exchanged. Now, when you have entered into my life, the Internet became for me as air! It is necessary to me to make only a deep breath and I start to understand, that the life is fine that I have you. You feel too most? I wish to ask you an interesting question. What in your life you consider the most important, what purpose of all your life is more exact? You wish something to achieve or can at you there is a dream which you are capable to embody in a reality? Each person should have a vital purpose! I consider, that if the person does not have purpose in a life, this person lost. My mum always learnt me, that it is necessary to aspire to what, it is necessary to achieve more, always it is necessary to put before itself the purpose and to embody her in a reality then you will always stand on a correct course of life and probability to curtail on a curve path repeatedly will decrease! My purpose in a life is to learn secret of love, thereby to reach that top of happiness to which many people aspire all life. It is not enough at whom it turns out, but I think, that I have a possibility! I wish to create the family, I want children. I would like a daughter more! For an embodiment of this dream the man who would be responsible for the acts which is a good judge of a life is necessary. To be the good family man and to take care of your congenial souls - a problem not simple. Not everyone will dare at such serious step for this reason I long searched for the man who is not afraid of difficulties! I have not intimidated you a today's theme? We adult people and I think, that there is nothing strange, that we discuss with you such serious themes. But if you against these I you can always tell to me. I will understand . As to our meeting. You invite me in your country.
It is very kind from your party and I promise to think about your offer. Still it is necessary for me to understand with some details connected with work. As soon as to me exact date concerning my holiday I will by all means inform you on it will be known. I think, that soon I will go on conference to Nizhni Novgorod. I spoke about it to you in the last letter. Probably it will be approximately in three or four days. I will not be in a city about two days. I speak to you about it that you did not worry if suddenly you will not receive my letters in a current of some time. It will occupy no more than two days. I think, that it is necessary to learn some details concerning a trip to your country. I a little that know about flight abroad because never kept away from the house so far. I need to consult about it. As soon as I will know the necessary information about flight abroad I will inform you on it. Well here, has come to finish time my letter since I Drugok ask me on street and I not in forces to oppose to it.
All right, time has come to say goodbye, I leave on walk and I hope to receive from it a pleasure maximum also as from your following letter!
Sincerely, yours Maria!
Letter 15
Hello my dear man! I have not received your letter. I hope, what you have not taken offence at me? I hope, that at you all is good!
Today in Kazan very warm weather, but is not present the sun. When in the street it is very stuffy and there is no sun is means, that will be fast a rain. Such weather always is the predecessor of a rain! My darling, I hope, that at you good weather.
Now I have come on a lunch break and I write you the small letter. I wish to tell to you, that I with the great pleasure wish to continue our dialogue and our last theme of conversation. You for me are very important also to me it would not be desirable to lose with you touch. Such people as you very little in the world and me would not would be desirable to stop with you dialogue. You for me are very important, you for me are the especial person! I hope, that I for you too am important! It would be pleasant to me to hear it from you!
Always I wait for your letters with huge
Muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, yours Maria!!!
Letter 16
Hello my dearest David! I am extraordinary glad to see your letter. I have many news and I will by all means tell to you them. I have something interesting about work!
Today the statistics of work of our department for the last year has been made! For a year 712 institutions in which alcoholic production is on sale have been checked up, from them 34 small shops, 2 supermarkets and 5 bars in connection with infringements in the licence and quality of alcoholic production are closed.
114 licences for poorly alcoholic production, and 45 licences for alcoholic production not limited on a fortress have been given out.
Also our department has helped law enforcement bodies to reveal 11 cases of illegal manufacture of alcohol in our area, from them 7 cases are proved, and accusations are brought to infringers. The others 4 cases are at a stage of detailed studying, and in the nearest terms the suspect will bring accusations.
And one more statistican:
Deadly outcomes of cases of a poisoning because of poor-quality alcohol for the last year were reduced almost in a quarter, and it in many respects a merit of our department of Sanitary Epidemic Station. To me it is very pleasant, that works of our employees have not passed for nothing. We assiduously worked and we deserve holiday! I have now no huge employment on work, after all for me you are more important now and our relations, our meeting! It is a little about a vacation and my schedule of work on the near future.
Now a season of street "tents" where also sell poorly alcoholic production. My problem will check up nearby 15 of them. I will be engaged in it the next three or four days. Then I will go on congress of workers of Sanitary Epidemic Station to Nizhni Novgorod. There will various questions on an operational experience, on the statistican are discussed. It occurs every year, usual routine.
Then my long-awaited vacation! And I will be not not held by not complete work as after the decree one of my colleagues comes to work.
Will not take long-term holiday by a problem.
Drugok also to it it will be very glad, after all we will spend more time with it! By the way, it is necessary to go in to walk with it, but Drugok will a little wait. I do not wish to finish the letter, I wish to write still, still . David, I wish to set to you some questions.
You were impressed with statistics?
You really want our meeting? I very much wish to meet you and I will be not not stopped by any difficulties! Probably, whether to find work in your country by a trade the biologist, similar to mine? I think, what at factory of the manufacturer, I could earn more than, working in the state organisation, are think so? How concern a Russian education and diplomas of the Russian universities in America? I also wished to inform you, that in the near future I am going to learn some information concerning my flight to you in the country. As soon as I will know details at once I will inform you on it. Ok? I stop on it, and I hope soon to receive your answer. I wait with big. with huge impatience!
Your waiting Maria!
Letter 17
Hello my David. Yesterday there was a holiday in Russia. On May, 1st - the world day of work. I know, that in your country too there is such holiday. On this holiday nobody works, whether not so? I have well had a rest yesterday. Excuse, that I did not have a possibility to write to you. I was in the country and had no communication with the Internet. I hope, that you understand it... It was infinitely pleasant to read your letter! How at you weather? At us the sun today shines, hot, it would be desirable to bathe, but is still very cold - the spring lets know about itself! Remarkable weather, but any beauty of weather, cannot be compared to beauty of your letter! After all each your line for me as the beam of the sun pleasing my soul and heart! I would like to learn your opinion concerning work! I think, that it not the most important thing! For me work is not more important than a family!
I adhere to concept, that in a family should work both the husband and the wife!
The wife should have not a heavy work, after all she needs to care of an order in the house. That the husband, coming from work, was glad to see the pure house, and loving his wife in all its beauty! So I have thought, that at first we need to meet, learn each other more close, to get used to each other. To be together some time, to understand, how much we approach each other. And only then to think of work. As, in any case, work reception is a long-term process.
I wish to meet you, to be a number! It is the most important for me, than all the rest! I cannot think of what that except you. You all time in my head and never will leave limits of my reason! I seriously thought of it, after all I cannot sit on a place, I very much thirst to meet you. My holiday will be very soon, I think, that tomorrow or after tomorrow I will go to Nizhni Novgorod and then I will be free! I wished to receive today some particulars about a trip to you, but unfortunately the agency does not work today in connection with technical problems. To me have told, that it will be better, if I approach tomorrow. Thus I am going to descend again tomorrow in agency and to learn necessary details for a trip! I think, that we can wonderfully spend time! You agree with me? I would like to have this unforgettable travel and to visit you! I would not like to talk to you actually! But I also think, whether there can having met be we together for ever?
Probably, I could remain with you for ever. I believe, that when we will meet and we learn each other even more close, we will not want to leave.
For me from all men in the world, you are necessary only, and I do not wish to lose you.
I to you have some important questions. More important, than in my last letter!
My darling David
if we are together, you will not want to leave me? You believe, what between us there will be very strong love? I trust!
You can care of me while I get used to you?
If we live together, you will support my interests, for example, in the evenings I like to walk on wood! Simply near to my house there is a small park in which there is a small wood. You would walk with me in any beautiful romantic places, after all after that we still could have good impressions!
What do you like to drink in the morning more?
Milk, coffee or tea? In the evening? I could prepare for you remarkable dairy-coffee cocktails!
Excuse, that I set so many questions, simply come nearer our meeting and it is necessary for me to learn some subtleties of your life. It is important for me... My darling, I will finish the letter on it. Now I should go with mum on shops! I wish to prepare today a tasty pie that in the evening to take pleasure in this meal behind a tea cup!
I wait for sun beams! That is lines of your letter!
Your dreaming Maria!
Letter 18
Hello my dear David!
How are you? My honey, today the working day and you probably now cannot answer my letter. I understand. If you have time necessarily write to me. I miss under your letter. I like to receive from you news. You always write beautiful letters and I would not like to lose you! My honey, you for me is very important! I would like to continue our theme which I mentioned in the last letter! I know, that both of us wish to meet and it is necessary for us to communicate with each other as much as possible. You understand? My darling, you can write to me more often? I would be very glad to see your letters every day! You the especial person for me and I think, that you are not simple so have entered into my life. We can live in marriage. There is such probability, whether not so? If you would have a wedding with the girl where it would pass. I have one idea, most likely the dream, instead of idea because it is very difficult to carry out it and to transform it into a reality! I would like, that my wedding passed by the ship in the middle of ocean. Agree, that this idea practically is not realizable, but it would be fine! I think, that such wedding never was in the world. What do you think about this idea?
(Only do not think, that I the madwoman... Smile)
My honey, I wish to send you some photos which has just chosen for you. I hope, that they will like you!
Now I again should go for work, after all I have come only on a lunch break to write you the letter!
My honey, I wait for your letter shortly!
Yours for ever Maria!
Letter 19
Hello my lovely man David. Your letter charges me again positive energy, and on my person the smile to become all more widely and more widely. To me very much to like to communicate with you! You very interesting, you attract me to yourself, this such pleasant feeling. I do not feel lonely, I feel, that I have that man with whom I would like to be closer!
I am very glad, that you support me in idea to meet.
In an hour I will go to Nizhni Novgorod on a seminar on work, I already spoke to you about it.
That is in couple of days I will have a vacation. I have found, that for arrival to you I need to have the visa, the passport for travel abroad, the insurance and to buy tickets. I learn, where is better to make documents. One of my girlfriends advised to me to use travel agency for the help in preparation of documents since it is much more convenient. When I will arrive from Nizhni Novgorod at once I will be engaged in it. I very much would like you to see fast! I now represent, as we can walk perfectly together. I very much wish to meet so quickly, how much it is possible. I feel to you something special deeply in we wash heart! I cannot present now that I did if has not got acquainted with you! I searched for the friend and have found more than the friend. I wanted, that it could be gentle and tender with me! That my friend understood me! And you understand me! You as though my second half! I without you cannot!
I did not assume, that I will feel something similar that I feel now to you. I think of you every day, and there is nobody better you! All my dreams now, it to see you in a reality! I am assured, Drugok too very much wants... smile, once I took it on hands in front of the computer, and showed your photo.
Hardly he has understood much, but has begun to sniff at the screen! It very funny looked... Smile
All right, I already should gather, and go on station, the bus there waits.
I will be, is glad to see your letter when I will return from Nizhni Novgorod. I want, that these days there for me have flown by very quickly again to feel closer to you! Dear David, you asked about my son? You read my letters? I do not have children! From what you took, what I have a son? I do not have man therefore I wish to be with you! Really you yet have not understood it? It is very strange, that you have thought about my son. I want children, but I do not have them! Besides about what photos you spoke? Anyhow, it is necessary for me to gather in Nignii Novgorod! Since I cannot keep in contact with you two days I wish to send you the photos that you did not miss my letters.
Only yours and only for you, Maria!
Letter 20
Hello my the best man David! I very much missed, while was in Nizhni Novgorod. I have arrived today from Nizhni Novgorod, conference has passed successfully. Our department has received special gratitude for high results of work, it has very much pleased our chief. Well and me was not so important, that there will tell, after all I thought of you, and about our meeting! I worried, that you miss my answer. Now I can write to you in more details about all.
I today as soon as has arrived, was engaged in preparation for our meeting! I was in several agencies of travel, and to me have told, how there is a visa reception, and that I need to know.
At first I should conclude the contract with agency on reception of the visa, the passport, the insurance, tickets. It facilitates a problem for me. The agency will search for the best variants of arrival. The agency gives inquiry in embassy on visa reception. That is I should not go most to Moscow for this purpose.
As to me have told, I should do the tourist visa.
An optimum variant, it for a period of 3 months.
Now, as there is a process. At first I need to conclude the contract with agency. There is a passport reception, here in Kazan, then booking.
Most likely, I need to take off from Moscow from the airport "the Sheremetyevo 2". I require the information from you, at what airport you can meet me. To what airport I should fly?
After tickets will be ordered, all necessary data for the visa, together with my questionnaire go to Moscow for approval. As soon as the visa is approved, tickets need to be paid, it also enters into contract cost.
To me have told, that in embassy approve 96 percent visas, that is with the visa I will not have problems. After all I have all necessary inquiries on health since I work in the state organisation, instead of commercial.
After all these actions are executed, it is necessary to wait. Expectation occurs not for long, all documents will be ready in a current of 2 weeks.
Now we can solve what number to us most conveniently to meet!
I think, that suitable date for our meeting is 30 of May. But it only my opinion, ia also is necessary to know your opinion in this occasion. What you will tell? By the way about Nizhni Novgorod. We with the colleague had time a little to take a walk across Nizhni Novgorod. We have hired scooters or mopeds, I do not know, how correctly it is called. I very much liked to go by it! Almost as on a bicycle, only much faster, also it is not necessary to apply efforts. You have such scooter? I was very much inspired, driving on the scooter gives me a lot of adrenaline!
What gives you the greatest portion of adrenaline? At me now in blood very positive adrenaline. This adrenaline appears from an anticipation of our meeting. I try to assume, as it will be, that I will feel, when for the first time I will see you... I do not know, how it will be, but I am assured - it was better than this event in my life yet! I communicated with my friends. I told it about you, have told, that we are going to meet! My friends are very glad for me, they have told, that would like, that at us with you, in our relations, there was all perfectly.
It was very pleasant to me to hear similar wishes from my friends, and still they send you regards! I will finish the letter for today. My thoughts only about you and about our meeting!
Yours romantic Maria.
Letter 21
Hello my lovely, my dream David. At me today solar remarkable day! The sun brings heat to a body, and your letter brings to me warmly in heart!
I feel excellently, especially when I think of you, about us, after all very soon I can be with you nearby and from this thought I feel the happy woman! I think of us so often, that I always feel excellently!
I only, that have come from walk with Drugok, I dreamt of how we will walk together with you, and these thoughts have given me very big elation. I represent, as we will walk together with you in the evenings as we with you will go, keeping for hands to embrace each other... Oh, these sweet dreams force me to forget about all on light! I wished to tell to you of more details about a meeting. I this morning was in agency. I have chosen the best agency for travel to you. To me once again have in detail explained, that I should make. To me have explained also about the visa. The best variant for 3 months, It almost freedom of actions. I will arrive to you under this visa and if we remain together for ever I can prolong the visa, not coming back in Russia. Also to me have told, that the contract consists that all does agency and if I conclude this contract, for me there will be no excitements neither with tickets, nor with documents, with the visa. As to about transportation Drugok your country I think that it is not necessary to carry it because can be what or problems connected with transportation of animals. Therefore I have decided to leave its houses under mum's guardianship. Also I have specified contract cost, i.e. all documents and tickets. It has a little afflicted me, and I am afraid, that we cannot meet soon if I will count only on my financial position. It is really expensive to me to pay all. As you know I live one with mum and we do not have big earnings. . I absolutely was disappointed in it, after all I was in one step with the happiness because I really wish to arrive to you. I even was already morally adjusted on a trip, but unfortunately the trip leaves the expensive. I do not know, that to me to do... I saw today one of my colleagues from whom we went in Nignii Novgorod. We had conversation and I have told to it, that soon I gather abroad to the man who for me is very important! It was very glad for me!
You probably were upset because of my news?
Therefore I wish to send you some photos to cheer you up! I hope, you will like my new photos. I will finish the letter for today, I wait for your fast reply, I promise to write soon!
Yours Maria.
Letter 22
Hello my man David. For me was happiness again to read your letter. In agency to me have in detail told, that how many costs. Have suggested to conclude the contract which will include all necessary documents, the visa, tickets. I will not have superfluous excitements in this occasion. They will send the questionnaire filled with me for the visa. I should not go once again to Moscow for this purpose, after all between Moscow and Kazan about 1000 km.
In general all contract for trip United States will be costs 1678 dollars. I have a little money, but it will be obviously insufficiently. If you could give 940 dollars to me just would suffice for the contract. I also had asked in agency as it is possible to send money from other country. They have told to me, that there are special companies engaged in remittances. For example Western Union and to take advantage of it it is completely not difficult. It is necessary to find bank where there is this company, to fill there in some special forms. It is necessary to write the information about me to them, and also you should write the information about you. My full name is Maria Yufereva,
Address: 15-17 gagarina st., Kazan, Russian
Federation. The similar information on you, and some special number which you receive is necessary for reception when you send money for me. My special David, I very much would like you to see fast! I think of you constantly, I wish to feel taste of your lips, and warmly your embraces!
I cannot think of what the friend. Be in the street coldly or hot, it is dry or dampness, it is not important! The most important for me now is our future! And I am assured, that we will be happy together and this most important thing! I miss your embraces!
Only your Maria.
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