Romance scam letter(s) from Nadezhda Staroverova to Felix (Serbia)
Letter 1
My name is Nadya im from Russia.
I was interested by your questionnaire.
I will look forward to hearing to my mail
Letter 2
Hello, Thanks for your letter I think at us interesting dialogues you the pleasant interlocutor will turn out. You to me are good, that also I wish to study you more.
Now I will tell a little about me directly. To me of 32 years. I was born in Russia in city Ufa it approximately 600 km from capital Russia of city Moscow. live there to me like this city.
What do you know about Russia, you have visited Russia when or?
I have finished institute, and now im work the senior manager In one of motor shows of our city. Our motor show sells new cars of any mark. You love cars you go at the wheel?
I love the summer period of water of year and the sun, simply happens, pleasantly putting on coast to read what to be the novel in sun beams.
I did not meet men about 2 years last my man changed to me and I long could not begin the relation and now I try to find my happiness on a site of acquaintances.
I cannot find worthy the person here in Russia Also I wish to try destiny, will possibly find it here in the Internet.
I search taken a place of the person on which I can rely on an extent twist my life who loved and understood me.
How you represent the future to the spouse of it, you search also, the woman of your dream should possess what qualities?
Where you work also, what post borrow? Tell, how you live and than like to be borrowed during free Time from work? I Hope im ask not so:) it is pleasant to get acquainted, im hope to receive news from you and plz send me you pictures.
You new friend Nadya.
Letter 3
Hi, Im glad to receive e-mail from you.
I like to be realistic, I like to speak my opinion and Im love it Navigation, aerobics, dance, singing and capture of walks.
I love Comedy and Romantic films. At the cold nights, I love to convenient with my The partner also looks cinema or only sits before fire and conversation about Irrespective of the fact which passes.
Im very simple girl looking someone, which fair person am so romantic as I and would believe that I very much care and close from others Im lung to speak with the person who likes to have entertainment and I have common sense from humour have good healthy prospect of a life, love and spirituality.
The kind of the person which is very responsible, love to live a life to the fullest.
Like to laugh. Love to make laughter of people. Now I wish to tell about my family.
I live in Ufa at me there is an apartment I live one.
My parents live in the apartment in my city we often we see. I have elder sister to it of 36 years.
We very much are on friendly terms with my sister it to me I am very expensive I love it.
Mum and the daddy now on pension they are shipped in the summer in a kitchen garden on a garden site.
Tell me about the family. Have good day. Nadya.
Letter 4

My dear,
In Ufa a sunny day today and I am glad to see your letter in my box.
At me was blase put yesterday,
I have carelessly met old friends with whom some years did not communicate, We went down in cafe and spoke about all that occured to us within these years, went to bowling.
What games and entertainments are preferred by you.
I wish to tell that I too am very glad to our acquaintance I hope it will outgrow in something more than correspondence.
I like to read in the evenings extremely topical novels.
My dream it to meet the favourite person to get a strong family of children and to enjoy a life.
I want to know more about you, your hobby,your future dream of life and your work or study...and everything you want to tell me.
To me to like to throw spheres in a size to a bath or to play billiards.
Tell more about u self, you have photos of your house and relatives?
I very much wished to look at them.
I wait for new news from you.
Always yours Nadya.
Letter 5
Pleasantly to me to receive mail from you.
I very much like to travel every summer I go on the sea.
In cities on the sea it is very interesting except the sea and a beach.
I very much like to travel and each holiday I go in different corners of the world to look at delights of the nature and to have a rest from vanity of days.
I happened in USA, Tailand, China, Turkey, Barcelona, Germany.
As to me to have to travel on my work to conclude the transaction with clients on purchase of the big parties sanitary technicians to the various countries of the world, for example in November 2007 I travelled in Poland for the conclusion contract on sale sanitary technicians.
You like to travel?
I very much love children at my girlfriend recently the son to it to mine small children was born 4 months are charming.
You wish to have children?
I often think of you, we become closer every day.
You thought of a real meeting how you represent our meeting?
The correspondence through the Internet will not show true about qualities, and the real meeting is simply necessary, what you think of it?
I look forward to hearing from you.
Kiss yours Nadya.
Letter 6
I am very glad to receive your letter unfortunately I I have forgotten to put photos in the last letter now shall fit them.
My full name Staroverova Nadya.
My size of footwear 37 to Russian measures:) I love different spirits now I use D&G My parents live separately they on pension.
im sorry I have a mobile phone but my company was connected to the local operator.
I cannot call in other countries or accept calls from other countries.
I can talk only on Ufa.
Unfortunately I do not have photos on my computer with my parents.
During our correspondence I understand that you the good person and you approach me as the future partner in life.
I have holiday up to the end of May that you think if to us to arrange a real meeting?
I have the international passport and I can visit you in your country you can accept me?
So we learn each other better in fact correspondence will not replace embraces heat of hands and alive dialogue.
Tell to me your ideas. Have improbable day.
Hot kiss from Nadya.
Letter 7
Hello my dear, I am very glad to receive your letter.
It is very pleasant to receive the invitation from you I very much I wish you to see.
I appreciate your care you very decent man.
I very much wish to visit you in Yyyyy.
I would like to tell to you about travel.
Today I went to travel agency and have learnt all about my trip to you.
I can arrive to you in May I have international pasport.
I do not need the invitation in travel agency have told that through the invitation visa registration will occupy much more time.
Only it is necessary for me to come to pay in travel agency 1400$ to bring the passport and to choose date of my flight the rest they will make.
It is the best variant for me. And as soon as I leave in holiday I take off to you just by this time my visa will be ready.
I will inform you date and arrival time as soon as I will book tickets and I will receive my visa.
Your country another's for me and I know you a little though I have very much become attached to you for this time of dialogue with you.
Today I went to travel agency and have learnt that I should pay 1400$ for a trip to you I in a shock as expensively....
Certainly the trip includes registration of all documents and return tickets but all the same it is very expensive to me.
Unfortunately my family now experience financial difficulties and I cannot pay for my trip forgive....
Hotly whole your girlfriend Nadya.
Letter 8
hi dear,
You please me with the letters I good mood every day when I see the letter from you in the box.
Concerning my trip if you can help me with a trip.
Ispoke to you in the last letter the permit in Yyyyy.
Thanks for your care I am very grateful to you.
Ireally wish you to see faster. The matter is that I planned to remain with you 14 days of 13 nights.
In connection with the law on a visa regime accepted in europe I should have on my credit card on 50$ in day, return tickets stand 470$ and visa registration nearby 120$. On it I also named to you the sum 1400$.
Superfluous money I only is not necessary to me I wish to have time to issue during time my trip and to receive the visa to my holiday.
Here that I have learnt I was in bank and to me have informed all on points.
You can take advantage of system of remittances western union what to help me with my expenses.
In bank have informed that it is reliable system with good reputation.
For this purpose what to make transfer to you it would be necessary to visit your bank where there is a branch western union and to make remittance on my name.
My full name: Staroverova Nadya, Russia, city Ufa.
For this purpose what I could get your transfer to me it is necessary to know:
1) your full name,
2) MTC number this unique number which to you will give out while translating money,
3) your city and your country,
Without these data I cannot receive your money so the manager of bank has informed.
As soon as you can help me I go to travel agency and I order my round and the visa and I begin preparation for mine travel towards to my destiny.
I will be glad to visit you to get acquainted with your family To look as you live to get acquainted with culture of your country.
I will look forward to hearing from you.
Hotly whole your girlfriend Nadya.
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