Letter(s) from Svetlana to Johny (Australia)

Letter 1

Hello dear John, I feel fortunate that you answered my letter. It's too hardto belive but I fall in love with you. It's too hard to tellthis but I can do nothing but tell. I realize that it'searly to tell about such things, we know each other for alittle time. But for me this is like eternity. I miss you, Imiss you letters. You know without you this world cease toexist for me. Now you are everything for me. When I walk Ilook for you and hope to meet you, I seek you in any personthat I see in the street, I stare at them and I try to guesswether this is you. I am happy now, I am happy because I metyou here. And I do not want to change what I have now. Imean I would gladly go somewhere I can find you. How you cancontact me, dear, the firm I use to translate our lettershas a phone. As far as I know we can arrange our phoneconversation there. As for my address, I do not know theexact address as this is rent flat, my hostess tells me thatit's: Block Komarova 2/33. I want to meet you, to look atyour gorgeous eyes and know that you are with me. To holdyour hand I want and never let you go, to feel the warmth ofyour body and feel protectability being with you. I havebeen dreaming of you since I received your first letter. Ido not know what you feel about me but I am in love withyou. And so much I do not want to interrupt this dream, I amso happy inside. I didn't want to tell you but I had to. Asyou know I paid for the translation because I wanted to findmy the only one man. I have found you and I feel happiness,I felt that I am really a happy woman. But it was the lasttime I could pay for the translation. I like and veryappreciate our communication and I would be very happy if wecan go it on. And maybe we will have a chance to build astrong relationship following to something more than this.But now I see it's impossible. I have no money to payanymore. You can leave me but you can also try to belive inme. I am frankly person as you see, I do not hide myproblems. I do hope for your understanding and I belive suchrelationship we have, will have never been destroyed. Missyou a lot, Looking forward to hearing from you, Truly Yours,Sveta.