Romance scam letter(s) from Evgenia to Felix (Serbia)
Letter 1
Hello my dear friend, I am more than happy that you wrote me and I hope that after reading my profile you have an image of what a person I am and what do I need, but I promise to write you more details about me, but it will be a bit later.... Please, look into my deep blue eyes and find a hope there... hope for happy future and love, hope for being loving and beloved... Would you like to sink in my eyes? Would you like to be a protector of a small, defenseless kitten and be a real Tiger for me? Would you be happy to watch your sleeping kitten after amorous games? If the answer to these questions is "yes", I wait for your reply as I am ready to tell you more about me and to start our story. Zhenia. A Kitten.
Letter 2
Hello! Be honest I didn't expect to get a letter from you. Why? Because as I see you are a normal man but all the time I received letters from different freaks (I don't mean appearance, but inner world). So I'm very happy that finally a real normal man wrote me. So let's make the acquaintance if you don't mind:) My name is Zhenia as you know. I'm from the eastern Ukraine, actually from the city Alchevsk I don't know if you have ever heard about my city but it's well-known all over the world because of it's Big Metallurgical Plant. So, I live there.
Now I'm student of Business Academy (which is in my city) and in July I'll get a diploma of accountant. As for my appearance I think I don't have to tell you about it because all you want you can see on my photos. I just tell that my height is 165 cm and weight is 48kg. I hope I'm not very tall and fat for you:) Oh, I forgot to tell you about my age - I'll be 25 years old on September, the 10th. So you could congratulate me with my birthday soon:) What else. I live with my parents and younger brother. I love them all very much and they love me too (I hope:)). So for me family is a real value. But soon I'll finish my study and it's time to think about my own family. So I'm here. Of course, you can wonder why I'm still alone. And be honest I don't know what to say. I think that I just haven't met my destiny. And why am I looking for a man abroad? Because I have already tried to find man in my country (I used Internet sites also), but I couldn't find normal man.
Some of them were interested in living in my flat, some - wanted only sex, others - just wanted to find nurse for their mothers, children or themselves. So my attempts were futile. And then I decided to try this variant and find normal man from other country. I also want to say that I'm normal girl without defects. No, I'm not ideal, just ordinary girl - clever, polite, well-bred, frank and ready for love.
And I'm always honest with all people. So I want to let you know beforehand that I don't know English and use translation service to read and write letters. If it's problem for you, please don't waste your and my time and don't write me. If it's ok, I'll be glad to continue our communication. I'm looking for serious long-term relations with normal man. I'll be ready to go to him but at first I need to get to know him better. If you are looking for the same I'll be glad to receive your next letter. Hope, we have already found each other.
Letter 3
Good morning! Thank you for your message and sorry me for my silence. I was very busy with my study and so I couldn't write you. but I'm glad that I'm interesting for you:) I can say the same about you. Yes, it's really a big pleasure to communicate with such man as you, because you know what you want and how to get this. Am I right? I hope, yes:) Today is a sunny warm day and I'm in good humor. Communication with you make me feel good and I'm smiling now:) It's such nice feeling that it's seems I could fly... Oh, sorry I fell to thinking:) You wanted to get to know more about me. No problem. I'll tell you all that could be interesting for you. Even don't know from what to begin. Maybe from my hobby. And it's biology. Yes, it's really interesting for me to discover new things in this field. By the way I like to read scientific literature and watch TV-programs about animals, our health, psychology and so on. I also like to watch comedies and I think I have good sense of humor:) I like walking in a sunny warm weather, communication with my friends and make surprises. I like when people are smiling. I like to be myself, but unfortunately in most situations I can't do that because I'm afraid to be hurt. Actually, I'm very frank, trustful, kind and vulnerable person, but only my relatives and best friends know about this. Why? Because many people try to use these my qualities to achieve their goals and they don't think about my feelings. And so a lot of people even don't guess about my inner world. Be honest, I'm a bit afraid to trust people and maybe so I'm still alone. I can't love a little, if I love I love with whole my heart. I have already had bad experience in the past with one man and don't want to reiterate it.
And I don't know why, but I feel that I can trust you. I hope you feel the same. I don't want to bore you, so I'll finish here for now.
I'll be waiting for your letter with impatience.
Blow you a kiss,
Your Zhenia
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