Romance scam letter(s) from Nadezhda to Felix (Serbia)
Letter 1
Hello dear,
I want to thank you for your attention to my profile:)! I am glad to know you such unusual way like Internet!!! I have heard many things about Internet, some bad and some good, so decided to try it by myself:))) I am optimistic girl and believe that I will be lucky and meet my man, my destiny here!!! What do you think??? Do you search the same???
My dear, a little about me. I am Nadya:) I was born in Lugansk, it's eastern part of Ukraine. My birthday is 15 March, 1989. I am study at college now. I am third child in my family:) I have two elder brothers:) We all live in one apartment:))) Mother, father, two brothers, my dog Dana and cat Baron:))) I may say that I am good girl:))) As my relatives and friends say I am easygoing person, I like animals, nature, read nice books....
Especially I like to collect stuffed toys and very much like needlework )) I have many different of my works at home:))) Ok, my dear friend, I close my letter for today and wait your letter very much!!! I hope you tell me more about you, your life, your work, your goals in this life. I hope you too serious and everything will work with us:) Have a nice day!
With tenderness,Nadya.
Letter 2
Hello my dear!!!Sorry for my late answer,we had holiday,everything was closed. I use translation agency for our communication. How are you? Tell me more about you and your intentions. What do you expect from our communication?
Letter 3
Hello my dear!!!
Thanks for your letter!!! I was very glad to get it! My English is not perfect. I know only some English,I can't read and write. I can't be online,sorry. I don't have my own computer. I use the service of the translation agency. I don't have time to go to Internet cafe. We have only one such cafe here,and a lot of people are always there.
My darling,tomorrow is the day off,it's great holiday for our country Victory Day. We will have a lot of events in our town,big firework,concerts. I am sure that a lot of people will be walking,but only of course if the weather will permit:))) Today we have not bad weather,warm but very cloudy,they say that tomorrow should be rain during the day:((( Tomorrow is the day off,I will be at home also.
So,you can say that it's additional possibility to stay at home and rest:))) I will be able to get sleep longer tomorrow morning:))) And then we are going to meet with the girlfriends,may be to go to see the concert,to walk in the town,and then in the evening to watch firework.
But we will go only if the weather be fine,without rain. Of course I would like to go with you hand in hand,enjoy each other smiles and kisses:)))When my grandfather was alive he always enjoy this holiday,it was the main holiday for him and to his family. We always congratulated him with this holiday. It was like his second birthday:))) Now we only can see this holiday by TV,big parade what should be in Kiev,our capital,in Moscow,it always shown here by our local TV. It is always very good and exciting event:))) We have now a lot of films by TV about World War 2. And then on Monday we will have working day again:((( Ok,my sweet love,I want to wish you wonderful days,send my sweet kisses,yours only Nadya.
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