Letter(s) from Larisa to Felix (Serbia)

Letter 1


first of all, I want to be sure that you have read and UNDERSTOOD my profile. I am really intelligent and open-minded and if you are going "to teach" me that "good girl don't speak about it and don't send such picture to men before marriage" let's stop here. But if you are ready for frank and interesting conversation with a sexy lady and to enjoy her wonderful (and
frank;-)) pictures - let's do it!!! If you don't give up after such a message (and such a picture;-)) and I am waiting for more informative letter from you. And be sure - I will tell you everything you will be interested in.

Till soon,

Letter 2


How are you there? Thanks for the reply. Now I see that you aren't afraid of my vigour. That's good, because I am really interested in you as in my other half and future husband. To be short, about myself I can tell you that I will be 25 on the 17.07; my name is Larisa, Lora. And I was born in Lisichansk, in the east of Ukraine and where are you from? By profession I am a teacher, but naughty horny baby inside . I am not going to tell you about my family, my childhood or the place I live as I think it doesn't have any meaning for our correspondence, but if you are really interested, just ask and I will tell you, OK?

What about my personality, I am sexy, open-minded and I am not shy of my appeal and my body. I have "something" to show, something which is sexy and pleasant and I also know "something" very important. For example, how to make my husband happy in all the ways - with cooking and cleaning, being a bosom-friend and the most passionate lover, being a loving mother and the clever woman with whom my man won't even feel ashamed in any situation. But in spite I am so open-minded both sexually and casually, don't mix me with the "ready" girl or a prostitute. It is not so and the first rule I want my man to know is that I am sure that SEX and MAKING LOVE are two different things and I want my man to understand this difference. Do you???

I hope I didn't shock you with my "writings", but I think such a discussion will be more useful than stupid letters "...about my hobby...". If you agree and I understand what I mean, I wait for your reply with the photos:-) I also hope you will like mine. I like to photograph my body, I have a nice one, don't you agree? didn't you become horny?

Have a nice day,