Scam letter(s) from Natalia to Felix (Serbia)

Letter 1
Hello, I feel really delighted after receiving your letter. I would be glad to find a man, who will understand my ideas and be willing to have exciting conversation with such a sensible girl as I am. As once was said :"Let's share the world: you'll own the sun, I'll get the shine, you'll possess the sea, I'll get waves, you'll have sky and I'll receive stars. No! It will be better if you get everything and I'll get YOU! " Of course it is just beautiful words, but I hope that you have understood my romantic soul and will not hurt my fragile heart - it can be so easily broken! I'm looking forward to hearing from you, my dear! Your sweet candy;)
Letter 2
Nice to see you! Thanks for your message:) I'm really glad to receive your answer, as you are may be the only one I need. So, the first thing I'd like to say the man I'm looking for has to be sensible and appreciate not only the beauty of my body but also the sophisticated nature of my soul. I want to be with somebody who will share with me the joy and sorrow, who will give me his warmth when it is necessary. I want to feel my weakness near the man who'll be my support and strong man's shoulder. If you are eager to know who I'm I'll try to describe you everything. My name is Natalia and I'm living in Stakhanov. I was born 24 years ago on the 8th January in my peaceful and calm native town. I'm fragile girl and have rather slim figure. My weight equals 50 kg and my height is 1,65 m. I'm nice and intelligent girl, who is trying to become a journalist. as you have understood I'm studying at a university. Sometimes I carry out different part-time jobs, but these occupations are not serious. I'd like to tell you why I'm looking for husband abroad. The answer is simple - I'm tired of deceitful and lying men, who are thinking only about themselves. I don't want to be a beautiful picture as it is not fitting for me. My future family should be founded on love and trust and I hope you will be realization of my dreams. Also I'd like you to know that I don't know English language so I'm using the service of a firm to translate my letters. I think that it wouldn't be a problem for our communication and will forget about such troubles with the help of professionals. In conclusion I'd like to say that if you are interested in long and serious relationship with desired lady, who is able to steal your heart then let's continue our contact. I'm waiting for your answer.
Your Natali:)
Letter 3
Hi. I'm ok. I just stopped to write because I didn't like your last letter, in which you wrote that you know about educational system in Ukraine and that I'm liar because I told you that I don't know English. But it's true! I really don't know English and so I have to use translation services to write to you! Or you think that I have so much money to pay for translation of my letters just because I'm lazy to translate them? Anyway I'm disappointed with your letter and I'm sad that you don't trust me. In this way I think we couldn't have any relations. So good luck. I hope you could find more perfect girl who knows English. With the best wishes,
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