Scam letter(s) from Oksana to Felix (Serbia)

Letter 1
Good day, my Dream! I could be the Sense of Your Life and Your Second Half, or just the Biggest Love... I could be your passionate mistress and perfect caring house-wife at the same time... But I can't be alone any more... I'm so lonely and cold, and I'm tired to be single in this big world. I hope you are looking for such girl as me and I will be very happy if you will open your heart for my passion and love. I'm ready to give you all you need and make your life bright and happy. I'm normal girl who wants to share her life with one man and I believe that it could be you... The spring is coming and my heart is opened for love...
I'm waiting for your reply, my Dream.
Your Oxana
Letter 2
Hi! I'm glad you find the time to write to me. I was waiting for your letter and I was sure that you wrote me. Yes, yes, I really felt that something good must happen... And you wrote:) actually I found your address in one of the sites and decided to write.
Hope it was good idea:) What do you think? And as you asked me to tell you about myself, I will be good girl:) and tell you all you need to know about myself. So...I'm from Lugansk which is in Ukraine. It's not very big city and I think that you even haven't never heard about it:) Naturally I was born in a suburb (23 years ago:)) and all my parents live there. But after finishing school I entered Lugansk Pedagogical University and now I'm an undergraduate of a hotel sphere. It's very interesting for me to study there and I hope one day I become a teacher or find good job in one of hotels in our city or even in another country. I know that it will not be so easy, but I'll try:) Yes, I would like to find good job abroad. But first of all I dream to meet my second half and become for him a perfect wife in all senses, because for me my private life and my feelings are on the first place always. You could ask me why I'm still alone, I'll answer you - because all men I met wanted only *** of me. It doesn't mean that I hate ***, but as for me it can't be good without some feelings, love... Of course it's my opinion and you can have your own, I just wanted to explain you what I think about this. Hope you understand me. I don't need perfect man, I know that there are not such men and women and we all are not ideal, but it would be great if the man of my dream will be from another country. I really don't like our men, because Ukrainian men think only about alcohol. It's like their disease and it's awful. Most of them are rude and think only about themselves. So I want to find my future husband in another country (like my friend Olya did and she says that now she is the happiest wife in the world). And as you are not from Ukraine I think we have good possibilities to build relations, what do you think? But as very honest girl (yes, I'm really so and sometimes this quality gives me a lot of problems) I want to tell you that I know English very bad, it would be better to say that I don't know it at all:) Of course I know some words like "hello", "good bye", "sorry" and "thank you" , but it's not enough for normal communication. So one of my teachers advised me to use special service which he has used also for a long time and he is very satisfied. I decided to try and so I'm here. Please, don't think that I'm so ****** that I couldn't learn English, I just haven't enough free time for this, because I'm busy with my study from 8 a.m. till 7 p.m. So, if you want to continue our communication after reading this letter, I will be very glad:) I think that two people must not have any secrets from each other if they want to build normal relations. And one thing - I hate fool games with feelings. So if you are really seriously interested in me, I'll be waiting for your reply with photos. **** you a kiss,
Your Honest Oxana
Letter 3
Hi! Thank you for your letter and photos. Nice pictures. And as for mine, thank you for your compliments, but I'm really natural girl and so I don't have any implants! It's my native body! And even if I had possibility to make it better I would never do any operations because I'm afraid of pain and complications, so you have mistaken, my Darling. And as for professional photos, don't worry, they were made for me without money because I wanted to use services of marriage agency and they made these photos free of charge. So, my Darling, you have mistaken twice. But if you are still here it means that you liked all I wrote about myself or you just liked my photos:) Anyway it's good because appearance plays also important role in reations and I think that people who say that appearance doesn't matter for them are liars. I told you in my first letter that I'm straightforward person and I always say what I think. So what about appearance, what do you think? For me it's important because I don't understand how I could fall in love with someone whom I have never seen or whose appearance I don't like. But I also agree that inner beauty plays big role in building relations and I will never love handsome but rude and ****** man. So I need a normal man but with something special:) like you:) My darling, I don't know if you feel the same as me, but I think that there is something between us. I'm not sure it's love, but I think that it's also something nice, warm and special. I hope we could become closer and share our feelings one day, but now we could communicate only with the help of the letters. But at the first time it's even good because I could talk with you about everything in my letters. For example about ***:) What is your attitude to ***? As for me I'm very passionate girl and think that *** is a very important part of relations. No, I hadn't many man in my life, only few, but I gave them all myself and they do the same. Why Am I talking about this? I just want to be absolutely honest with you and I think you have to know all about me. You said that all about me is interesting for you. And I can say the same from my side. Of course I could tell you about my favourite things, but it will be better if we both ask each other and give answers than just talk about ourselves. Do you agree with me? So I'll be waiting for your questions:) or just compliments to my photos:)I'm joking:) Kiss you.
Your Oxana
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