Letter(s) from Natalia Tyukhtiy to Gavin (Australia)

Letter 1

Good day, dear! I'm very glad that you answered me. I hope that we're able to build very warm and tender relations. You're answered on my letter that means you think as I do. It is a very good start, because maybe we're a part of each other.
I'd like to tell you more about myself. My name is Natasha. I live in Ukraine, in the town of Lugansk region, its name Bryanka there live about 56000 people. It’s a very nice town with its kind people. I'm 27 years old, I was born on 4-th of August in 1980. I'm 170 cm in height and my weight is 55 kg. I'm tall girl. I have big brown eyes and blond straight long hair. People say that I have shining eyes and long curly eyelashes. Hope that you'll say it to me to?
I'm clever, calm and easy-going person. I like laughing, so if I have a bad mood I see something funny on TV and I feel myself better. You should know I am romantic person. I'm Lion in horoscope that means I'm very responsible and attentive in everything. I've a good sense of humor. Like every girl I like caress that why my heart is looking for love.
I'm a graduator of Kharkov branch of the institute of management, which is situated in my native town Bryanka;
my field of studying was tax activity. Now I'm working as tax officer.
I think, it is very interesting job for such girl like me, because I'm good in exact sciences. I have 250 dollars every month.
When I have free time I go to fitness club to support my body. I run every morning to have body in good form. I like books. There are many books in my flat. I think that reading can help human distinguish from animals, don't you think so?
Now you have information about me; hope you're interested in me. Now it is your turn to write something about yourself. I feel that you're very smart and of course handsome man. I'll be waiting for your answer.
Please write me soon. Warm hugs!!
Natasha .

Letter 2

Hello my sunny!!! I’m very glad that we are corresponding, dear. Your letters are very tender. Thank you for them. I always wait for your answering with patience.
I'd like to tell you more about me at all. I don’t have big family, it’s a pity but life is life. My mom had a small business; she always used air transport .She died in aircraft on 22-th August in 2006. It was a terrible day. We were going to go the see. I was at home and saw this terrible news. I’ve never seen my dad. He never wanted to know something abut me and left us when I was 4 months. I even don’t know who is he and don’t want to know. I’d like to tell you more about my habits. I'm a young woman, I don't use alcohol, don't smoke. I like honest people so I can drink some of champagne or martini on holidays. I like music very much. I prefer pop music, rock ballads and jazz. When it’s raining I turn on my favorite songs and my mood gets better. What music do you prefer? I like cooking very much; Of course, I usually cook our national food, but sometimes I prepare exotic dishes and dishes which are popular in many countries of Europe. I really want to cook to my beloved man; the main thing is that my sunny was satisfied in everything. I like to make everything together even prepare our dinner. Would you like to make it together? Maybe after tasty dinner we could move in some quit place just for us??? :)) I hope you want it to. Are you still interested in me, dear?
I understand there is a big distance between us, but if we really feel the same to each other our tender relationship will continue. Your sweet letters make me feel that you really need me, dear. Am I right? Unfortunately, I haven't enough knowledge in English that’s why I use the conversional service of translation firm. With their help I can communicate with you. For me it’s rather expensive. Forgive me for writing you this, but my wish is to continue our warm and such honest relationship. Kiss you in your tasty lips.
Your Natasha.

Letter 3

Hello my dear man! Sunny you even can not imagine how I’m happy when I receive your letter.
Your love surrounds me like the air that I breathe.
Your kiss touches me as gentle as a breeze.
Your touch is as tender as that of a child.
Your hug is warm, meek, and mild.
Each day we grow older and its plain to see, The love that you give me is all that I need.
Honey, you think why such girl like me can not find her second half in real life?4 years ago I had very serious relationship with a man, but we decided to brake up. There was no trust in our relations. In my town it is so difficult to find real love. I was so glad when you answered me, sweaty. I want you to know that your letters give me love and carry, which I wanted.Your pics are wonderful:)))) I want to share with you my dream I saw last night. After dinner (we've made together), we walk to the water, which is a very close distance from our house. I see us, alone on the beach, at sunset; just the orange sun setting...I look so beautiful in my bathing suit, dressed special for you. One more trip to the water, you say, and I follow you in.. The water is so warm, and our bodies are so hot next to each other.. As we are leaving water, just at the edge, I trip and fall, my top comes off, my breasts are nice and tender, the most beautifull you have ever seen(You said me this?).. You can't resist to bend down and kiss them, very softly and slowly. As I pull you toward me, our lips meet for a long kiss. I can not believe when you say " Natasha, I want you now..." As my eyes close, your kisses touch me on the neck, and very slowly down my neck to my so warm and soft breasts, my nipples, so hard, and at the same time, so tender. They are what god made. So warm and tender. My sweetheart, I can hear you moan. As my tongue reaches to yours. It is so pink and smooth. As you start to lick me all around, you feel my mouth taking your penis. As you look down at me, my soft hair is all over your stomach, and the feeling going through me are full of my love for you. God, what the greatest feeling you give me. When we both are so crazy we can not stand it anymore, you enter me, your hardness, all the way inside of your love. Dear, the goddess. Our beautiful and soft bodies, next to us, makes us so crazy for us. At this moment all you can think of is being inside me. It seems like hours, but the sun is still setting, when I scream and have the biggest orgasm of my life. After two more times, you can not take it any more and as my legs squeeze you tight one more time, as I whisper in your ear, "Dear, I love only you", your cock explodes in me... The feelings for us, is so much joy, as we fall asleep together, you still inside of me... My love, the sun is up and shining. We are naked wrapped in our blanket. You tell me what happens next.
Darling sweetheart, I really am falling in love with you my dear, and do not want to lose you, so I hope this letter does not scare you away, but i also would like to know your answer to my question of our morning when we awake in each others arms, alone on the beach... Please write like ours sexy dream continues.
Your Natasha.

Letter 4

Hello my dear!!! I can't live without you, without your tender letters. You are so special, kind and tender to me, dear. I want to give you everything that I have, all me and my life. No matter how far we from each other we will build the bridge that is Internet. Everybody deep in his soul has a hope to meet his close person and I’m not exception, I want it too. I know life is beautiful and try to enjoy every moment of it. Please, write me what you think about this, sunny.
Now I want to tell you about my dream. We sit by a deserted, moonlight beach holding each other close and kissing deeply. The night is warm and I suggest a swim which you enthusiastically agree to. I take off my clothes and drop them on the warm sand and run down to the water. You can see your bare bottom as I run to the sea. You take off your clothes and run down to join me. As you enter the water I am happily splashing about and swimming a little way out. The water is shallow here so when I stop swimming and stand up it just reaches my stomach. The water is pleasantly cool, just enough to make my nipples stand erect. You walk toward me knowing that at this minute all you want is to hold me close to you and surround me with your arms. As you get closer you can see my body glistening from the water. You put your arms around me and pull me to you kissing me deeply. There is nothing between us and I can feel your erection against my stomach. I look into your eyes and with a little smile I pull yourself up and allow you to slide inside me. Gently the water ripples and we move together. You gasp slightly but I can tell from your face it is from pleasure. I slide off you and take your hand leading you back to the beach. As I walk across the sand you can see the water running over the curves of my body. I lead you the beach to an area of soft grass where I lie down my arms outstretched towards you. You lay beside me and kiss me tenderly. My wet hair is cascading over my shoulders, my breasts glistening in the moonlight with their erect nipples pointing towards you. I ask you to take me right there and right now, not roughly but slowly and passionately savoring every moment and every touch. We would enjoy each other for hours, not minutes, under the glittering stars. …
I hope you like my story... But I cannot continue further, I feel a pleasant and easy shiver in a body...
Please, write me soon.
Sincerely yours!

Letter 5

Hello my beloved Gavin!!

I want to appeal your attention, that I'm a client of this firm TC "Prime".
I use firm's service of translation and Internet services because I haven't own PC and Internet service.
Unfortunately,I can't reply to your letter because my account is over. I can't write you because I can't pay for their good service it's rather expensive for me. But I really want to continue our warm and tender relations. I'm really sorry that I write this to you, but I want to continue our corresponding so much. I don't know how to live without you,without your tender letters, my sweetheart. When I think that I can lose you I cry, because I need you very much.

Loving only you.