Scam letter(s) from Elena Turkova to Jan (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Hello dear Jan,
it was nice to hear your voice also, I tried to imagine you even more close to me than I had you in fact. I'll remember you to Tatiana, she will be glad to hear your kind reference. Thanks for the arrival and departure, telephone number confirmation. I'll keep it in my memory and on the sheet of paper printed:-)
Jan, I appreciate much everything what you want to do for our meeting to work out. So, thanks for your effort to give me information for aerosvit flights. But I always rely and count on myself only, forgive me as for this point at this stage of our relations. Besides, I've never flew before and I decided to arrange the transfer myself, asking you to help me about my travel expenses. Yes, I can see the prices for one adult person is 234 dollars, but we'll fly together with my familiar person who'll work as an interpreter for us. If you don't mind, Jan, please, I'd like to book air tickets myself. And according to your information, it is 468 dollars for a round trip. But I let you know of the information I found out. And according to my words, it was 440 dollars. It is 28 dollars difference!!
Dear Jan, only now I have an opportunity to respond to your letter. All the establishments (including Internet cafes) were closed on Victory Day and one day later as well. People celebrated the great holiday. So today I had to ask my boss (his name is Sergey) for some help. I wouldn't like to waste one's time. I know the time is flying fast, and we have much to do. I know he has Internet connection at work. I asked him for permission to use his computer and Internet access. We agreed as for the time to meet at the office, and when I logged in he laughed at me:"why do you need it so urgently? may be you want to look through ***** sights?;-))' I got red without knowing what to answer. I have nothing to hide from him and explained that I have a boyfriend and soon we plan to meet in person but I need to find out some place where to stay for three days (one more explanation for him as for my taking vacation time for the date). He thought we could create some romantic situation and as it is going to be our first meeting in person we could find something beautiful and if you have good standards as for an apartment he offered to send you a few pics of the apartment he stayed at with his family in Kiev. He took the pictures himself and then kept them in his computer. Well, I'm attaching them. Sergey told me that he'd dream of creating the same design in his own flat here, in Melitopol. Of course, it is 250 dollars per 24 hours, but it looks pretty good! You can decide whether to stay there or not and I know that depends on your budget which we have to save. So, he described me the apartment created in an ancient Greek style. In the bathroom there is a mini-swimming pool. There are two lavatory *** bathroom. It is situated in the historical centre of the capital. It would take us five minutes to walk to Khreschatik street and Opera theatre. But if that is too much I'll find and reserve another one, cheaper.
In case you need my personal information, here it is: Turkova Elena, Melitopol.
Dear Jan, I wish you a nice week and next week-end:-) Good luck in your business. I wait for your next letter as soon as possible. Truly yours,
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