Scam letter(s) from Natalia N. to Roberto (Italy)

Letter 1
Oh ****, Roby what wonderful letter you have written to me !!!
Letter 2
Hello my darling!!!
Good day to you my hero!!! Roby You make my life such exciting with your letters. With you I feel myself real woman!!! With you I have feeling that I will receive that long waiting happiness!!! Thank you for that. You become very important and special to me Roby. I am waiting for each your letter with such great impatience. My heart is beating so fast when I read your words, when I feel that you have the same feeling to me!!! Roby I feel such strong connection with you. I am so happy that one day I decided to put my profile in net and I was not wrong when I thought I would find man who would make me feel like real woman!!! darling Roby of course I understand that there are some things you have to do and that is why even if you like me you can't answer the same day. I wish I was there with you to take care of you after hard working day. Roby thanks for your compliments to me, but darling believe me you shouldn't be scared of beauty. Especially I don't consider myself to be the most beautiful . I am just simple woman. Roby I want to tell you that I am new person in net and during that time you are man whom I am serious about and want to communicate. I know dear that we will not write letters only, and for sure if we want we will meet in real. Roby as for mobile phone. I had one some time ago, but than I just understood that I couldn't support the paying for the phone conversations. That is why I don't have mobile for now. But dear as far as we don't understand each other we can speak trough the phone of the translation company and also the translator will help us to speak. Dear I like you and I am sure that everything can be alright between us.
You know **** I have never been treated like I deserve that, I have never had that happiness I deserved. I was rounded by cheating, lies. No one man look into my soul, just on my body. Every one could see my beauty only, but not my heart. All my life I tried to seem like strong woman. But I am just weak woman , who needs love and care. I don't want to come back home lonely and sleep in my cold bed. I want to feel the warmness of my beloved's body. I want to love and being loved. I want to feel tender touches on my body and make incredible love with man whom I love. I want to show only for him what passionate and **** woman I am. I want to share all my dreams and hoped with my second half and just to be sure that he understands me. I want to enjoy every moment of life with him and know that he loves me not only for my beauty bur for whom I am !!!!
I thought I never found such man. But I decided to try. And I found you. You are not like all others. You are caring and loving ****. No one is perfect I know it. But together we can create perfect future, I am sure about it!!!! My darling Roby, you know how important you become for me. Now I am just waiting for your answer!!! If you can be that man, who will give me deserved happiness, whom I show what real woman I am ???
Honey you know I use the service of the translation company to write you. It is extremely hard to do it with that salary I earn. But I never regret that I did it..... I have found you, that man with whom I want to create serious relations, with whom I want to be happy. I don't want to lose you. As I have been looking for you so long. I don't know how long I will be able to support the translation of our letters in the future, as it is really hard for me. But I don't want even to think about it!!!! Well **** you are my man and I send you my photo for you to see what **** woman I can be for you. I am waiting for your letter... each your words is special to me.... Your Natali
Letter 3
******************************************* WELCOME TO "" LANGUAGE TRANSLATION SERVICE "" ******************************************* Dear Mr. Roby! NO MATTER WHAT KIND OF TRANSLATION YOU NEED, WE CAN PROVIDE YOU WITH LEGAL TRANSLATION SERVICES AND LANGUAGE INTERPRETING! Working in Ukrainian translation industry for several years we provide our clients with : *** Technical Translations;
*** Financial Translation;
*** Business Translation;
*** Private Papers Translation. The staff of our company consists of highly skilled translators, who are regularly tested and who have mandatory translation quality assurance procedures in place. Our clients don't cut corners. And neither do we. They give us their trust. In return they get our very best. SO NOTHING GETS LOST IN TRANSLATION. Your legal papers retain their exact meaning. Your financial, technical, and medical documents communicate clearly and precisely. YOUR PRIVATE CORRESPONDENCE WILL SAVE ITS CLOSET!!!! We would like to inform you that your lady Natali N. is our client.
She used our service to translate your correspondence. For that moment
she is not able to support the translation due to her financial
problems. She has asked us to send you that information letter for you
to be sure that she is interested in you and she is looking forward to
continue your correspondence and your relations. If you have a possibility to help her support your correspondence for now we can send you the information concerning the prices for using our services. We are waiting for your reply. Thank you for your attentiveness. Best regards
office manager
of the translation company
Olga Orlova
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