Scam letter(s) from Yana to Felix (Serbia)

Letter 1
Hello stranger. Nice to see your letter!
I am here in hope to find serious minded man,who want to love and to be loved.I am honest and serious girl,never married,do not smoke or drink.Like cosy home atmosphere,want to have family and caring man.
I have a lot of questions to you,but lets see if you receive this letter.
I'll send you more photos of me soon.
Letter 2
Hello)nice to see your letter.You have wrote to me on the lovechaser site!
I finished school after which went to model school, I studied there till present time, I am not sure if I want to be a model in future but I am sure that want to find man for love. I was born on the 7th of July,1985.Donetsk city.
Know English from school and also I used special literature to know English better. I had no serious relations here.Some of my friends told me many stories what men do here and that they are not responsible and serious.From early age I dreamed to find man from abroad,as I interest in different cultures and I think that man from abroad have better level of breeding. I am serious,honest,responsible,romantic,well manured and with mild character. I hope to find serious man here with whom we can build bridge to our future,the bridge of love!
Letter 3
Hello. How are you?
I'd like to say that I consider the older men interesting and experienced. I am sure you have many things to tell me about, you know a lot about life. I do not feel the age difference at all. I take marriage life very seriously too and I really think that an older person is the best one for me. I need support and I do not want to decide everything for my husband. In the letter I would love to speak about me and please do the same in return:)
You know, its always hard if someone wants to know about my character - i might tend to draw myself a little bit too good,i guess, that's human ) Let's say, i'm tender and reliable, kind and caring. I am able to love, i am able to forgive.
Whenever he has my trust, i will go with him through all up- and downsides of life.. I do believe, being together makes everything much easier and more enjoyable and that is, what i'm looking for... somebody i can love and trust, enjoy and cry with... is that too much??I think, no! You want to know my downsides ?? I never guessed, i had some )) No honestly: i'm sometimes a little impatient if i get the feeling, the things i want don't go quick enough. But it's very,very easy to calm me down, i'm sure it would be easy for you,too Maybe you're now asking, what am i doing on this website ? Hmmm, i just gave it a try - this are modern times ) But i still prefer good old "meeting in real life", looking into each others eyes, getting closer slowly, learning about the other one ... well, the "natural thing", i guess you know what i mean.
Ah, i forgot to mention - i love to joke ) And i love to laugh ) What else ?? Maybe you also give it a try and want find out more about me and us... maybe you will see things in me, i would never mention or even you want ?? ) I hope so!!!
Well, okay, so far for now...
I hope, i could keep your interest in me, so don't hesitate and ask, what you want to ask. I will answer. And I will ask, too )
Maybe, we will come to a point, when we both want to talk to each other or even meet... let's see where to this leads, hmm ?
I am using Internet to write letters,I have no computer at home and I can not use web camera. Yana
Letter 4

Hello my dear!In first letter I wrote to you that I finished school after which went to model school, I studied there till present time.Now I am not working
or study,I am sitting at home.
Yes,you are right,the computer is a problem for me,I use Internet cafe to write letters.
I am sorry,but I can not except from you such expensive present!We do not know each other well,please understand me right.
Hope you are not angry and you still want to discover about me more.
Letter 5
Hello. How are you?
It is had to find normal work with modeling,as there are a lot of fake agencies who sale girls to rich man or send them to abroad!I am trying to find some work here in my town. Hope I will do))How is modeling popular in your country and how much models earn??I am just curious,you worked at the agency, maybe you know!As I understood right,you can travel to Ukraine easy, can you?I think how will we meet if we want))))
Here are some photos,hope you'll like
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