Scam letter(s) from Angelina Horovets to C. M. (USA)

Letter 1

hi Calvin
How are you ? I wish that you are OK .
Darling , I forgot to tell you that I haven't international passport!!! It's first what I need to travel.What we'll do?
You know that it cost much for me.Can you help me to pay for it?
I want to fill your heart with love and you life with devotion. I will be your strong and kind companion in every moment of your life. This is the kind of relationship I want. You will be the most important person for me and I will be the most important person for you. We will be the center of whole world for us. I want to make your life like in a fairy tale (but a fairy tale that will never end).
I'll fill your heart with love, trust, happiness and loads of kisses. I'll support you in every situation in life. Our love will be very tender and I want to make you the happiest person in the whole world.
I know that we will be a very normal family with a warm and loving home and a lasting relationship. This is what I want in my heart of hearts for us. But I don't know how to make it now.If you have any minds tell me , OK?
Sweety , hope to hear you soon .
Letter 2

Dear Sir
Thank you for your letter and we are sorry of our delay in writting answer.
We must ti tell you at first about us .
Our agency works with the Moscow round firms and we can give any round in any country on any term. We only make out legally correctly all legality of the documents. (visa, tickets, booking of hotel, excursion and other). Other rest depends on a wish of the client and from his payment ability We do not cooperate with the foreign rounds - operators as we have no lawful levers of influence on them in a case unepectable of circumstances (for example tsunami).. Ruined weight of the Russian rounds - operators that their foreign partners have refused to pay the penalty. Now (at least nearest of half-year) we work so:
The client here, on a place, pays in cash the round, chosen by itself. And only in this case we bearcarry the responsibility for the given services. In your concrete case, if you are ready to pay trip of the girl for meeting with you, you can send her the necessary sum by the any service and she it here will pay the chosen round for the necessary date. In some cases (at absence in your region of similar post branches) the Dating agency gives the currency account for a remittance. But in this case it borrows(occupies) 3-5 days, that sometimes can be inconvenient for the client. The warning : the date of arriving is necessary for ordering not later than 30 days, differently there can be complexities with hotel and air tickets, that will be reflected in cost of round. The registration of all exit documents (international passport, visa,) can be included in cost of round, and can be paid separately beforehand. It will not be reflected in cost of the given service.
We can arrange everything for your visit.
Taxi drive from Kiev $250
Room for 3 days $1000
My marriage agency is official estate. My business had special register number :11408507 from the 4th of May 1994.
You can call to my Tel/number: (380) 372 523549.
Let the God bless you. Respect. Lubov
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