Scam letter(s) from Elena Shumkina to Felix (Serbia)

Letter 1
this is very nice of you to contact me and i answer you with big hope in my heart.
I'm single for a long time already, it's difficult to find a loving and sincere man in Ukraine, or at least maybe i was not successful in this.
Not longtime ago i decided to try internet dating and i'm glad you wrote me.
I hope it will work between us, and now i would like to tell you about me and know you better.
I think i will send you the letter now, and if you are interested, write to my email address and i will write you a longer letter and send photos.
and i also want you to know that i can not use here any kind of messenger or Skype,that's why we can stay in touch by email and phone.
Will be waiting for your answer.
with kind wishes,
Letter 2
where are you from?
How are you doing?
this is my first long letter today and there is a lot i want to tell about myself.
and i i don't mention everything i believe we will have enough time to tell more about each other in future.
First, i live in Ukraine, in city called Alchevsk. It's a small city industrial city. I live here from my childhood with parents. My both parents are now working for a building company. I have good relationships with them and they gave me a good example of a family.
we live in a two-room flat, my parents live in one room and i live in another.
I work as a manager for advertisement company, my work consists of making video, Internet and printed advertisement.
My working hours are from 9AM to 6PM. I like my work, but i think in future i would like to change it.
Generally speaking i can easily change smth in my life and be happy.
when i was a child i was going to usual school and dancing school, i liked it and now i can dance well.
why i decided to start search in Internet? simply because i don't have luck with finding a good man here in Ukraine. Some of them are not serious and some want to be concentrated only on the career and think that family will on the way of their career.
For me family is more important and i want to find a caring and loving man with serious indentions. I don't mind moving to another country as i get used to new places quickly.
I can speak English myself, don't use any translator agency.
My birthday is on the 1st of March, when is yours?
Next, i have never travelled internationally, but i would like to.
we can communicate with you by e-mail or cell phone. I don't have a computer at home, that's why i use Internet at work, and i can not download here any kind of messenger or Skype.
ok, i believe that's enough for the first letter, will be waiting for your answer.
Best wishes,
PS can i see your photos?
Letter 3
How are you doing?
this is interesting to read your news again and learn more about you.
as for your questions, it was my good friend, photographer who did those pictures for me, they almost cost me nothing.
it's afternoon here and i spend my time work. better to say my body is at work and my mind is with you.
there is nothing new happening in my life, just all the same old stuff, routine work and so on. So i will not bore you with all this and tell you something different.
you know, these days when spring is here in al its beauty i think only about you. when i go for a walk in the park, see the trees blooming, hear the bids singing and feel the light warm wind blowing, i feel there is magic in the air. and this magic is brought by the thoughts about you. Every small romantic thing that i notice reminds me about you.
I go for a walk and think that maybe that minute you are writing me a letter, and maybe the next minute it is waiting at my mailbox. and i can hardly wait for the time to check it and see what you would tell me.
Sitting in front of the computer it is hard for me to put into words everything that i feel because i think in no language there is enough words to express all the spectrum of human feelings. But i feel something very peasant in my heart when i think about you, some mixed feelings, but me intuition says that it's because i really like you. I like the way you express yourself, you are very kind, easy-going, lovely caring man. I feel that we have a lot in common and have mutual understanding.
ok, on this lyrical note i will finish my letter and go back to work.
I hope you will answer me soon.
Big kiss,
Letter 4

How are you doing?
I am very happy that you write me again and here i send you info about
My full name is Elena Shumkina.
Home address is Ukraine, Alchevsk, Sovietskaya street, 2/4 postal code 92387 my cell phone number is +380953222852
Shoe size according to Ukrainian measures is 38 Perfume is Kenzo.
my relatives are my parents and grandparents.
I have another busy day at work. This Wednesday is the time that my boss arranged a lot of meetings and paper work for me, so i stuck behind the desk since morning. In any way, you know that i will always find time for you because you are of primary importance.
We don't work on Friday because of the Victory day, and tomorrow is a short day, so today i work like crazy. In any way i like it because i like to work hard, i know i can be lazy sometimes, but in general i like to be hard-working. And plus now it's time of the lunch break, so i decided to stop for a moment, enjoy reading your letter and have a cup of tea with something to eat.
The weather is very sunny, but in the evening it gets cold, lower than
+10 C, so i rare go for a walk. Yesterday evening i had been to the
gym, then took a bath at home and went to sleep.
I had some strange dreams tonight, even don't remember what they were about, but i woke up with some strange impression. Never mind, that was just a dream. I wish i'd better see you in my dream!
Ok, my dear, i really need to be back to work now, though i would like to tell you more.
warm kisses,
Letter 5
How are you doing?
Nice photo!
as for your question, among the sweets i like most of all ice-cream.
I don't work on Saturday and i usually go to fitness.
yesterday evening i spent at my friend's place. She got terrible cold and after work i brought her some medicine and stayed with her for a while because she lives alone and had a high temperature. She called me in the morning and now she is better. So i returned home after 10PM yesterday very tired and went to sleep at once.
Today i work last day this week and the day is short, only till 5 PM and then i am free.
Tomorrow is a big Victory holiday celebration here, with parades, concerts and fireworks.
Tomorrow morning i will go to a parade and walk in the city and in the evening to watch the fireworks. It should be a nice event and usually thins holiday is widely celebrated, though less and less people who took part in the war come. and this is clear because this every year they are becoming older. as for me, it's a nice chance to meet friends, relax and have fun.
I am not sure if the internet cafe working tomorrow. If it works i will write you some time in the afternoon, if it does not i will write you on Saturday then.
I am thinking of you and this is sweet of you to write me today.
i will send the letter now and wish you all the best!
Big kiss,
Letter 6
How are you doing there?
this is very nice for me to receive your letter again and know that you are doing fine there.
as for your question, i very rare drink alcohol. But if i drink, i drink something light, like wine or Martini.
I am back from the holiday that was yesterday and to tell you the truth, it's very hard to do the normal things having so many holidays as we have in Ukraine in May.
Yesterday was the Victory day, the day when the USSR won Germany at the second world war. I know that after so many years passed this holiday is not so widely celebrated, but still it's the day to honor the memory of people who gave their lifes for the sake of our future.
In the morning i had been to a parade, there was a lot of people, school children coming with flowers and balloons. In the evening i went to a concert and fireworks, they are usually very beautiful on this day. well, it's hard for me to tell everything in words, just i wish you could see it.
today in the morning i had that private lessons for two hours, then helped my mother with dinner, so i got the free time only now to come to internet cafe and write you a letter. I know you were expecting me to answer your earlier, but really this time was very busy for me.
But i am always thinking of you ad i never forget to write you.
I miss you very much and have to leave you for one more day. I will be at internet on Monday morning, please write me.
All the best and my kisses,
Letter 7
How are you doing?
sure i can give you my address, but before i give it, can you tell me if you prefer us to meet in Kiev?
I am at the beginning of the new working week and my work is going busy after the long weekend. All these holidays we have here make me very lazy. It's so hard to return from work after relaxing so much.
The only pleasant thing that helps me get to work is that i know that i will get a letter from you. So it makes me more optimistic to go to work and i try to check the email as earlier as possible.
It's raining here from Saturday night and the weather is depressing, i hope the rain will stop soon.
as for the weekend, it was nice, after being busy on Saturday, yesterday i just relaxed because i didn't feel like going out. So i rented some movies and watched them.
today in the evening i want to go to the gym. what are you doing?
I am really happy to stay in touch with you because you are very special for me and with you i can share everything that is going in my life and tell you bout all my feelings. I feel very comfortable talking to you.
I will send this letter now and wait for your answer.
Many warm kisses,
Letter 8
How are you doing today?
this is lovely to read your letter again and know that you are doing fine there.
are you sure you can find my city so easily?
It's time of my lunch break now, so i got my time to write you some lines. I know you are waiting for me to answer you quickly, so i will send you this letter before i get back to work.
Work is again busy here after the holidays, but i already start to get used to it. Yesterday evening we had a terrible storm here with rain, thunder and lightning. When i was going to work it started to rain heavily, so i went home quickly, closed all the windows and i saw it was strong wind blowing, lightning all the time and raining cats and dogs. Fortunately i was at home already and didn't have to go anywhere. I bought a book by a modern Russian author and was reading i all evening. It was a detective story, pretty interesting, though i like romantic stories more.
I was thinking of you and imagining you were with me, sitting on the sofa. there was a storm outside, but we were feeling very happy and warm together. I wish to know you in really life, this is something i really need. I know fro our correspondence that we have a lot in common and we can understand each other really well. But still i would like to touch, to smell and feel you.
Ok, here i will stop because i need close the computer now.
Take good care!
Kisses and hugs,
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