Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Surkowa to Felix (Serbia)

Letter 1
Hi, my dear far away friend!!!!I'm so glad to write you today!! I like your profile very much and I will be very glad to receive a letter back from you, so i hope that we both would enjoy our correspondence, so let's start!:)
At the beginning I would like to tell you a little about me. My name is Kira, my surname is Zinchenko.I'm 23 years old girl who is looking for her second part and for her place in this world.I live in a small town Berezhani at the west part of Ukraine.In spite of it isn't so big it is very picturesque and cosy and people here are very hospitable.And my family is not an exclusion.There are four of us in my family:me,mother,father and elder sister Marina.Our family is very strong and friendly and I'm really proud of this.Mother is my teacher in everything(cooking,cleaning and so on as i think every woman should do).I'll write you a little bit more about our relationships further if you are interested in.My father is indisputably authority for me.He is man of strong faith,he always knows what to do in every situation and his advice is very valuable for me.Through all my childhood I've seen how happy my parents are together and their love becomes only stronger from day to day.Frankly speaking I'm looking for the same relations in my life and I'm a little afraid that i still haven't found the man who would be looking for the same things in life.All the men i met in my life were frivolous.They were looking just for a pretty girl for a few days and which were just a new prey for them.I'm not such kind of a girl .That's why I'm here, in the Internet where so many people already found their real love and so many are still looking for.And what kind of man are you?Do you believe in true love and are you looking for serious relationships?
Well, what else to tell you about myself... let me think...hmm.. oh, i know i have a few hobbies which take all my free time as i study at the university.My hobbies are close to my profession(I'm a designer).So, I like drawing and cooking.Don't be surprised, cooking is very creative thing.Every dish I make with all my sole and it's always special.I really can't do two the same dishes with the same taste because it is always the masterpiece.The best I like to cook are Ukrainian dishes as borsch,vareniki,galushki.Have you heart about such dishes or taste somewhere?:-)).Besides this I can cook almost everything!All i need is inspiration and some provisions in my fridge.That's why I like to invite my friends for dinner or something else and they are always glad to take my invitations.Without boasting I think you would like my cooking too some day;-) if the fate willed.
So,now you know a little about me. of course i want to tell you much more, but i understand that in this case the letter would be much ******, so i will tell you later other interesting facts about me! I'm an open book for you now and you can ask everything you want as it seems to me we can be friends for now.Am i right?Write me about yourself,your hobbies,your life, everything you want to share with someone.I'll be very glad to know you more.
By for now!
Looking forward to your next letter!
Yours, Kira
Letter 2
Hi, dear!!!!
It's really pleasant for me you to see that you have written again.I was looking forward to some words from you. I am very glad that we passed this misunderstanding! Your letter must be really lost...But I am glad to read from you today! It's really exciting to have a person who remembers about you and can find a little time to write you or to read about you and your problems,who care about you!It's really new feeling for me,when i can trust someone as my close relative in spite of he is so far from me.And I'm sincerely surprised that we are so close in our mind and dreams. I hope that it would develop into something very special between us and will lead both of us to the beginning of the new life! It really looks like a fairy, don't you think so?I'm in love with the Internet!!!:-) as it is giving me the possibility to may be find the love of my life and to become a happy girl!
Dear, thank you for letting me know more about you.You write in a simply style and understandable as if there are no any miles between us.Some time before I wasn't sure that i could find common language with man of other nationality.But's amazing!Like we have the same blood!
So,how did you spent these days?As for me, I was inspired by you for painting a new picture.Mostly I like to draw abstractions which reveal my feelings.I think you can see real sole of a person by his drawings even if he is not a professional.Did you try to express yourself with a help of pencil or paints?Try it!It's really interesting and even useful.Have you heard about draw therapy?It's very easy.You have to turn off your mind and let the heart draw!Everything you feel!Let your thoughts out!It's great!Try it and don't forget to write me about your sensations, ok?!
My last picture is so bright and vivid that everyone who saw it were very delighted with it.But you,muse,is my little secret because I'm afraid of being overlooked.It seems to me that i can became a great painter in a future thanks to your letters :-).I'm joking.I'm so far from real art! but is is something i like and i am doing it for myself. you know, my honey, recently I've been in some art gallery in the neighbor town.There wasn't works of world noted painters but well known in Ukraine.In spite of this it was something magnificent!Their works are just amazing!Everybody can find something he would like,something close to his nature.Have you ever been to art gallery?
My letter comes to the end:-(You know, it is so great to talk to you and the time passes very quickly, so i didn't even notice that my internet time was over! So, i will have to go for now, although it seems to me that i could talk to you for hours! Looking forward to news from you!Write everything you like,I'll answer with a big pleasure!
Sincerely yours,
Letter 3
Hello,my honey!!
it is such a great surprise for me to see your name in my male box again! and you know that i like pleasant surprises, don't you?:)
Thank you for your letter!It is very interesting.Can you write me a little bit more?It's really great holiday for me when you write me! you make me feel so much inspired and glad!!!
Oh, and by the way, speaking about holidays.Yesterday we had a family holiday devoted to my sister's engagement.She met her boyfriend only month ago and now they are already engaged!!!It's really love at first sight.By the way, do you believe in such?They are so happy and it seems to me they are flying with their angel's wings and not going on human foots.There is some spark in their eyes which is known for me too (thanks to you,honey!!!!!!!!).So,yesterday we have a festive dinner and i did all my best to cook something really tasty.It was chic pie with different fruit and chicken with gravy.Everybody liked it because it was made with sole and by me of course:)It will be a great wedding soon and I'm a little upset.My elder sister will leave our house and it'll become a little empty without her bright laughing.I dream about my own family too.Will it be the same happy as mine? How it must be sad to grow up someone,to live next to him through years and then just let him go with someone else.It must be hard for my mother, but she is really happy for Marina and me too.She did everything she could her children were happy.She even asked me if I'm going to get married in a nearest future.I answered nothing,just darkly smiled.Everything is possible.My parents still don't know about you but suspect something as I'm always in good mood now, have higher marks at the university and wonder them with my creative work.
As for my surname, I wrote it in my first letter, and it's Zinchenko:) And my favourite perfumes are Hugo Boss for women:)
Last night my dreams were so sweet!I saw my sister's family(as if they already had three lovely children).Marina with her husband sit at the meadow,had interesting talk about something while their children were playing some very funny game.I observed them having fun when heard someone's voice behind my back.How do you think who was this?!!!It was YOU!!!You asked me to go with you.I didn't know where,what for but i happily agreed.And was so happy I did!And then...My alarm:-(Morning!I had to go to the university!So all this day long i was in a good mood thinking of my fancy dream.And what interesting dreams have you ever seen?Write me as soon as possible!Ok?
One more fortunate day passed.Fortunate because of you and your letters.Thank you for coming to my dreams!!!:-)).Let's meet there again, what do you think?:-)))).Looking forward!
Send you my gentle kisses!!!
Always yours,
Letter 4

Hello, honey!!!
Thank you for the letter! I was rushing to the internet cafe with the hope to find your letter here as it always brings a smile to my face and makes my day brighter!!! thank you very much for this feeling!
So, how are you there? Today the weather is unbelievable beautiful and mild.The sun shines brightly in spite of some wind and clouds.You know, i have marked out some time to meet my best friend Olia at last. So we had great walk through the village and just had great time.Eventually i had an opportunity to talk to someone about you and all my feelings.And what is more pleasant that Olia supported me an understood.She was glad to hear that i found good ,interesting man.I felt much more better because I shared my gladness with a person who is so close to me. While we were walking Olia even told me an interesting story about her neighbor woman who had similar relations as we have with man abroad and recently had travelled abroad to him.They are going to get married in some time.It was pleasant to hear that it's really possible and in our days no one could be surprised about serious relations with someone who is far away.Talking about everything came to a conclusion that foreigners are the best husbands:) Have you ever heard about our Ukrainian men?My father is a real exception from the rules.Ukrainian men are usually rude and lazy while women put up with it.They simply don't know how to treat a woman and never appreciate what they have! And it's really hard to find someone worth to be a husband among them.That's why our women more and more looking for the men abroad through the Internet.And I'm the lucky one who has already found the fortune.At least I'm completely certain about you.I feel that our relationships are not only amazing correspondence but something much more deeper and serious. And i like your propose very much. Of course you are welcome to Ukraine if you think it's easier! For me no matter where, but important with who:)
I don't know...may be I'm hurrying developments but i can do nothing with myself.All the time i am thinking of you,dear, imagine us together, even already see our family!!!! Do you think I'm a little crazy?:-))))It looks like this.I feel that i should do something but everything i can now is hurrying to the Internet as often as possible.Our correspondence is everything I have in life!If someone told me some time ago that it's possible I wouldn't believe them...But now honey I believe in the most important in my life!I believe in you and in love!!! i believe that i have finally met the man i have been searching for and this mind is giving me the power to live and the hope for the better! honey, i hope that you are sharing the same feelings with me, aren't you?:)
Write to me soon,my dream angel!!!!How do you feel?How do you live?Do you miss me?:-))))) you see, i want to know just everything about you and your life!
Looking forward to some words from you!!!!!!
Kiss you
Always yours,
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