Scam Letter(s) from Tatyana Starigiana to Robert (UK)

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Letter 1

Hello my dear new friend Robert,

thanks a lot for your answer and for sharing your e-mail address with me, i think it is really better to communicate in our e-mail accounts, it's much more private and safe here and here i can send you my photos :))) i can see that you are a very smart and intelligent man and I would certainly like to know you better and to tell you more about me. Internet has become a real power in the area of finding a second half, so I also decided to try my luck. I am 27 years old but unfortunately haven't found the man who I could connect my life with. I do not think that I am too demanding, i just want to love and to be loved. I am working in the Human Resources Department in the "Candy Factory" and I adore my job because it is connected with communication and giving people job. I live in Ukraine in the city called Kharkov. I am lovely and lively. I am a very optimistic personality and in any situation try to find something positive. My friends say that i am easy-going and very communicative, i just need a loving, caring, faithful, kind and honest man near who I could spend my whole life with and then I will be absolutely happy. and what are you searching for? I am very curious to hear your life story!!!

innocently yours,

Letter 2

Hello, my darling Rob!

Again I got your letter and my heart beats faster!
How are you today? I'm OK, in good mood.

thank you very much for your letter. I am very happy that we got acquainted!!! wow, honey, thank you so much for your unbelievable photos! honey, you are such a very handsome man, I can only wonder how you could still be alone, but i am very happy that you have been alone till this time, because now we met and are together and i am very happy for this, honey!!! sweety, thank you so much for being so sincere with me, i appreciate it so much, you are a very good man and you are right, it is always needed to have some time from the previous relationship before starting a new one, you are very wise, sweety!!!
I think that it's really necessary to be honest to each other if we want to have a strong relationship, and that's why I decided to write you a letter and to tell something about me, something specific that I usually don't tell the people when I see them in the first time, may be because when you meet in real, you always have time to discuss everything, and you don't have to hurry up, but we have only one opportunity to communicate, through the letters, of course If I had phone, it would be much easier, because one letter, even big, or may be huge can not be as good as two minutes of phone conversation! What's more phone conversation, even long, can not replace you one minute of real meeting! When you see person and realize that you want to communicate with this person, you see the face, the real behavior. May be it's strange! But if to think about it, that's true. So I think you are tired of the beginning of this letter! I must say that I am not the professional in writing letters and I think that I can not do it very well, but still, I will try! So about me! What can I say? Let me think! About my appearance, you can look at the photo, I don't think that I am beautiful Like an angel, but I think that I am nice looking. About My family. It's not very big, only my mom, Daddy and me! I always had a dream to have a brother or sister, to have someone who can be so close to me, and play with me and to help me you know, It's wonderful, I think, to have brother or sister, who can share with you everything! But my parents had another dream, the dream, where they could give everything, only to me. Some people say that if child is living in the family, where he/she is the only child, he/she can be really selfish, but I think that it's not true, I was always lonely. I didn't have someone to say to: here is my candy, I want to share it with you! Well, I think that you are sleeping now! Sorry for my long thoughts! I am not living with my parents anymore because I want to try to do something on my own, without any help! May be that is stupid, but this is the way I want to live my life!

With warm wishes,kindly yours Aliona...
P. S. Give me if you can 1 more your picture.
I wait your letter.

Letter 3

Hello my precious treasure Rob!!!

honey, thank you very much for your beautiful letter!!! wow, sweety, thank you so very much for your beautiful photos!!! you are super handsome, super-puper, baby!!! how could i be so lucky to have met you in my life, sweety? you are the best man in the Universe and I want to be with you forever, baby!!!
Baby, yesterday was a wonderful sunny day, eventually the rain had stopped and we could enjoy a warm sunny weather a little bit! It was +7 degrees only the day before yesterday and it was almost freezing, I didn't even hope that it would be so sunny yesterday!!! I think the weather was smiling to us because yesterday my country was celebrating the May, 9 – Day of the Victory! We were having parades in every city, but for sure the most beautiful was in Kiev!!! I was watching the parade on TV in the morning!!! In my city lots of veterans gathered at the main square too and they were gifted different presents and there was a special concert organized for all of them!!! Still, I think it's a very sad holiday, because in this day we take our memories back to the times of war…and many people died there, many souls were lost…it was a real tragedy and I am very happy that now it is almost peace everywhere and I hope that we will never have to face the war in our life!!! Honey, almost no one was working yesterday, even the Internet-cafes, that's why I was very frustrated that I didn't have an opportunity to write you… Yesterday there were lots of people at the center of my city in the evening!!! Everyone was walking and there was no free place J)) there are summer cafe all over the city already! I also met with two of my girlfriends and we went for a walk in the evening, because it was promised that there would be fireworks! And there was a great firework!!! So beautiful, of different colors!!!! Marvelous, baby!!! You know, sweetie, it's funny, but when the firework is going on, I like watching people who are watching fireworks, because it's so funny J)) everyone is standing with opened mouths and it's really lots of fun J)) And on Sunday we are going to have Mother's Day and my mother will come to me and we will spend the whole day together!!! I love my mother and I have already planned Mother's Day for us J)) she will come to me in the morning, I will meet her and she will have a bit of rest while I will be preparing the tastiest dinner in the world for her, I will bake a cherry pie, will bake a chicken, with fried potatoes, will make tasty salads oliv'e and seledka pod shyboy! We will eat a tasty dinner and then will go to the theatre! And in the evening we will be walking all over the city! Honey, I wish you were with me!!! Baby, I miss you very much…especially when holidays come…because in such day I want to be with my beloved honey…to share my happiness…joy…and sad moments when they happen to be…I miss you, baby, I hope we will be together very soon!!! Our relationship means the whole world to me, sweetie…I am your number one fan, my sweetheart…..Today, I am working, my love and tomorrow I am having a day off, but this weekend I will stay at the city, so if the internet-cafe will be opened tomorrow, I will write you a letter, my sweetheart!!!

Your Victory girl J)))

Letter 4

Hello my wild and sweet lion Rob!!!

Oh, honey, it's so great to come back to you!!! sweety, it's so great that you are having such a good weather in your country!!! honey, yes, you see, we have a bit different celebration,s but that's for sure because we live in different countries!!!
Honey, all the weekends were so rainy…I was really praying the rain to stop and the sun to appear…but…unfortunately, honey!!! And it was pretty cold, I had to wear a coat and jeans when meeting mother on Sunday at the autobus station! Yes, sweetie, Sunday…Mother's Day!!! I was happy when this wonderful day has come and was having a good mood even in spite of the rain and dark clouds!! You know, honey, I am often afraid of dark clouds…when I see them, I want to be saved and to be embraced…sweetie, in such moments I feel such a big lack of you, because I know that you would have hugged me, kissed me, I would smile to you and all my fears would go away!!! So, baby, I met my mother and we went to the apartment which I am renting! We came and mother sat on the sofa to have some rest and I turned on TV, there was our Ukrainian president on TV congratulating all mothers with the Mother's Day! Ha said such beautiful words that I was almost crying! And then I started preparing a holidays dinner up to the end! I cooked so many tasty things, that when I started laying up the table, my mother was shocked J)) then we were eating and she liked everything so much and told me that I have become such a great housekeeper, that I am already ready to take care not only about myself, but also about my future husband! And I agreed! I said that I am ready and we started talking about you, honey and mother was really happy and she said that you and me are possibly really meant to be together if we have such a complicated acquaintance and now such a great dating J))) she said that she hopes that everything will be great !!! honey, after a tasty dinner (yes I made this "tasty" dinner J)))) we went to the theatre and watched a beautiful play which was called : "Come and look at me". It was a play how two people who loved each other long time ago, met in many years…it was a very romantic play and I and mother liked it a lot!!! And it was also very funny in some moments J)) Honey, but I was missing you all the time dreaming about the times when we will be together…when we meet, when we spend time together, when we go for walks together…I will be so happy…sweetie, and after the theatre it was already time for mommy to come back, it was so rainy that it was impossible to spend time at the street. So we went to the autobus station again and mommy caught a bus and went home! And I stayed alone…it was said but it was ok,. I acme home and started reading a newspaper and I have found such interesting phrases in it, I would like to share them with you, baby!!! "Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced."
-Soren Kierkegaard; "A lawful kiss is never worth a stolen one."
-Guy De Maupassant; "Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything."
-Plato; "If you give your life as a wholehearted response to love, then love will wholeheartedly respond to you."
-Marianne Williamson – honey, I think this last expression is really about us…sweetie, ok, I think I have already took so much of your time with this letter!!! You are possibly so tired of it already J)) sorry, honey, I was just missing you crazily….

Your tender tigress,

Letter 5

Hello my native Prince Rob!!!

honey, thank you so much for your beautiful letter!!! wow, honey, you like washing your car...i also like washing really helps to relax, i agree with you, baby!!! honey, we really have holidays in different times, but sure, we live in different countries! and i think it's good because when we live together, we will have twice more holidays to celebrate :))) wow, honey, you are also interested in beautiful phrases!!! i like those which you have written!!! very interesting, baby...i like this one the most
"Do you love me because I am beautiful,
or am I beautiful because you love me?"
wow, sweety, thank you so much for your photos...unbelievable...honey, you are so handsome and you have such an unbelievably beautiful nature...everything is so green....i can't believe that such a beauty exists in the world!
I guess you have a question: why such a nice girl is looking for the soul mate (boyfriend) in the internet? Well, I will tell you this right now. I didn’t find the love here. Once I woke up and I thought may be the true love is not always near, may be I have to look for it? May be it’s on the other side of the ocean is waiting for me, and If I will not try, I won’t find it! I think that now you are thinking that I am silly? So, that’s not my fault, I am just telling you what I think! You know, my friends are telling me that my problem, is that I am telling the people what I think, is it bed? I remember when I was a child, my mom took me with her to her friend, and she was also her boss, and she also had a child, a boy! When I saw her friend, I didn’t like her from the first look! And I told to my mom: I don’t like this woman, she looks like a which from the fairy tale! you know, I saw the picture in the book. Then my mom told me, you shouldn’t have told this, this is my friend and I like her! In a couple of years she realized that my words were true, that woman never liked my mother, in fact she liked my father! But my father was an honest man, and they with my mom has a strong family, but this is another story! I think I didn’t tell you a lot of my hobbies, I like jogging, because when I am running, I have time to think, to think about everything, about my life, about what I like and what I don’t like!

Kisses from your sweet woman,

Letter 6

Hello my angel from a far away kingdom Rob!!!

honey, my heart is shining so much and becomes so bright when i see that my beloved baby has written a letter for me!!! honey, i like your quotation form a movie! yes, sweety, you are so right and so wise, baby! baby, yes, i agree with your considerations about honesty too...honey, i am so happy i have found you, you understand me so greatly! honey, i am so sorry that you hurt your feet and cannot, you have many stories about your scars? tell, i ma interested in every story connected with you, sweety!!! oh, baby, new photos!!! you look great!!! such a sweety is looking at me!!! :))) I guess you want to know what I like and what I don’t? I like life, every minute of it, you realize that you are living, doing something good, sometimes making mistakes, sometimes trying to correct them (this I like the most), trying to be happy. I don’t like when someone prevents me from being happy! And you? What would you do in such a case? I would tell him/her that I will fight for my happiness and for my love. Our life is like the dance sometimes fast and slow from time to time! Now you are sleeping for sure, I would be grateful, if you would tell me next time not to write such a boring letters! As for my English, as you may be wonder, how can the girl from Ukraine know English quite well (not brilliant I want to say) I will tell you, I always liked different languages, I know, Russian, English, Ukrainian and Polish a bit! I have understood that you are very interesting man, and I dare to affirm that we will enjoy our correspondence. Very strange and unusual things happen to me so often. They change my life and my attitude to it and I begin to take the same events and things in a different mind. For example, I used to like love stories and novels full of love, happiness and luck. Pretty ladies, brave knights, strong emotions, crazy love - one for all the life. Of course I used to fancy a wonderful prince which would come to me. Perhaps these are only my naive dreams but I don't loose the hope...... My life is always full of music. Its charming magic melodies bring me to the wonderful land of fantasies, flowers and sunshine. I like to walk in the park in spring or in autumn and admire the black velvet of the evening sky when the alive lights - the eyes of the far away planets - appear on it. But I think it could be even more romantic if you were close to me............ I am sure the life is wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is a saying that youth is an ability to challenge the fate. And it's true!!!!! There are sooooooo many interesting and wonderful things in the world! Every your next letter I will wait impatiently, be sure. So, I guess it’s time for you to write me the letter, but how can you do it if you are sleeping now, wake up please!

innocently yours,



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