Scam letter(s) from Irina Proulova to Grant (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello my new friend Matt. I hope, you not against if I call you so? I was happy to receive your answer to my profile on "Datemefree". My old email address on yahoo has problems and I write to you from my new privat email address (FOR YOU ONLY). How is your day today? You waited my letter now? Before we will begin our conversation, I wish receive from you, one your promise!!! ok? Please, it is important very much for me!!! Always and everywhere speak me, only truth!!! You promise? The bitter truth, is better than sweet lie. You agree? Any lie, will be the end of our correspondence and our relations. You understand? Truth, truth and the truth again. On Internet there is many lie and falseness, but I trust and hope, that these things, will never take place between us. I am right? I am assured, only it way, we can create the real base, to our future relations. My new friend, now we have every chance, to learn many interesting details about each other. Today I am happy write to you this letter. I am glad, that our conversation has begun. I wish to tell about me some things. Please, never hesitate to ask me any questions. ok? I am opened for you absolutely!!! My real name Emilia. I am serious lady, 32 years old. You are ready to accept during your life, true lady? lol. I never was married and have not children. I do not smoke and do not drink strong alcoholic. I am healthy woman and have not chronic illnesses. What about you? I am a blonde with blue eyes. I think, you can see it from my photos. lol. My body harmonous beautiful and ****. I am assured absolutely, each woman should care of the body. You agree? What about you? I freely speak in English and Russian languages. I do not use any translators for spelling of my letter to you. Also I plan to study other new languages. Time will show. I live in Cheboksary, Russia. In my following letters, I will tell you in more details about my place. Ok? I am pediatrist, children's doctor. I have diploma of the doctor. Tell me about your work? I have stable income and I have not financial problems. I live in my big comfortable apartment. I like to spend my time on the nature. Fresh air and beauty of the wild nature, involve me. I versatily developed woman. I feel comfortably from mountains to the theatre. Classical theatre, my favourite. Do not like to me, noisy night clubs. When I was young girl, these things interested me, but not now. You understand? Classical music my favourite. But sometimes, I like pop music. It depends on my mood. What music your favourite? I wish tell you, what i am looking for? ok? I search stability in relations. I search my second half. I search my soul mate. I search my future husband. I do not search virtual relations and correspondence for long years. The real meeting will take place to be, when we will understand, that we are ready to it. The sense of these words is clear for you? I wish to connect my life with true man who will be together with me, not only minutes of happiness and pleasure, but also in hard the moments. You understand? Intelligent, kind, open man, is capable to win my heart. Tell me, what woman your ideal? It will be interesting to me to hear it from you. Now I will close my letter, but tomorrow I will wait your letter with detailed comments to my questions and your new questions for me. ok?
Sincerely yours Emilia. PS. I worry a little now. But I am assured, I will feel more comfortably in my following letters. I would want that you knew, I am not ready to exchange letters long years. I do not look for any games. I look serious man for marriage and family. You understand? I think today, I shall remove my profile on Datemefree. I have met you and I do not search for new communications with other men. What do you think of it?
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