Scam letter(s) from Lucia Latfullina to Charles (UK)

Letter 1

Hello my lovely Charles. I am glad that want to receive me. I think concerning you, that you are very good character for me. I read your symbols, and you like more and more to me, every new day, I understand it more. I do not know the future, but I think, that all people have chance earlier later, but sometimes people do not take this chance. I have learned in agency that trip to you will need 1000 dollars, it includes tickets,International pasport and visa and Services of agency. And My girl friend, which work in agency say that all documents(and visa too) will be ready on 2 weeks from that moment when i give money to agency.
So I can visit you already through 2 weeks and some days . And I can stay with you during 1 month(My holiday lasts 1 month).
My dear Charles very much it is not pleasant for me to speak you but such money at me is not present. I do not know you loved can to me the help by money for arrival to you? I thought very much concerning me and you, and so big will meet you personally. I understand now when it is real, and we can meet in the future if we shall want it certainly. I think , that I would like to meet you. I feel, that you become closer to me.
I inform you all concerning my life, and I shall inform, if you ask more. I had dreams concerning our meeting, I really want to know you, to speak with you, to take your executor, and see your eyes. Probably it - is very sincere, now but it is true, and I do not want to hide it. I always speak true and I do not like, when people - lie. I hate it. My girlfriends speak me, that I should inform it to you if it is true. They will be happy, if I find my love. I think, that we have chance with you. I want to try to use this chance.
Probably it - destiny, I shall wait your answer with impatience, you should know, that I think about you now.
Your Luciya. P.S. What about our nice fantasy????????? Ok!!! Lets have it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm naked before you, and my legs open very widely(how i can, and And I can move apart for the big width), well and you see into my Attracting pussy. You peer at drawing distances of it. I this moment I'm playing with my pussy. At first I will mass circular movements my klitor by fingers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It became damp. Then I will Slowly put my fingers in my pussy, at first one finger, then 2 and then three. And with by other hand i continue to mass my klitor(if you want i can will be bent and to get klitor by my Language). My hips make circular movements, I am bent from pleasure. You wach on my flaring body, and anticipate pleasure of ocurrence in me(What will you do with your penis in that moment???? I want to know it, can you put it into my mouse) I'm all damp. All is ready to accept you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, take me, take me.........................O!! A,,Yes!!!!!
You came in in me......................... It is nice
You fuck me in deffent pose.. It is nice. It is Movably and vigorously. I get a great pleasure. (Yes, when you fuck my pussy, i have other orgazm.)
When you fuck my pussy I will to compress muscles of a vagina, and so you penis will be compress better, it will be beteer for you(I can do it). But after it you want to get more compessing of your penis, and for it you will put your penis in my Narrow asshole. You will fuck it very strong. Yes. It will be very hard and fast. I will have i little Pain. But it was a nice pain. And when you fuck my asshole i an put in my pussy Any subject as a penis, To strengthen orgazm(and i will mass my klitor yet). Yes I have orgazm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A great orgazm!!!!! And yes i will take your penis in my mouth. I will lie it and suck it. Even After it(I sad you that you can do with me all what you want!!!!). And then it will throw up the big streams of sperm. It will be on my face, on my Breast, even i will can eat it.
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