Scam letter(s) from Mutala Samad to Grant (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello How are you doing and also just got your email and also sent you mine pictures.All the same it raining here and also lonely in room just laying down just thinking of love as have no soul mate to be with till i met you. You look good,strong and handsome in the pictures.All the same am here thinking and also imagine how good you do treat woman if you have her as your wife as there are more men and women but it hard to find real true love as am here single no boy nor man to be with till i met you and also like to see if you are sent to me by God as i do pray always till i met you. What Church do you go as i do go to the Pentecostal Church and also waiting to hear from you soon Yours Candy
Letter 2
Hello Matts How are you doing today ? I just got your email and also your pictures as expecting.All the same i like how religious you are there even though you do not go to Church. I like how good you treat woman ,respect woman and also same to you will serve mine man with every thing woman has love....***..romance and more as am here in love and also long time i had no *** and also dated man till i met you. I promise that you are mine for ever. I Promise that you are the one to have my Future Children with.I Promise that you are the one i do look in the picture and also thinking of you all days as i used your picture as mine Screen saver want you and need you always as you look good,strong and handsome always.It will be a great day if we meet each other touches each feels each other as am here lonely all night.How do i come and meet you there as you making me thinking am there right now take same Break fast,Lunch and Dinner together as am good too in Cooking.How many Children do you expect us to have ?? as i do respect and will serve and welcome you Matts my man every thing you need from woman .All the same will like to end you here and also waiting to hear from you soon and also thinking and wishing when will i meet you there for the rest of my life as am here single and also tired of being lonely all days. Love you there Matts Yours always Candy and also Cant stop loving you.
Letter 3
Hello Matts How are you doing and also just sent you some pictures of me. All the same what good there and also nice to hear you want us to have 2 children like that sounds good.I am here waiting for you helping me with my Visa,passport and also Book the air line ticket and let you know when the date and the day issue on the air line ticket for me to arrive.I am here waiting you sending me 250$ for my Visa and Passport forms or aquasation and also 950$ to Book the Air Line Ticket. Hope to hear from you soon Yours Candy
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