Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Starigiana to Paul (USA)

Letter 1
Hello, my darling ! Again I got your letter and my heart beats faster!
How are you today? I'm OK, in good mood. thank you very much for your letter. I am very happy that we got acquainted!!! wow, sweety, thank you so much for your wonderful compliment about my English, it's so pleasant for me, baby!!! i have been studying English at school and i have always loved it! then continued studying it at the university and was also visiting some English courses! honey, thank you very much for telling me more about you!!!! you are a great man and a very interesting personality! sweety, my surname is Afimina :))) your surname is very beautiful, sweety, don't say that it's boring and usual!!! I think that it's really necessary to be honest to each other if we want to have a strong relationship, and that's why I decided to write you a letter and to tell something about me, something specific that I usually don't tell the people when I see them in the first time, may be because when you meet in real, you always have time to discuss everything, and you don't have to hurry up, but we have only one opportunity to communicate, through the letters, of course If I had phone, it would be much easier, because one letter, even big, or may be huge can not be as good as two minutes of phone conversation! What's more phone conversation, even long, can not replace you one minute of real meeting! When you see person and realize that you want to communicate with this person, you see the face, the real behavior. May be it's strange! But if to think about it, that's true. So I think you are tired of the beginning of this letter! I must say that I am not the professional in writing letters and I think that I can not do it very well, but still, I will try! So about me! What can I say? Let me think! About my appearance, you can look at the photo, I don't think that I am beautiful Like an angel, but I think that I am nice looking. About My family. It's not very big, only my mom, Daddy and me! I always had a dream to have a brother or sister, to have someone who can be so close to me, and play with me and to help me you know, It's wonderful, I think, to have brother or sister, who can share with you everything! But my parents had another dream, the dream, where they could give everything, only to me. Some people say that if child is living in the family, where he/she is the only child, he/she can be really selfish, but I think that it's not true, I was always lonely. I didn't have someone to say to: here is my candy, I want to share it with you! Well, I think that you are sleeping now! Sorry for my long thoughts! I am not living with my parents anymore because I want to try to do something on my own, without any help! May be that is ******, but this is the way I want to live my life! With warm wishes,kindly yours Aliona...
P. S. Give me if you can 1 more your picture.
I wait your letter.
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