Scam Letter(s) from Jennifer Lawson to David (Australia)

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Letter 1

Hello David,

how are you doing?hope fine.Well i just thought i should mail you,since you said,you were going to mail and didnt,i was suppose to be leaving this evening,but i had called my banks manager and they were going to loan me with 10,000pounds and i would be needing,17,000 instead,because i contacted an agent,who wanted to give out an apartment,and i contacted with a friend and she was going to help me with 5,000pounds,im just so confused and dont know how to raise the money to pay for the apartment,and it sucks so much,but i was hoping i will stay at grannys house for the time being till i could raise the money.You could mail me,i will check it tonight before i leave.Till then,bye for now

Letter 2

Hi David,

Thanks for the mail,and i love chatting with you too,i dont got much to say,i wont be leaving till morning but before i go,i might try and mail again,and just to remind you,i thought you said,you was going to help out,well i could understand,if you dont want to....,just asking.i have to drop my pen here.till then,bye for now.much love


Letter 3

Hi Love David,

Thanks for your kind and urgent response.Its ok,its not your fault that you havent written to me,i wasnt online either,but right now,im at the internet library,thought i should check my mail,and see if there was any from you,not before i saw this.So sorry you are sick,and i hope you get better so so soon,and im really begining to worry about you,i miss you so much,i wish i had your phone number,i would have called you and know how you were doing.The amount for the house is 600pounds sterling and You dont need to go through,all those stress,before sending money through western union because west ernunion money transfer is the easiest and the fastest way to recieve money world-wide,all you need to do is to go to any western union office near you or you check their website on to check their office that is near you,when you get to the office a form wil be given to you to fill, you will be asked to provide a text question,and after which a security number will be given to you(MTCN)then you will send the text question and the MTCN number to me.Heres the Agents Name and phone number-Kenny George(234-1-8123791).Thanks so much in advance,words wouldnt express,how much i really would appreciate your effort and kindess.

I really would appreciate your effort and kindess

How are you doing?and hope you miss me so much.

Best regards



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