Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Vijtyk to Peter (Germany)

Letter 1
My lovely friend!!!! :-) As any person I am dreaming about happiness and happiness for me is a strong union with the man who will become my second half, my defender, my friend and just my beloved man.
I am optimistic girl who loves life. I am caring, kind and my friends would say I always put others before myself. I have a great sense of humor, I am very passionate, very affectionate.
What else can I say... well, I think that is enough for now, hopefully you are interested and we can correspond more and see where we go from there!!
Write me here please:
Letter 2
Hello my dear and sweet friend (tell me your name please), I am glad you wrote me this letter and... you know, it is something more than wonderful to have this possibility to know you more and more in each contact we do... I think that distance will not be a barrier to go on close and close and we have to give our best to maintain this fire open in each day inside our mind and heart... I want to start this adventure of romance with you...
Your photos are very lovely! I love cats very much! And I should say that you look very nice! Thanks a lot for sending me those photos!
Let me tell you some more about me, I was born in 1983, so I am 24 years old girl... My native city is Debaltsevo where my parents live. But I live in Lugansk now. I graduated from University and now rent a flat here and live... I am a manager dealing with insurances, I consult people about the kinds of insurances they can make. You also told me that you work with insurance and banking... Tell me more about your job pease... I like my job. I dedicate myself to all my customers and I am glad to do what I do because I feel myself useful to this people...Sometimes there are some troubles to resolve and when I arrive at the end of the day I feel tired. And then is the time when I want to have a man with whom I would feel comfortable and will forget about my tiredness, with whom I will just enjoy life...
I wish to be the candle to fire the heart of my beloved, to give him all my heart, love, passion and life... Sometimes I feel him here but this dream is rapidly cut by my reality when I look around and see no one near me... I want to build a strong relation based in mutual knowledgement, respect, dignity, humanity... I want to love with all my forces and heart, to embrace my beloved so tight, to kiss so hot that sun seems weak, to look in each other's eyes and see our life, fidelity and love...
Well, forgive me for that lyrical digression, I just immersed into the world of my dreams... :-)
Sometimes I visit my parents. I wish that would happen more often but my work does not let me do that....
I grew up in the picturesque place and I love to come there with my memories...
You know, my spirit is romantic and, if I could, I really would like to take you to my birthplace to watch the impressive landscape and nature...
One day there will be only me and you there, hands in hands, and the immensity in front of us. I know this dream will come true one day :)
When I have free time (though that does not happen often), I like to read, listen to music depending of my spiritual state, to watch some TV.
I like going out, walking in the forest, along the beaches, sitting at the campfire, going to cinema.... I also like to invite friends to my home and have nice time there as well....
I would like to tell you how happy I am to write you and my desire is that we can go far and close because I really need you and want to know everything about you... So please feel free to tell me more about your life....
Sorry if I took so much of your time but at least you can understand me better :-) sweet kisses
see you later,
Letter 3
My lovely PetPan (is this your real name????????????????????????????????), How are you today dear? I hope good and maybe even better after reading this letter? :) I really like you and think you are a very interesting and nice man, so I hope that we will continue our correspondence and hopefully it will end up in more than just friendship, that is what I dream of so let's see where this will bring us. :-)
And, honey, my name is Tanya, not zola.....
It's your charm... The way you are behaving and expressing your self in the letters, I just like it :) And thanks for your photo and that lovely picture with the teddy bear... I brought you the photo of me with my friend Natasha. It was taken when we studied in the University. Hope you guess where I am? ;-)
So let's continue our acquaintance... I will try to tell you more about myself.... Even don't know what to start with...
By the way, I don't have boyfriend, children and sister...
You know, most men in this country are more concerned about their career, money, material goods, and themselves. It seems that they would rather be anywhere but at home with their family. I do not think men here marry with the intention of being married forever.
I want to be a woman for my man, a good woman in all that meanings and I want my man to be a man. I will treat my man with respect and love. I want tender, love and warm feelings but I want also passion – in everyday doings also. I find some things essential in life and that is, first of all, honesty and equality, I would not wish to take decisions alone, but together with my beloved.....
By the way, I didn't tell you about my regular days... After work I go home, have dinner, sometimes I go and visit my neighbors. We usually get together for a couple of hours and talk about pretty much everything, we laugh and have a good time. Like yesterday I went to my friend and we watched a movie called 'Serendipity'.
That is not new one, I've seen it a couple of times. Did you watch it?
I like that movie as it makes me feel romantic....
I love summer as in the summer it is nice to go somewhere to the countryside and find a nice place, secluded and quiet, just to put a blanket on the ground in the shade of some trees and enjoy nature. Just the two of us with nature all around, it can be so romantic, some chilled wine and tasty home made food. Then to be able to relax in each others arms, and make love in the warm sunshine, under the shade of the trees...
How do you like that idea?
Well, I'm going stop writing right now, because as you know already I can't wait for your answer... Tons of kisses from my heart,
Letter 4

Hello my sweet heart Pet, Let me tell you that when I receive your letters it's like some sort of special happiness arrives to my heart, it is a strange feeling that I like a lot.. I love it!!!!
You write me such lovely letters and I can say you that have my whole heart in your pocket :-) And I strongly believe we will watch movies of different type together one day!!!
I was smiling when I saw your pictures! They are so lovely and warm my heart! By the way, you have a **** leg!!! Is that your leg?
The picture of me with the horse was taken in the place I grew up! I loved to ride a horse, to think about nothing just listening to the voice of wind...
Did you ever ride a horse? If not you should try, that is quite nice experience..
I'm thinking about us and hopefully one day we will meet each other. But till than the letters is a fine way to learn about each other... Don't you agree?
I think the most important thing in relations, is that two people stayed the way, nature has created them, a woman stays a woman in the full sense of this word: loving, caring, considerate, she shouldn't try to be the Man in the relations, but be his second part, leaning on his shoulder and at the same time supporting this strong shoulder. And the man should be the leader in the family, strong, ready to move mountains for his family. The Man who the woman could feel secure, the man, who could inspire self confidence in her.
I think that husband will be everything to such woman, she will show to this man that he is the only one for her in this world....
All these values I got from my family...
I want to experience life with you. I need to be alive, and you are the one doing that to me right now. You have opened me up and I feel easy talking to you. I know that our languages are different, but that is what is going to be the challenge to each other. I want to learn English and I hope that will not be a problem for you. I'm sure I'll learn it one day because I see myself gazing into your eyes and dreaming about you all the time. I want you to be the man of my life.... I know its going to be a long process to get to know each other and there will be obstacles like language barrier, but I think that we will overcome them all.. Honey, I use translator's help for my letters. I tried to use the electronic translators but I got the sentence structures all backwards and that was so difficult to understand. I guess I made a correct choice for my letters. And I hope I didn't disappoint you with my words....
I think this is really nice way of acquaintance. If we had to have met either abroad or locally that is not the fact that someone of us would take risk and come to the other. And here we can do everything, tell everything, just be ourselves.. Probably I wouldn't give myself a chance at happiness with you had I passed you in the street or saw you walk my way. We get a better chance to write to each other...
which is a better way to know one's heart... I am sincere.
That is now my dream, to have you in my life, to love and to hold, for richer and poorer...till death do us part... Yes it's a dream, but dreams have a way of coming true. I have the dream of getting to be with you...
Please don't hurt me. I will honor you for always and I have so much love to give.
I find myself thinking about you more and more
Eagerly awaiting your mail...
Bye for now... have a nice day
With lots of love and warm kisses,
Crazy about you
Your Tanechka
Letter 5
My enchanting man who is stealing my heart, my Pet, First of all I want to let you know that I have very deep feelings for you that ********* my heart. I think your Cupid has hit the bull’s eye this time....
I send you the photo taken in summer but it is only for your eyes.
Promise? I love sun and love to bathe in it's rays...
I will be very honest with you, my sweetheart... The feeling that I have in my heart for you is big. Our letters certainly show this and I can tell that you are one very passionate and **** man for me... I can confess that I am falling in love with you. I feel your seduction and it just fuels my passions even more. I want so much to be in your arms...
I am absolutely sure, our friendly relations by mail will become the beginning of the great love story... We are so far, but I feel you are the man that I was looking for all my life.....
The mind is a funny thing, and mine is driving me crazy since I met you.... I was thinking about us and seemed to keep myself in a sort of depression. Sometimes I worried that I am only dreaming about you. Then your mail arrived and I was so thrilled and still I am. Your words in the letter made me realize that all this is for real...
I must agree that I had very nice feelings for you because of your fantastic open way to tell about yourself and to talk about life. You know, my love, I had a dream about you. We were in a boat together under the sky scattered with stars. And as the boat gently rocked we were looking for shooting stars and making wishes. There was the magic of the moment when the warm night air gently caressed our bodies and the smell from the shore of an island close scented by tropical flowers and the slow rocking of the boat mesmerized us into a trance...
I will never forget that moment especially when combined with gentle **********...
But dreams are created with one only aim to make then true.... My
father always told me that....
My treasure, even if that is tormenting for me to say this I will do it as I have no choice. My parents always taught me to do everything by myself and only when I fail doing that ask the closest people for help. Honey, I really need your help now though I am ashamed to ask about it. Please help me to pay for our correspondence as that is very difficult for me now. I pay for the Internet services and for having our letters translated. I can't bear the expenses any more and I hate the thought that our correspondence can interrupt. I am sure I will never meet a person like you and I ask you to give the chance to our relationship. Please, Pet, don't leave me now when I need you most...
Precious beloved, you are the man who I want to make the family with, have babies with and to spend the rest of my days with.... Please forgive me if I have made you upset. I love you with all of my heart and as I have said earlier I have devoted and dedicated my life to your happiness. Honey, I love you so much that it hurts, write me soon please.
lovingly yours
Letter 6
Dear Sir, We want to inform You that Tatyana can not continue Your correspondence. She applied to our firm for help because she doesn't know English and has not access to the Internet. She has been using our translation and Internet services. But for the moment her account is over. If you are seriously interested in continuation of correspondence with her, contact us to get more details about our service and payment. Respectfully,
Letter 7
Dear Sir, Thank You for Your letter. Here is the information about our services and prices: You write a letter to Your lady, we translate it and print for her. She writes you a response, we translate it and send You her letter. When Your account is running out we will send You a balance letter with the detailed report of Your expenses. Translation and printing of one letter from Russian into English costs 5 USD
Translation and printing of one letter from English into Russian costs 5 USD
Scanning/printing of one photo costs 2 USD Our SPECIAL PROPOSITION of unlimited services includes translation of the letters, scanning and printing photos.
That means that the amount of letters You can send and receive per month is unlimited: 1 month "UNLIMITED CORRESPONDENCE" 200 USD
You pay for the service via the Western Union system.
To fill in the form You would need the following information: COUNTRY: UKRAINE
NAME: Tatyana
Name of our manager: Yuliana Surname: Gontarenko After making the payment You send us a letter with the following information: money transfer control number and the amount of money sent. As soon as Your lady gets the payment she fills up the account and is able to receive Your letters and write You answers. Here is bank address: PRIVAT BANK
Cheluskintsev Street, 14
91011 You could use also Your credit card to send payment through the Western Union service. You could do it on line on the web site We are open for all Your suggestions. Respectfully,
Letter 8
Dear Sir, Thank You for Your letter. 50 euro that is 75 dollars. That is for 15 letters without photos. Each photo scanned and printed costs 2 dollars. Respectfully,
Letter 9
Dear Sir, Please inform us if You are going to continue correspondence with Tanya as she is in our office right now and asks if she received a letter from You. Respectfully
Letter 10
Dear Sir, Thank You for Your letter. As soon as Tanya comes we will inform her about it. As soon as Tanya gets the money and fills up the account You will be able to continue communication. Respectfully

Letter 11
Dear Sir, Please write a letter to us and let us know about the continuation of Your correspondence with Your Lady Tanya as she keeps plying us with the requests to write You a letter and know wether You still wish the continuation of the correspondence. Respectfully,
Letter 12
Dear Sir, Thank You for Your letter.
The information You ask is confidential but Tanya told us that she trusts You and asked to give You her address.
Her postal address is:
Ukraine, Lugansk, Dostoevskogo Street, 105, 91000.
Unfortunately she does not have phone number.
We hope for future cooperation. Respectfully
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