Scam letter(s) from Alina Gybareva to David (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my new friend David. It was very pleasant to me to receive your answer on the site. It is very interesting to get know you better, you are very much interested to me. My name Alina, I'm 33 y.o. My birthday is on 21 of April, 1974, I'm Taurus. Mine e-mail is I never been married and I do not have children. I am very sociable woman, I have many good friends. I constantly radiate the optimism on the people around me. I'm the pharmacist. I love my work because health is important thing in our lifes. I like to make experiments with the hairdresser, a hair color, clothes. I send you some photos and you can see me and two my favorite animals Pysia and Mysia. Also I love competitions. You can ask me any questions about me and my life, I will answer them with pleasure! I think it is interesting both of us to get know each other. I will begin the first. I'm very sociable woman, and I got a lot of friends. I'm the big optimist, and always have a fine mood! I send you some of my photos to share the smile and fine mood! I hope that you also will not give up to me in the photos, it would be desirable to consider you more close, to see eyes. I think eyes can tell much! I want to say a little bit about man of "my dreams"... The man searching for serious relations is interesting to me. The man with who I would feel myself the happiest woman on the Earth is necessary to me. For me it is important to have mutual understanding, trust and responsibility! I think, that the Internet is very good way for acquaintance. I think, that it should be romantic to have a friend or even more in another country. I am interested very much that we could get know each other better. When I saw yours profile, I have became interested in you and consequently would like to have correspondence with you. I think we could be friends!
I will be waiting for your answer!
Letter 2
Hi David. It's me again!
Thanks for your photos! You are very attractive to me, and it is very pleasant for me to observe your photos. I hope, that you will send to me more photos! It would be interesting to me to see them! I think you will be glad to see my recent photos. In the last letter I have been told a little about myself. As you know I work as the pharmacist. I have the highest medical education. I live in Kazan city in Russia. It is big city and I like to live in such big city's style but sometimes I would like to live in a silent far place. As I told I got a lot of friends. All my numerous friends always communicate with pleasure with me and keep in contact with me because I'm creative person. Tonight I with girlfriends want to gather at one of them to have a supper, to communicate, to find out about something new, I mean to have nice evening. We gather together not often, that's why each time this event occurs very interesting. Unfortunately I haven't a father. He lost in accident, it have been long time ago, almost 10 years ago. Now I live one with my favorite cats, I rent the apartment. My mommy lives separately from me, at her the house with fine garden. I help her in a garden but usually she makes everything by herself. Although I try to help her as I can. Is it boringly? All these monotonous stories about a life have already bothered me! What is really interesting to you? I do not want to carry myself to grey weight of people that's why I will not force you to get boringly from all these stories! So if you will have questions about different details of my life I will answer them, but I will not tell you this by myself! What is the purpose why I looking for acquaintance in the Internet? I want to find the man, the man with whom will be possible to talk about everything! I don't interest in just ***, simple dialogue without any meaning purpose it's important! I need interesting and intriguing dialogue! The conversation it is not usual exchange of grey boring letters! Do you agree? And just in case, than you understood what is exactly important in the man: I looking for serious man who is able to make the correct decisions, who is responsible for his acts and the most important thing is correctly treat with a women. I will ask your questions: My family consist of me, my mom and other relatives. I don't have got any brothers or sisters, that's why I want at least 2 kids, than they know what it is big family. What the future I'm looking for? Ok, I'll try to explain, I want to have a family in the near future, than I need to raise up good kids and than I need good husband of course. Ok, I will finish on this, I will not write too much to not tire you with reading of my letter. I hope to see your letter soon!
Sincerely, yours Alina.
Letter 3
Hi David. Let's continue our conversation!?
I wanted to say you that you are very interesting to me. I almost do not know you, but my first impression about you very positive, and I like to communicate with you! I want to continue and continue... I have thought that it will be interesting for you to get know more in detail about we wash character!? In general I am the person not choosy but my character is those that if I do something, I do it well. I like to cook, and this is perhaps my main hobby. I already told that I love humor. We with friends sometimes gather together and we go somewhere to have a rest. One of my walks with the girlfriend we have decided to remember the childhood when we played on the court yard children's war with everybody who lived there, probably it is games for a male, but I always differed that that was and is very mobile and active child, that's why I always played such clockwork games. Probably because of this we have visited club with various computer games. I send you the photo with the computer weapon in hands. This day was the big entertainment for us... I hope very much, that it will be pleasant to you to look at me. I am assured that you will not be against if I will send you one more photo near our Russian fur-tree(X-mas tree), am I right? By the way, I womanly and fragile. But when someone speaks or does something not the way which will be correct under the relation to me or associates I answer very sharply and I will not give myself in insult. But I think such would not be if a I have a man near me which would be my protection and a support. It's very interestingly and pleasantly to speak a lot about itself, but I do not wish to seem to you monotonous and do not know how you will react to it and it is very interesting to me to find out more about you! I think that you understand what the knowledge will be each other more pleasant and easier if we will answer questions each other? That's why I will finish these lines and with the hugest impatience I will wait for your letter with questions on me, and the remarkable story about you.
Letter 4

Hi-hi-hi! I have just come from work. I have a perfect mood! How is your mood? You have answered me and I am very glad, that you were not frightened of my brisk character! :) Sun is lighting a little, and I can't wait for the summer. The summer is my favorite season, because sun is warm me up and don't let to freeze, and I like the summer rain... I wanted to ask you, do you like the sport? I like to watch voleyball and basketball, I'm not a player, but I'm good watcher. Do you know that Kazan is sport city? We got a teams in: voleyball, basketball, hockey, soccer, they participate in Russian Super Leagues. Kazan has most beautiful universal sport complex "Basket-Hall", here realizes local competitions, here plays basketball team "Unics" and voleyball's "Dinamo"... I'm interesting, what kinds of sport do you like and do you play sport? I do fitness occasionally to keep my figure well. I wanted to tell that then more I find out you then more I have a questions about you and your life. I do not dare to ask all of the question... It's interesting to me to know in more detail what relations do you have with the women? Is woman associates with the housewife for you or with an integral part of your life? I want to have relations with the man where we will be on equal! It is not pleasant to me that men they speak they are main in the house! When the pair lives together they share everything among themselves. And the man should discuss with the woman the important decisions before to undertake them. In fact sometimes men make like it will like them and woman would not like. I hope you understand me here. It was serious theme and I would to distract of that. I send you more of my photos. I have remembered how I with my girlfriend had a great entertainment of dances, I think it will be interesting to you to look at it. Also it is always pleasant to me to receive your photos! It is very interesting to me to communicate with you but if you will not ask me questions, interesting you, I can think, that it is not enough of you that in me interests!? I think I will finish the letter. I am tired for all day and I would like to have a rest. I hope to continue conversation soon!
Your friend Alina.
Letter 5
Hi David. It is pleasant to see your letter again. Your letters always cheer me up. There is a set of types of people and it is heavy to me to communicate with the some people, because they closed in itself. But our dialogue is easy and pleasant that's why I look forward to your letters. Today I have a good mood and I want to joke constantly. The smile does not get gone from my face. Generally I'm optimist and always try to smile to people. When you see a smiling person it's want to smile too. Maybe that's the reason why people are like to communicate with me? If each person think like this the life would become much more cheerfully and more interestingly, without grey and boring everyday lives. I received your pics and I liked them! Can you send me more? We communicate already for a lot of time constantly we find out that about each other, and I wish to know, what you think of me? Whether it is pleasant to you to communicate with me what you represent me to lives? I try to present, as you would speak the same words in a reality what would be at you a mimicry, gestures, etc. And I feel, that you very good person with whom it is interesting to spend time. I wish to discuss with you one very interesting theme connected with character of the person... I hope you not against this. You can tell about positive and negative features of your character? I would like to hear it... Begin the first, and in next the letter I will tell to you about the character.
I will wait for your letter. Bye! Alina.
Letter 6
Hi David!
Today I was thought about you more times than ever, I don't know what was happened with me... I don't know why you made me like that... Maybe I need your letters like air to breath? Let's check it out?.. I will wait for your letter...
I think of you...
Letter 7
Hi David. Each time it is more and more pleasant to me to receive your letters ! You are really interesting person and I want to communicate with you as possible as possible but unfortunately I have urgent matters on work and I cannot answer in that day when you have written to me. But I hope you will understand me and you will not take offence at me... I promised you to tell about positive and negative lines of my character. Though I said about pluses already much … But perhaps my main plus is that I can accept the person such it is. I can be very kindhearted if someone is in a trouble. And a little about minuses. You know each person has minuses and it is important to foreknow about them. I consider that it is important since you will know about minuses of the person, and it will not bring to you unpleasant unexpectedness. I hope you understand what I mean I consider as the minus is that constantly I try to arrange the person under myself. I do not wish to concede to anybody, I obstinate! Sometimes I become too strict and I can be captious even in the smallest and imperceptible things. Now I can allocate only these minuses. After all much I do not see in myself. Certainly, I try to correct something, not to be so captious, to be softer. But I hope, you can accept my minuses. You know, I think, if people feel to each other something, whether it be love or friendship they always can forgive each other all their minuses. And even more, will help to master emotional impulses, thereby to get rid of many minuses. You agree with me?
Ok, I hope to be pleased having seen your letter soon!
Letter 8
Hi David! I'm glad to see your letter! I'm glad to write you! I'm glad!
I have a good moon, because of sun! Sun is warming much!
My dear, hoping for your understanding, I want to tell that I cannot write to you one or two days. The matter is I will go to mum she got her anniversary she will be 60 y.o. tomorrow!!! It is a remarkable holiday! On this action will be practically all our relatives and close friends of a family. Such meeting happens very seldom as anniversaries happen as seldom. I think that you understand that we will have the big entertainment we will have various entertaining actions. I as well as all present wish to tell to mum the warmest and pleasant words for heart I hope, that this day will give to my mum not bad stimulus and fine mood on the future... We will collect the big round table there going to be many various foods. One of relatives has already ordered the big pie, in the form of the mum's house!!! I would like to know, how do you celebrate anniversary in your country? It is very interesting to me to hear it from you. I wished to tell, that it is very cheerful and pleasant to communicate with you! I yet do not wish to do hasty conclusions, but I feel so perfectly, only when I communicate with you! I would like to hear your voice, to have a phone conversation. I have a home telephone number, but I have learnt recently, that it is inaccessible to calls because of abroad. But at me is mobile, and I could call you! I use mobile for calls from a drugstore, I can use for a while another sim-card to call you. So it will be more convenient for me, there as you cannot phone on sim-card for a drugstore there special numbers. I want to ask you your phone number. If you give it to me I can call you and we'll talk. Do you want that?
I would like to hear your voice quicker!
Ok, I will finish the letter.
I will be happy to see your letter after my arrival!
Yours Alina.
Letter 9
Hello David!
I haven't saw the letters from you and I started to worry for you, than I've decided to write you a letter, that's what I', doing right now... I want to write you, that I'm here and I wait for your letter to be assured that it's Ok with you... Now it's sunny and I think how it would be great us to be together right now, don't you agree with me? I want to know what you think...
Your Waiting Alina
Letter 10
Hello my sweety David! My darling I am glad to receive your letters. I hope that my absence have not led you to sad mood. I think, that it will be interesting for you to get know how we have fascinatingly interestingly held celebratory anniversary of my mum. To speak the truth, first instants of a holiday were little bit negative, but soon all has risen on the places, and the celebratory mood has got the best of all present. There were many visitors, it is a lot of gifts, various and unusual congratulations. I think, that it was possible to take an excellent film as there were many creative performances. End of solemn actions were as the beginning of not less bright part of a holiday. The huge impression has made "fire show" for all! People took part in this remarkable show even most motionless in that time even they have dared to light some fireworks, and various fires. My mum remained very joyful and she remember this day till now as well as we are... I wish to tell a few words concerning distance between us. It is pleasant to know, that the distance does not play a role for you. I mean we got a big distance beetwen us and we still communicate. And we can easy correspond with you and know many interesting things about each other! I do not know, how to explain to it, but you involved me very much and I cannot remember the moment when I would not like to write you. It is a pity that to write it turns out not too often... I have got a desire to talk to you about a theme of more serious relations. I require dividing my life with someone. I am adult-enough woman, and my intention - to find a family, to live together with the beloved. I wish to ask you how much is it seriously? How much serious our intentions are? I do not play game with relations, and I do not want than you played with our relations. For me it is very important, that you knew, that I believe, that you that which I searched and, at last, have found. Certainly, relations are checked by time, and we are still a little familiar with you. But everything, I think, that we with you will have more serious relations. However we will not hurry up, after all it is necessary to be assured that both of us want it. I think, that it is very important to hear a voice each other. It can help to be closer to us, and more seriously to concern to each other! It is a pity, that you have not given me your phone number. I asked you to write to me your phone number! Did you read my previous letter? I hope, that you can write to me your number, I want to call you, I want to hear your voice! I have wasted many forces on the last holiday I will be waiting for your letter. Yours Alina.

Letter 11
Hi charming man David! How is your day? I'm in the fine mood and additionally your letter so I'm even lost from that what fine day today! I would like to express the opinion concerning development of our relations. If our relations develop with the same ease, with the same pleasure for both of us, I think, it will be remarkable! It is not necessary to hurry, but also to stop it is already impossible. I have completely given in under influence of my feelings, and I'm sure that there will be between us something much more serious, than easier correspondence! I have reflected on one serious theme. If we also become further closer, if once we are together, whether that we are ready to change the life? I think, that for me it would be difficult, but, nevertheless, I would make it! And what about you? I think of future and I am assured our thoughts in this occasion of the future coincide? Am I right? I want, that we could show more attention each other. But not always there is a possibility to write, or to call. So I wish to tell, if I do not answer you at once, it does not mean, that I do not think of you! I think of you constantly … There are moments only positive, there are also doubts, but you all the same do not leave my head! By the way I almost has forgotten. I have a photos for you! I with my best girlfriend had a walk and she had a camera and we made some photos which I send you. They have been made in a new mall this winter. Ok, I will finish the letter for today. I need to have a rest and make some affairs of the house. Tomorrow very much a busy schedule, but I hope, at me will be a few free time to write you the letter! I hope that your answer will be very fast, after the heavy working day it will be most pleasant to read for me your letter! Smile... Yours Alina.
Letter 12
Hello David!
I haven't saw the letter from you today, but I want to write you something. Maybe you want to write me letter later, but excuse me for I'm writing you letter now... I just wanted to express that you're not the nobody for me, I want to talk with you, discuss some themes, it's a lot of themes in a world we can discuss... Maybe you got offended at me... I don't know that, but please, write me something, because I miss you
Your Alina
Letter 13
Hello the best man in the world by name David. Each of your letter for me is like a new storm of positive emotions and feelings! Now it is difficult to me to think about something or of someone else except you. It so is strange, but I like it. It's not clear feeling in me, and I not know how to put it into words at all. I thought in what our correspondence can result and our dialogue. Perhaps, I hurry, but everything, I think, that once we will enjoy together morning coffee. It would be remarkable... Or do you love tea? Oh, I want to tell to you about the childhood. In the childhood I very much liked to go for a drive on sleigh! To fly from mountain on huge speed and to try not to smash into a tree which always stood on my way and on any hill I always hit the mark … I.e. in a tree … Lol :). This winter we with girlfriends went to wood to ski and we have taken sleigh with us. And sleigh nurseries, and the size of the sleigh did not coincide with our growth, I even have dropped out from sleigh and have swept head over heels from mountain, having stopped only in a snowdrift. Smile. But not one I was such, many my girlfriends dropped out from sleigh as sleigh were small. It was very cheerful, all laughed! All of us together as if have sunk into dotage, it was very pleasant! Sometimes it would be desirable to be the child, for a moment to forget about all cares. At such moments we feel most openly and freely. So I wish to feel, near to the beloved! You know I wish to learn even more close and more close you! At all I do not know, what exactly I would like... Though I know, to see your letter as soon as possible! Your Alina.
Letter 14
Hi my lovely David! I see you letter again and rejoice like a child your girlfriend from Russia! I think, that we make our future accurately, we develop with the same progress as we roll a snow clod for a snowball. It as quickly and it to like me! Smile. I think, that we should meet. But not right now! Let me to learn some important details about you before I will tell the last yes! I want will definitively be convinced that you are sincere with me! I trust you, I do not wish to offend these words. But, nevertheless, the meeting is a serious step, and I do not want, that our meeting was usual, as a casual meeting in cafe. I do not wish to hurry! I want, that our meeting has given the chance to us to develop relations already with the made step. Step which we will leave doubts, and we will enjoy only that nearby with each other. I expect to take holiday in 1-2 weeks. Before will take holiday from us in a drugstore qualification protection. While exact date is not appointed, but the director has told, that it will be in 1-2 weeks, and only after that it will give me holiday. Maybe we can meet on the end of May - beginning of June? It's summertime, and I want to spend summer with you. If we will meet that will be a good start of summer I think. What do you think of that? By the way, tomorrow my mum promised to arrive to me! I will necessarily tell to her about you, it will be interesting, as she will concern you. But I am assured, it will be glad! I think, that we really approach each other. I am very glad to that our dialogue happens so interestingly, and every day we find out about each other all new. I think, that you the most interesting and understanding man. I am very glad, that the destiny has allowed us will get acquainted. I feel, that my heart has the big frequency of palpation when I read lines of your letter!
How you will soon help to accelerate palpation of my heart?
Tomorrow? Can already now? Your gentle Alina.
Letter 15
Hello my David! My eyes were full of pleasure when I read your letter. I wish to write to you more often, but it not always turns out... But I will try to write you more often, because I think of you all the time and I want than we could be closer! Mum arrived to me and we have a good time together. I spoke to mum about you, have told that have got acquainted with you on the Internet. She has told, that you very interesting man, and we should have more serious relations, than correspondence. Mum has told to me, that approves my choice, and transfers you greetings! Mum has brought to me remarkable jam... Mmm... It is so tasty! I am very glad, that mum did not try to dissuade me from so unusual way of acquaintance etc. Even more, she has told, that it is the best way of the present, after all we understand our sights, interests, we find out such important character traits, which not always can be defined if to begin acquaintance in a reality. I so was surprised to hear from her similar conclusions... How your relatives concern to what you search for second half on the Internet? They also consider it as modern way of acquaintance? I will finish the letter on this question, and I send for you my photo, I hope, my smile will cause pleasure in your heart. I wait for your letter with very big impatience. Your Alina.
Letter 16
Hello my the unique man David! I again "in 7 sky" with happiness to read your letter! It so remarkably to communicate with you, you give me pleasure, you give me happiness not to be lonely! Today I walked on the streets of Kazan. I worked today only till a dinner, because of tomorrow... Tomorrow I will have qualification protection so in 2-3 days I will leave in holiday! I'm all already in tomorrow, after all it am very important for me. But I think of you as much if it is no more! I wished to tell, that reading each your letter, I understand, you test what feelings to me, and I represent you near to myself and I departure in the dreams, forgetting about all on light! It will seem ridiculous, or surprising, but yesterday I could not fall asleep at night, I represented you, I thought of you, about our relations. The most interesting, that I was very got tired for all day, and awfully wished to sleep. But my heart has forced a dream to wait, and has filled my head with thoughts and dreams of you and of us. I do not know how to describe this strange, unknown feeling to you. Love... Perhaps, but we did not meet before, and the word "love" here does not approach. Attachment... Yes, I test attachment to you. I miss, if I do not read your letter. I miss, when I have no access to the Internet and I can not write to you! It is liking which has outgrown in something more. It is More than the friendship, is more than simply information transfer about each other. I at all do not know what to tell now, I really think of you much and often! And to this all it would be desirable to add. Sometimes to write much easier, than to tell! Also I do not know, whether we will repeat at once everything about what we write in letters to realities, or we should get used each other. I do not know, how we will feel a number with each other when for the first time we will meet, a little hesitating, or is opened. I do not know... And this uncertainty makes our dialogue even more interestingly! You so do not consider? I will distract from deep thoughts. I'll answer your simple questions: David, I have not favorite movies, I like comedies and it's my favorite genre. I have found for you pair of successful summer photos! When we went with girlfriends to have a rest on lake. So at you one more occasion will take pleasure in my letter. Smile. And the last... If suddenly you is in bad mood I will always raise it! I wait for the letter. Yours cheerful woman Alina.
Letter 17
Hi, David...
What is the reason you haven't wrote me? I need to know that, it's very important for me, because I don't understand the reason of your silent. Of course, you're busy, but please let me know if you still here and you still want to correspond with me, because sometimes I feel badly about that...
Your Alina
Letter 18
Hi my lovely David! I can't believe I have reached the computer to share with you my joyful emotions! I have received the international status the Pharmacist! I am am overflowed simply with feeling of pleasure! Now I will explain to you about my profession! Earlier I worked as the senior provisor, I mean I gave out medicines. In our country of a trade of the provisor and the pharmacist are almost identical. But under the European standards, the pharmacist should not only give out medicines, but also give advice for choice medicines. For example, to tell about pluses and minuses of medicine with what it is necessary to eat and when it is necessary to accept a medicine. So now I have an international status of the pharmacist! From now on I have a vacation! So now we can plan our meeting more detaily! I will not «beat about the bush», I have for you some important questions. I think, that our meeting should be not simply «one-day appointment». Our meeting should put the beginnings to the long novel, probably and it is more! You agree with me in it? Why I have touched this theme. First, I'm adult woman, and I wish to be with the only with whom could live all life. Do you understand what I mean? I can take long-term holiday for 3 to 5 months. And for such time interval, I think, we find out each other enough to understand what future at our dialogue. If we really remarkable pair why us not to remain together for ever!? How you think, I can find work by the trade at you? As my qualification allows to avoid now many trial periods. You know, I now can tell definitive «Yes» for our meeting! At all I do not know what to tell. I am overflowed by emotions, and simply I do not find words to express the thoughts. I will look forward to hearing to these questions with the big impatience. Your waiting Alina.
Letter 19
Hello my David! It was infinitely pleasant to read your letter! How is the weather at you? We have the sun, but any beauty of weather, cannot be compared to beauty of your letter! After all each your line for me as a sun beam, pleases my soul and heart! For me it was important to get know your opinion concerning work in your country. But it not the most important thing! For me work is less important than a family! I adhere to concept that in a family should work both the husband and the wife. The wife should have not a heavy work, after all she needs to care of an order in the house. That the husband, coming from work, was glad to see the pure house, and loving his wife in all her beauty! So I have thought, that at first we need to meet, get know each other more close, to get used to each other. To be together some time, to understand, how much, we approach each other. And only then to think of work. As, in any case, work reception is a long-term process. I wish to meet you, to be a number! It is the most important for me, than all the rest! I seriously thought of it, after all I cannot sit on a place, I very much thirst to meet you. I will find out tomorrow more in detail that is necessary for me for arrival to you. Don't you against than I arrive to you? Can you accept me in your house? I think, it would be remarkable! I would like to have this unforgettable travel! But I also think, whether we can, having met to remain together for ever? Probably, I could remain with you for ever. I believe that when we will meet and we will get know each other even more close, we will not want to leave. For me from all men in the world, you are necessary only, and I do not wish to lose you. I to you have still some very important questions. My darling if we are together, you will not want to leave me? You believe, what between us there will be very strong love? I trust! You can care of me while I get used to new conditions? If we live together, will you maintain my interests, for example, we will go to walk in your park, to visit your sights! Would you keep my the company? What you love a breakfast? Easy or nourishing? What about supper? Perhaps, and you can sometimes prepare for me «the Sunday breakfast in bed»? I have found more my photos which were made by my girlfriend in the last summer. I hope that they will cheer you up. On one of photos there is an inscription "?ao oaay ieeue", in English it will sound as "waiting for you sweety". I will finish for today, I will write tomorrow when I will find out more details about documents. I wait for sun beams!
That is lines of your letter! Your dreaming Alina.
Letter 20
Hello my lovely man David! Your letter charges me again positive energy and there is smile on my face more widely and more widely. I like very much to communicate with you! You are very interesting, you attract me to yourself, this is such pleasant feeling. I do not feel lonely, I feel, that I have that man with whom I would like to be closer! I am very glad, that you support me in idea to meet! Today I was in one of travel agencies and I have been told, what is necessary for me than I could arrive to you. I have chosen one most convenient set of services for more simple reception of documents. Firstly I should conclude the contract with agency on reception of the visa, a passport, the insurance and tickets. It facilitates a problem for me. The agency will search for the best variants of arrival. The agency has service of the simplified system of reception of the passport in branch of delivery of passports. The agency gives inquiry in embassy on visa reception. That means I should not go to Moscow for this purpose! As I have been told I should order the tourist visa. An optimum variant is for a period of 3 months. Visa's cost does not depend on period of validity, that means it is better will order the visa for 3 months since it is the visa allows to prolong it, not coming back in Russia. The tourist visa becomes fastest, that's why it is the most convenient to do the tourist visa. Now I will tell detaily about process. Firstly I need to conclude the contract with agency. There is a passport reception, here in Kazan it occupies a maximum 4 days. Then the agency reserve the tickets. Most likely, I will need to take off from Moscow. I require the information from you, at what airport you can meet me. What is the airport should I fly? After tickets will be ordered, all necessary data for the visa, together with my questionnaire go to embassy to Moscow for approval. Then I personally go to embassy and receive the visa. I have been told that in embassy I will precisely approved the visa since I am the worker of the state organization (drugstore) and I have some privileges. For example, I will not be exposed to checks connected with terrorism, money-laundering, etc. That means I will not have problems with visa. After all these actions are executed it is necessary to wait. Expectation occurs not for long, all documents including the visa will be ready in a current of 1-2 weeks. Now we can solve what date is most conveniently to meet for us and tomorrow I will go to agency to conclude the contract and to order all documents! I think we can meet at June? Now I'm represent, as we can walk perfectly together. I very much wish to meet so quickly, how much it is possible. I feel to you something special deeply in the heart! I cannot present now that I did if has not got acquainted with you! I searched for the friend and have found more than the friend. I wanted, that he could be gentle and tender with me! Than my friend understood me! And you understand me! You as though my second half! I cannot be without you! I did not assume, that I will be feel something as I feel now to you... I think of you every day, and there is nobody better than you! All my dreams now are to see you in reality as soon as possible! What me to add... I again lost the words... I can't to wait for your answer! But even more I can't to wait for tomorrow, to run in agency and to order documents. More likely to communicate, seeing each other, holding each other for hands! I want that tomorrow have come as soon as possible!
Only yours, and only for you, Alina.
Letter 21
Hello my lovely, my dream David! We have a solar remarkable day! The sun brings heat to a body though the frost nevertheless is stronger than the sun, and your letter brings to me warmly in heart! I feel excellently, especially when I think of you and about us. And I think of us so often, that I always feel excellently! This morning I was in agency. I have been explained once time again in detail what I should to make. Also I have been told about the visa. As I already spoke the best variant for 3 months, this is almost freedom of actions. If I'll arrive to you under this visa and if we'll stay together for ever I can prolong the visa, not coming back in Russia. Also I have specified cost of the contract, i.e. all documents and tickets. It has a little afflicted me, and I'm afraid, that we cannot meet soon if I'll expect only for my financial position. It's really expensive for me to pay all. And I was absolutely disappointed in it... But I hope, we can think up something... I have very positive adrenaline in blood. This adrenaline appears from an anticipation of our meeting. I try to assume, as it will be, what will I feel when I will see you for the first time... I do not know, how it will be, but I sure - I never had such event in my life yet! Our meeting will be really big holiday for both of us! And I do not know with what to compare so grandiose event! I communicated yesterday with my friends. I told them about you, have told, that we are going to meet! My friends are very glad for me, they have told, that would like, that at us with you, in our relations, there was all perfectly! It was very pleasant to me to hear similar wishes from my friends, and they send you regards! I would like to tell you much, ask a lot of questions, and I think, what it is better to move gradually in a cognizance of the smallest details than "straight away", do you agree? I will finish the letter for today, I wait for your fast reply!
Yours Alina.
Letter 22
Hello my man, my lovely David! For me was happiness again to read your letter. I have become missed during a break between our letters so much. I feel how strongly attracts to you. My heart fades when I start to read your letter and I feel we become all is more close to each other! I am so glad that we become closer! I represent now as we will be glad to see each other we will laugh and rejoice from a meeting and the general walks in romantic places. I dream, how I will make for you a breakfast in the morning. My darling, I think of you constantly, and I wish to think of you! I have been told in detail about the cost. I have been suggested to conclude the contract which will include cost of all necessary documents, visas, tickets. I'll not have superfluous excitements in this occasion. They will send the questionnaire filled with me for the visa. I should not go once again to Moscow for this purpose, in fact between Moscow and Kazan about 600 km. In general the contract for trip in USA will be costs 1700$. I have a little money, but it will be obviously insufficiently. If you could give 1100$ to me just would suffice for the contract. I would like to see you fast very much! I think of you constantly, I wish to feel taste of your lips, and warmly your embraces! I cannot think of what the friend. Be in the street coldly or hot, it is dry or damp, it is not important! The most important for me now is our future! And I am assured, that we will be happy together and this most important thing! I hope to receive your answer very soon! I miss your embraces!
Only your Alina.
Letter 23
Hello, David. I'm a little bit sad but fine, what about you?
I want to say you that I didn't want to ask your help with money, and I wanted to borrow the money in the bank. But I've been said that they will not give me the loan because I'm going to leave the country. Also I asked for money among my friends, but they are not able to help me... That's why I asked your help... I ashamed for asking your help and I'm not feeling myself comfortable because of that, but you're the one person whom I can ask help... David, you know that I have no phone # than you called me and you never asked for my home address, so here is it. My address is Russia, Tatarstan republic, Kazan city, Kremlevskaya street, 35, 9 app. My zip-code is 420140. I wanted to call you, asked your number twice, but you've not gave me that... So I don't know why you tell me such things... I will lost without you, I Love You! You're the one person whom I want to see, I don't want to be with other men, because you're very interesting to me. You're the one. My the one! I love you... I'll be waiting for your letter... I'm sad right now, but your letter will raise me up when I'll read it... Bye! Many kisses,
Letter 24
My lovely David I do not know about what to think any more than to be engaged, my life is you! My honey it so is fine to love you, to like all heart, on distance of many in kilometer! Today is such remarkable weather and very much does not suffice me of your embraces, your words, your smile! I present as it will be fine when we will go on city, holding each other for hands, kissing not hesitating of anybody!!! My honey I very much dream to feel taste of your lips, to feel heat of your hands! It very much inspires, gets me! My honey it is so glad that we have got acquainted with you and we feel love in our hearts! Strong, strong, true love which to not destroy something! My honey I think of you constantly and probably I many times spoke you it but I do not want to stop! I want to be in your embraces, to feel as heart in your ****** is beaten!!! My honey when I lie down to sleep to me there is no you in one bed with me... It is so wonderful! I asked in agency how to send money from other country. They have told me, that there are special companies engaged in remittances. For example Western Union or Money Gram and to take advantage of it, is completely not difficult. It's necessary to find bank where there is this company, to fill there in some special forms. It's necessary to write the information about me to them, and also you should write the information about you. My address is Russia, Tatarstan republic, Kazan city, Kremlevskaya street, 35, 9 app. My zip-code is 420140. My name is Alina, my surname is Gybareva. I need similar information from you, and some special number which you will be received for reception when you send money for me.
David, I still haven't your phone number...
Your Alina
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