Scam letter(s) from Maria Yufereva to Chris (UK)

Letter 1
Hello my man of raising mood Chris. I'm very glad, that all of us also constantly write, each other, and I feel, something fine and new …
Every time when, I think about something, my thoughts smoothly pass to a theme us, our relations. I really feel an attraction to you. I miss, if I can not read your letter, in me children's pleasure if I see inbox letters in my e-mail! I didn't call to you as promised. I could not understand how correctly to take advantage of a card, that I have bought for a call to you. I will come into communication department to find out, how to make it, I very much wish to hear your voice! I'll call as soon as I can! At me today remarkable mood. On work the day off, but only today. Tomorrow again much affairs.
Tomorrow at me the loaded day, necessary to be in time much. Work, work … Comes nearer the monthly report, and necessary to prepare all papers very carefully.
Therefore today I try to be in time many affairs that tomorrow it will be possible to work only, without derivation on household chores. House cleaning, purchase of products, etc. At home I was already cleaned, now is necessary to go in shop to buy some products. Today my good girlfriend will visit me, she has arrived recently from business trip, and we have much intersting to tell each other!
So I will suit a little culinary holiday. Still I wished to go in the forest with Kuzya, and to arrange to him a holiday with the big walk. I hope, and my letter will be a little holiday for you! Smile. I wished to tell to you my thoughts about us … I require dividing my life with someone. I already enough old woman, and my intention - to find a family, to live together with the beloved.
I wish to ask you as far as it seriously? How much our intentions are serious?
I don't play game with relations, and I don't want, that you played with our relations.
For me is very important, that you knew, that I believe, that you that which I searched and, at last, have found. Certainly, relations are checked by time, and we are still a little familiar. But, nevertheless, I think, that we will have more serious relations. It would be desirable to distract from serious themes … At me there are for you some photos from last summer.
So it would be desirable to plunge more likely into the sea or at least lake … mmm …
Perhaps, when next time I will have the day off I will devote it campaign in an aquapark. Are you been in an aquapark? It's very cheerful, especially if with you the big company of friends!
At us in Kazan a remarkable aquapark!
And even in the summer to me very much to like to go on carousels. Do you like it? American Hills? I have a dream, to visit on the greatest American Hills! It's extreme, but is very cheerful! Whether at you there is an extreme dream?
Well, I look at the watch, and there is not enough time to be in time all that I has planned.
I will be glad your answer to see fast!
Your thirsting Maria.
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