Scam Letter(s) from Nadezhda Nikitina to Jonathan (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello the dear friend Jon!
I was very glad to find out your letter in the letter box!
I want to tell about the family. As you know I live with mum, the daddy. At us very amicable family. My mum very good and beautiful. We are friends of itas close girlfriends. At leisure I go to cinema with girlfriends or I sit at home I am engaged cleaning, I help mum. Still I like to do to people massage. You like massage?
Write to me that to you to like from meal. What at you favourite dishes?
Write to me where you usually you eat?
To me very much to like to spend time alone with the favourite person behind a romantic supper at candles.
Still to me to like to look cinema, especially melodramas. When they come to an end the tragic end at me even on eyes appeartears. Therefore I the romantic and impressionable person. Still to me to like to sing songs. I always with pleasure sing songs under a guitar. My friends speak, that I have a good voice.
Tell to me about the hobby?
I like dark blue color. At me dark blue color associates with the sea, the sky. It because I never was on the sea. It is my main dream.
Tell to me about your city, your country.
The culture of other countries is very interesting to me. I heard about yours to the beautiful country much.
I learn hildren in the age of from 8 till 12 years Probably you will ask to me a question why I have decided to search for the destiny in such a way. Probably, because each person searches in the life more for the best a place in a life. I could not find such the man in Russia and consequently I have decided to find the through internet I I want will meet the man which is capable to appreciate and respect me. I would like to find the man which was for me a reliable support in a life.
I with hope look at the future.
I with impatience shall wait from you for the answer.


Letter 2

Hello my friend Jon!
I am happy to receive your letter. I should tell that with impatience and some excitement I wait for each your letter Hello my dear . Probably now we change our destiny, our future, though certainly it is not known to me.
I for a long time already wait when the man will appear in my life who will respect the family attitudes, and can make my life by happier. I have favourite work, I have the good parents, but for complete happiness I need in simple, gentle, man's love. As it would be pleasant to think, that you are necessary to someone else except for the boss and parents. As it would be pleasant to know that you are necessary to someone as the woman. I very much need in the simple human attitudes filled by trust, care and love. I think to you this condition of soul is familiar when want to love and to give tenderness to the beloved man. Your letters are becoming for me an island of "hope" at ocean of human indifference. I am very much interested in you and I very much hope for a possible happy outcome of our correspondence, which could develop in joint happy life. I hope that I don't frighten off you by these words. It would be perfect to wake up once in morning near to beloved and to begin day by a cup of hot coffee in bed and by long passionate kiss. I would be very happy if we could grow love to each other, but let's look that will turn out from our attitudes.
I have not enough experience in love to the man. I can not tell that I ever loved rather strongly. But it's not because I'm the cold woman, it is simple I hadn't interest to the men while I was arranging my independent life. I was in love in some young people when studied at university. They were the amusing guys, but our attitudes haven't developed on that moment and I should forget them. After university I could not find the man interesting to me. Therefore I very much appreciate our correspondence with you and I want maximal and better to learn you. I very much hope that you want the same. Set to me questions and I shall answer them. Ok.
I will wait for your letter with impatience!
Your Nadya.

Letter 3

Hello my friend Jon!
I was madly glad to receive your letter. I was very pleasant to read me your letters always with the big impatience I wait for your letter and when I receive the expected letter that at me heart starts to beat more strongly. I am very glad that you write to me letters with such revelation to me pleasantly that you trust me and want to learn about me as much more. I once did not think that is possible to become so is drawn to which person so know a little and never saw, but to me my girlfriend told that with it such already there was she too has got acquainted with the husband on correspondence and at me in heart the hope has lit up.
I very much like to travel we with parents went on the black sea to me there very much beautiful places were pleasant there many. Especially very much it was pleasant to me slides on neooa?a and on a boat. As it is pleasant that to me goes in for sports I there visited very beautiful training halls. In general there very much it was pleasant to me.
I would be glad to connect the life with such fine person as you. I that I shall do if you will cease to write to me. I would be very glad if you to me have told that I too that girl which am necessary for you. To me very much hunting waking up in the mornings always to see your surprising person before itself I want to hear tender words every day. When I look on in love people which walk together look the in love eyes against each other kiss embrace also to me for any instant is put sadly but when I recollect you that to me becomes more cheerful because I believe that at us with you will be too most and even on much better. I very strongly would like to pass along the street with you and that all passers-by would turn around and looked only at us two and we millet would go liked each other and lives were pleased. I very much like to read yours letters communication with you does me happy. I want to close up you on the present the happy person. I with impatience shall wait for your letter.
Yours Nadya.

Letter 4

Hello my dear Jon!
Do not understand me incorrectly, I do not want you to lose. Also I want to correspond and become further with you closely more to each other. I unfortunately could not warn you about my departure. I thought we shall go all at some o'clock. We with the daddy went in village. I because of work for a long time there was not. I have very much become bored on the grandfather and the grandmother. They too were very glad us to see, the grandmother at once has born to us of pair milk which I already for a long time did not try. At us in village the facilities, cow " Marusya" of very beautiful painting. Still the grandfather plants rabbits, they such ridiculous. It was interesting to me to look, how small rabbits runs on an open-air cage. They so cheerfully jumped and wound heads. To me was so pleasantly again to appear in native village where I have lead the most part of the childhood, likely, therefore I so like the nature. In village she is especially good, where so it is a lot of woods and fields. It is so much glades where the most different colors grow many. In the evening after arrival, I have plaited all wreaths from camomiles, only "Marusya" have preferred to not carry, and to eat the wreath and by its kind it to it have liked. Since, as I was not in the village, there much have changed, almost all youth has got over in cities, who where. And consequently it was a little bit boring, but I have quickly ceased to miss, in fact in village always is, than to engage. I the daddy has decided to put new bath, and that old already has grown old. The daddy has made all very quickly all for 5 days. It at me the good carpenter, is able to address with wooden constructions. It was born in villages and consequently is able to take care of a facilities. It in general very economic person, with mum we only prepare for houses and we are tidied up in an apartment, and on the house the daddy does all other affairs itself. Because I and mum the foundations after employment, and the daddy manage always to be vigorous. It in general very healthy person. It speaks, that it of that it grew in village where all conditions for a quiet and healthy life. But I did not begin to wait for it, I was waited by my pupils. To me has quickly bored to observe, how the daddy builds also I left on a mow, to recollect the childhood, to drive on fresh and fragrant hay. Only it is bad, that then a floor of day cleaned hay from the hair. They at me have terribly got confused also to me oy?ei was gave them to untangle. You have similar places, you would name like farms? You have in villages domestic cattle? Or you do not have village? I very much like such places. I on you very much miss. Write to me more soon!!!
Whole yours Nadya !!!

Letter 5

Hi my love Jon!
I am very glad to see here letter from you! I today to think what to be very good day! Though the weather was not solar and were in the sky of a cloud, my mood was very good. I all night dreamed, how with you it will be good together. I went today along the street and smiled also to me it seemed, that nothing can spoil to me day. I today have risen with an idea that at last soon I can meet and see and feel the love, unless it is not perfect? Today at job all to note that at me good mood both to congratulate me and to ask that such good to take place in my life. But they did not suspect, that at me for happiness. I did not speak them, I by him simply have said, that at me today simply good mood. I had nothing by himto say. You see by him to not explain that I to meet the happiness. Only you to do me now happy and to be mine talisman in this life. All colleagues to note, that with me to take place changes. Really and truth speak, that the love changes the people. I to hope that she very much to like you. My love how to be spoken to not know borders. And only the dream of a meeting with you to warm my soul.
I to want to tell you that I to fall in love just as the small girl which with impatience to wait the first appointment. I to grieve without you.
You will be always in my heart!

Your love Nadya!!!

Letter 6

Hello my angel Jon!
Thanks you for the letter to me is very pleasant for receiving from the letter again and again. I specially for you have written a poem. I hope that it is pleasant to you.
Spring wood
It is tempting so attracts
Also waits to itself
Trees joyfully meet
Two in love at dawn
And the sun tenderly blinks
Pleasantly I oppress warms
Also speaks us about love
And having joined hands together
On narrow track we go
We go also happiness of edge is not present
Eyes shine
And fresh air fills a breast
Such silence-
Only birds sing
Being afraid of love to frighten off
All breathes freshness spring
The rests of a snow on a grass
And naked while trees everyone look following to you and me
It is a pity to them with us will be chiseled
So sadly look
Hardly shaking on a wind
And we go also a life is fine
And to Ruhr I am strong yours I hold
The snow fluffy and soft thaws
And where that on foliage
Here all for us
And as in dream-
The snowdrop blue shines
I silently touch his hand
So it is cautious, gentle
Being afraid to frighten off his rest
And our feeling is indefinite
Track leaves back in a distance
And obeying it - we leave
Certainly it is a pity
To us will be chiseled with it
Fine instants together
In such mysterious wood
With you together I and you with me
And gentle your I catch a voice
You speak to me I love you!!!
You know only if the person on the present loves the person it is capable to write such poems. I hope that you trust me.
Whole yours Nadya!!!!

Letter 7

Hello my most favourite person Jon
I very much drag on you to me every day you more and more and will pick up to me more will pick up than your smile of your heat of your embraces of kisses. I very much would like is with you beside to live a life with you to divide pleasure and ãðóñòü with you. You which that person I searched for all life you are tender the kind generous person. I want tell to you that you can completely I shall always trust you I shall be true to belong only to you. Between us now kilometers But I gentle catch your voice And I would like to shout through a wind I love you hear I like I have composed this poem specially for you!!!
Yours Nadya

Letter 8

Hello my love Jon!
Here in Internet - cafe, I absolutely one.
I and hum of included computers.
This night I again looked at the sky Night was warm and almost without a wind.
The moon was closed by clouds that slowly crept on the night sky, swallowing stars.
I stood looking through an open window, I thought of us, about ours with you relations.
I always represented love, as feeling that changed the person completely.
The meaning of the life consists in search of true love.
Not founding love the person remains unfortunate, defective, irrespective of his prosperity, positions in a society.
But now I see that the love is capable to bring not only pleasure and happiness, but grief and a pain of separation.
The love is so many-sided.
Without you my love is sad.
It burns my heart, compresses by pain a breast, forces tears to drip from my eyes.
Or gives rise to a smile, installs pleasure, fills with iridescent emotions, wakens desires that sometimes I ashamed.
In emptiness of night I hear your words " my love, trust me, very soon we shall together ".
But again at night, I stand one, looking to the sky through open window.
There is no moon, stars... only darkness...
I again should fall down into empty and cold bed.
Each morning of new day I wake up with a naive idea, I shall open eyes and I shall see you. You will smile and tell, "darling, today our first morning together, now and forever we shall take pleasure in beams of a rising sun together ".
But each morning having opened eyes I see the same window, the same sad walls and a ceiling.
You are not here...
My love Jon I am afraid of each tomorrow's morning!!!
I want to be together with you!
Help me to arrive to you, I can not without you more.
I need you!
Yours Nadya!

Letter 9

Hello Jon!
My love Jon , I on heavens with happiness!
Because I have read your letter.
From you, I lose my mind. I re-read your letter again and again.
It as a cool rain in the center of desert, I drink your words and I can not get drunk.
It is fantastic... My heart is ready to jump out of a breast.
You have woken such strong fire in me which can burn all world.
You the kind wizard, your letter force me to forget about all problems.
I never was earlier so is happy.
I shall store carefully this letter. I can not leave him never.
It is more than the letter! It is a magic song of love!
I receive inexpressible sensations.
My God, I any more do not present myself without you.
As I dream to appear now near to you...
I very much miss you.
I very much would like to share with you joyful instants.
To give you the love, to listen to your gentle words.
You my light, my sun. I am similar to a flower which can not without a sunlight and lasts to the first beams of the morning sun.
Now when you are, I any more do not present myself without you.
Today my day was not the best without you, You my pain and my pleasure... i would want that you have helped me to arrive to you. I very much want it.
I with impatience expect your letter.
Your Nadya!!!

Letter 10

Hello my angel Jon
I am very glad to receive from you the letter. You have very much interested me your kind io?uoui in heart you the fine clever person I believe in your love to me. You trust in love at first sight? I feel that you very varnish and kind the man you the person of all my dream I believe that I shall be happy only with you. My mum is very glad for us. I of the fine future with you that we would be the happiest at times in the world and I believe in it. A code I read your first letters I have begun to cry and I have told to myself not o?aee has found the love!!! I have talked to mum on the account of my trip to you. She is very happy that you have invited me also we now together we count days when I shall come to you my love. I very much want to look as you live to me I was interesting what city at you want to take a walk with you on city together and that you would show me your beautiful places where it is possible to spend pleasantly together. You want it? I dream to fall asleep with you in one bed and to wake up feeling your heat. My dear Jon tell to me when we shall meet you, when I can embrace you and is strong kiss your lips? I shall wait very strongly for your letter.
You is a lot of kisses Nadya!!!

Letter 11

Hello my love Jon!
Dear my prince Jon I am glad to receive in this day off from you the letter. The letter you have warmed to me soul and heart. I think, that our hearts already for a long time were connected by the God. How you consider I is right?
I will need which to respect the man values of family and can become for me special the man. I want to be only with the man which I shall love. I love you my dear Jon! You for me an ideal of the man Recently it seems to me, that I am necessary for someone. And this someone you my dear Jon! I every day wait from you for the letter. I some times in day come in Internet - cafe of what to check up a mail and to find your letter. I any more do not present for myself a life without your letters, your kind and optimistic words. You for me an ideal of the man. I waited such the man as you all life. I think, that you Jon are for me that only thing and the beloved. I want to be with you together, but now I think, that it is not possible. I today have learned how many there will be cost for me this trip to you. This trip road for me.
I now do not know as we with you we can meet and be together.
The international passport cost 210 $.
The tourist visa cost220 $.
Medical inspection cost 170 $.
Medical insurance cost 14 $.
The ticket from Omsk up to Moscow cost 253.27 $
The ticket from Moscow up to you 785$.
I love you and I do not present a life without you. You for me prince on a white horse. You Jon for me the valorous knight whom all will make for me.
I recently have told about you mine Jon to mum. Mum was glad, that at me has appeared the man which it is expensive my heart. Today in the morning mum went to church and has put for us with you a candle. Mum wants, that at us with you all would be good.
I to mum have told, that I dream as soon as possible you to meet. Mum to me has told, that if at us with you mine Jon destiny a life together. That we necessarily shall. How you consider my mum of the right?
I think, that at us with you all will be good also we necessarily we shall together.
I shall wait from you for the fast letter.
Kiss. Nadya!!!

Letter 12

Hello my loved Jon!!!

I am very glad to receive from you this letter. Very much, very much, very much, it is pleasant for me that you trust me and help me with trip to you. I and my mum speak you many thanks for your generosity. When I have seen your letter I have begun to cry with happiness. I am very glad that we soon shall together. Today in the morning I would go to travel agency what more precisely to learn my angel as you can send me funds for my trip to you. To me have told that you can send me funds through MoneyGramm for this purpose to you it is necessary to know mine the data. I to you now their ladies my loved. My name Nadezhda Nikitina
I live in the city of Omsk
Street of Gagarin the house of 98 apartments 76.
After you will send funds you should write to me the letter in which 8 figures your full name your full address and the sum which you should be specified have sent me. You can give your phone on which to you the agent from agency will call. I want to tell to you that system MoneyGramm very reliable system for translation of funds. I ask you tell to me please when you are going to send funds? Because to me have told in agency that to you to send funds in the beginning of week better because soon the prices will be raised!
I wait for your letter.
Yours Nadya!!!

Letter 13

Hello my loved

Thanks you for your letter. I thank you for your help to me. My loved I want to tell to you that tickets aboard the plane should be bought from me in city. So to me have told in agency. If you to me will register tickets I cannot use them. So better at once that to me tickets in agency would register. I have not understood you to me have sent funds whether or not? Give the answer as soon as possible. If you to me have sent funds that I need in 8 figures. Would send to me of 8 figures that I could receive funds and go to agency to order the passport and the visa. Big to you thanks for your help. I am very glad that we soon shall together.
Whole yours Nadya!!!



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