Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Efremova to Gavin (Australia)

Letter 1
Hello Gavin.
I am glad to see your letter. The first step is made, and the beginning is necessary to our acquaintance.
I shall write to you about myself.
I from Russia, live in city Cheboksary. My city one of the big cities of Volga region region of Russia. To me of 27 years, my birthday on July, 15, on a horoscope I the Cancer.
I was once married. But my marriage has very quickly broken up. After that marriage I have understood, that I have made a mistake and have hurried with the decision. We have left him one year ago, now he has already had time to find to himself the new wife and now he lives with another. Children with him at us were not.
After that I long time did not trust a unsuccessful marriage to many men who surrounded me.
I think that at men from other countries other thinking for a life and consequently I have dared to find the friend through the Internet.
Tell to me, please, about itself. Well? I shall be very glad to find out about you more. About your work, a post and education. About your rest. Whether there is now at you a woman? If is not present, why you are lonely? The more you will tell about yourself, the better for our dialogue and it is possible the further friendship. I shall try to be with you frank. But also you from me hide nothing. Well? Well, I should finish all. Write me, OK?
I shall wait.
Tatyana from Russia.
Letter 2
Hello Gavin!!!
I waited your answer! I am glad, that you have written again to me.
I am am pleased with those that you write to me and do not forget me!!!
How are you doing??? How your mood???
At me all is normal, but day was today for me unsuccessful!!!
Today usual day. Only here morning was any not such. Today the beginning of day was not The quiet. I have woken up later than usually. Everything, that I was in time, it is a little to result of it Itself in an order after a dream to have a drink a coffee cup. Then I have run on the bus Stop. I was not in time on that bus on which wanted. It has left, not Having waited me. Thus I was late for work. But it still a trouble floor. In this turmoil I Has forgotten houses the Report for last week which it was necessary to hand over today. After all it, I have listened to a lot of criticism in the party from the party The heads of our firm. Here such difficult day was at me today.
I as wish to tell to you, that sometimes I work on Sundays as our firm works every day weeks.
And how you have spent the day?
I think, that you why I did not have a marriage interests. I I will write to you about the unfortunate marriage. If fairly to tell, with most Has begun our marriage with Dmitry (so called my former husband), was not It is similar to a happy family. I think, that we have made hasty the decision. Communicating with him, I saw only his good lines Character. He simply did not show the bad qualities. Now I I understand, how I was blind then!!! Time went, we have lived with him a floor of year as usual Young married couple. But then he became any to another, as though him Have changed. He began to shout at me, and soon at all did not turn on me Due attention. But after even three months all was found out. There is I at him there was not one. I has found out, that at him was much Mistresses whom he started to meet even more often. Sometimes he at all Came home, explaining it is the work. In one day I was released from work before, and have come home much earlier than usually. I had a key, and I have opened a door. When I have entered into a room could not believe to it. He sat from one of The mistresses. On a table there was a bottle of champagne and they had fun. On my question "Who it with you?", he has told "the Girlfriend on work". Then he has approached to me and has asked to leave me. Such impudence I from Him did not expect! During that moment I would not like to live. I did not know, that with By itself to do. Late at night, I went along the street with bitter tears on the person, Also did not wish to live. Then I have gone to my girlfriend. And further at me were Strong emotions. I roared, and laid on a bed. In a month we with him Have divorced. After we have divorced, I saw him only one time.
Now I think, that is good, that I have not made with myself that fatal evening for my family!!!
And so, briefly I have described to you three years of "love" with one *******!!!
I at all have not noticed, how I have written to you such long letter:) I Hope you has read it completely.
Now in my letter, I would like to set to you some questions.
What your hobby?
What your favourite kind of sports?
How you concern to matrimonial relations?
How many you would like to have children?
Tell to me about you more in detail, I would like to know you better!!!
I shall finish the letter.
I hope you to me will answer soon. I shall wait for your letter.
Yours faithfully Tatyana!!!
Letter 3
Hello Gavin!!!
Thanks you for your good letter. I like to correspond with you.
My girlfriends know about ours with you to correspondence, and send the regards to you Gavin.
My letter has been addressed to you. I have overlooked to tell to you, that in Chuvash language Sheldon means dear.
How your affairs? How your work? You likely very strongly get tired on the work.
And than you most of all are engaged at leisure? It is very interesting to me.
I can tell about myself, that at leisure I am fond of music and I play on the piano. Certainly not always I am fond only of music, there are also other affairs, but music and game on the piano is my hobby. I want to tell, that playing on the piano musical masterpieces of great composers as Beethoven, Mozart, Rostakovich and many others, I can forget about the problems. Music sometimes very strongly helps difficult minutes. From the early age at me interest to music was, I always wanted will learn to play on the piano. Most of all during my study at school I loved a lesson of music. My former teacher of music always spoke me that at me talent in music, and that she would like, that I would go to her on preparatory lessons where she trained me in game on the piano. My teacher was the fine person. Soon I began to participate at different musical competitions and won (but not always) prize-winning places. But I I have not connected the life with music. I wanted to act in a musical philarmonic society, but during last moment I have refused this of it. Now music and game on musical instruments, for me it only hobby, a hobby.
And how you concern to music? You are able to play on musical instruments?
I have absolutely overlooked to write to you about the parents. I live with mum. My father lives separately from us. he does not live with us 6 years. My mum the doctor. But she works in a drugstore. About the father I do not want anything to speak. Certainly he for me native, but at me is not enough respect for him because he has thrown my mother during the most complex time for us. I do not want anything to write about him. I am grateful to mum that she has brought up me correctly, and because of her good education I could achieve something in the life. From my mum, I do not have secrets. We share with her the problems and secrets.
I tomorrow plan on to speak about you. I want to tell to her, that I started acquaintance to you.
And how your relatives concern to what you correspond with the Russian woman? What do they speak you in this occasion?
Today I send you my next photos. I as hope to see your photos. I shall be glad to see your photos.
Write to me the same big letters, as well as I to you. Well? I want find out about you more.
If you do not know, that to me to write, then you tell it. I as to you have many questions on which I would like to receive the answer. I hope, that you will write all this to me.
Now I finish the letter.
I hope to see your letter soon. I shall write to you tomorrow.
Yours faithfully Tatyana!!!
Letter 4

Hello Gavin!!!
I am very glad to our correspondence, at me never was the foreign friend. You are glad to our acquaintance? I am very glad.
How your affairs Gavin? At me all is normal.
As I also spoke you in the last letter, I yesterday talked to mum about you and about our acquaintance.
She has told to me so: " I cannot prevent you in anything, you have head, you can make of the decision. But know only one, do not do about what you can regret then. Before to make the decision, all over again all consider, and it will be not important to last how many your considering. The main thing, that you have come to serious opinion, and never regretted about made. " That she has told. And I with her completely agree. We talked to her about it much. I cannot write to you all. If I shall write all about what we talked to her yesterday the letter will be very big. And I have already written the most important to you. The rest, is already female conversations.
I want to tell at once to you, that if you will tell to me directly and fairly I shall not be offended by it. For me the main thing that you have told to me the truth instead of concealed any secret which could turn a course of any events. You likely think, why such beautiful Russian woman has chosen me. You likely think, as in Russia there are many beautiful and clever men. Mine opinion on the account of it such: all of us people. We differ only that we have different religion, a nationality, color of a skin and many trifles to which it is not necessary to pay attention. All of us are able to think on the, but All is equal we come to one. The some people speak, when find out, that for example Russian she has married the American, that the traitress, she has offended by it Russian and still many violations. But I want to tell, that people which against people with the different nations far from each other married, such people it is possible to name racists simply. It is not pleasant to the some when the young girl marries the man which is much more senior than her. Age it not a problem, it not the most important in sincere love. From here I can tell to you one conclusion. The main thing in the person not color of his skin, not the nation and not religion, and his main CONDITION OPPRESS. In fact soul and heart of the person - the most important riches of each inhabitant of our world. It, unfortunately do not see the majority of people. I hope you of me understand. If you have questions to that I have written do not hesitate and set. I shall always answer you sincerely and to hide nothing. I also want to understand why many foreigners search for the wives, girlfriends abroad, and is especial in Russia. You can tell the opinion concerning it? Than your women differ from Russian? I shall look forward to hearing from you. I very much would like to find out your opinion concerning all it, that I have written in the letter!!! About tomorrow's day Gavin!!!
Yours Tatyana!!!
Letter 5
Hello Gavin!!!
I am glad to receive from you the letter!!! It has very much pleased me, that you Have written to me. At me fine mood!!! As your mood Today? I hope, that at you all is good, that you had remarkable Time. I would like to write to you today about the dream of the future family. I want to construct relations on trust and respect. For me it is necessary the man, To the aid which I could hope. As well as any woman, I Wanted to have children. And also to divide all difficulties and pleasures of a life with My spouse. It is a lot of people, the basic people of my age, build the Relations on passion, a ****** inclination. And it I think a mistake. I I think that it is not meaningful to get family with the person, from which to you *** is necessary only. I think that first of all people should suit the friend to To the friend to understand and respect each other. Many families break up because of That that bother each other, because of that that they cease to understand the friend The friend. I think, that the main thing in family this understanding, mutual aid, Sincere love.
I hope, that you agree with my opinion. I hope, that our opinions About the future family coincide.
I would like to see more than your photos. I am pleased very much with yours Letters when it is especial in them you send me your photos.
I would like to finish on it the letter.
I hope, that you will answer my letter soon.
Yours faithfully Tatyana!!!
Letter 6
Hello Gavin!
How at you an affair Gavin? I hope, that all at you is good.
I read your letter attentively.
Today remarkable day. Good weather. Mood at me remarkable. Today me have let off earlier from work, and having taken advantage of the moment, I have gone with the girlfriend to fitness the center. It is good fitness the center. I like to go to this fitness center as there are always glad to the clients. I have carried out there approximately 2 hours. I am very tired physically, but became vigorous morally. I write now to you from the girlfriend, she has access to the Internet and consequently I can go to it to write to you.
After I shall write to you, I shall go home. I yet do not eat after training, therefore it is necessary to make to myself a supper. My mum has left for a week to relatives for village, therefore it is necessary to do all most.
Gavin, you like to prepare? Speak, that if the man is able to prepare, at him always it turns out is more tasty than at the woman:) you think so? I like to prepare, and all who at me was speak, that I well prepare. In the best way at me it turns out to prepare for a borshch. You know, what such a borshch? If is not present, I to you shall tell. The borshch is a soup from a potato, beet, meat, carrots, an onions, and some other vegetables. This fine dish, and I advise you to try a borshch. If you in city have Russian restaurant, whether that go there and ask them there is at them a borshch. It is poorly probable, that they do not have a borshch. I think to you very much our borshch is pleasant:))) And what you prefer to use in I peep, an integral meal or a meal of fast preparation? I think, that it is better to carry out more time for kitchen and to prepare I peep from natural products, than to go somewhere and to use I peep with chemical additives. You agree with me?
Now I need to go in shop behind products and to go home.
I shall write to you tomorrow.
I wait for your letter Gavin!!! Also I hope to see your photos!!!
Yours faithfully Tatyana.
Letter 7
Hello Gavin!!!
Thanks for your letter. I very much waited for yours the letter.
Thanks you for your photos. Very beautiful photos. I want to tell, that I did not rise above 16-th floor:))) I Think, that in a reality to look downwards from 69-th floor very much grasps.
How at you an affair? How your affairs on your work? You likely very strongly get tired on the work. But to work it is necessary, and it is impossible to sit at home and to do nothing. I hope, you will well see off time after work? After work good rest is always necessary. I already spoke you in the previous letters, that I now go to sports club and I am engaged in fitness. Believe, to me it very strongly helps to relax after work. I suggest you to occupy too myself with something useful to the organism. I understand, that you go in for sports, but it is necessary to be engaged in it is serious and never to stop. It only small advice:) To make the choice to you. Today at me good day. Today I have received wages on work. And now I think to go in shop, to buy to myself something from things. I think, that the purchase to myself a suit in which I shall go for my work. Every month, when I receive wages, I buy to myself something from clothes. You likely know, that women like to buy to themselves clothes. In this business I not exception. I always want to get to myself something new and when I do not have such opportunity, we with girlfriends vary clothes, we ask to wear any clothes:) I do not know can at you the woman do not do so, but at us it very much is widespread.
Gavin and how you spend wages? I understand, that you can not answer this question. It is simply interesting to me to know it. I am interested with one more question. How women in your country spend money? I many times heard, that many women abroad, very strongly like to spend the money and money of the husband in shops. Speak, that they till some hours can spend only in shops, and never leave shop without purchases. I think, that such way of life very strongly spoil women. The some people want to look always wonderfully, but remain disgusting in soul, and many men do not see it. Some men trust only to the eyes, trust that that see, but sometimes the sight is very deceptive. Many men commit such mistake, and then regret about it, but then to think of it very much late. You it agrees with it? I ask do not commit such mistake. Ok? I know, that you good the man, and I do not wish, that you were deceived in what. For myself I can tell, that I not such woman as the some people. For me the private world of the person is important. The good private world (Soul) of the person is there are his most valuable riches. You agree with me?
Now I shall finish the letter. I hope to see your letter soon. And I would like to hear your opinion concerning it. ok?
Successful to you of day!!!!
Yours faithfully Tatyana!!!
Letter 8
Hello Gavin!!!
Thanks, that you have answered me.
How your affairs?
It was very interesting to me to read your letter.
Today at me since morning very good mood. You will laugh likely, but I nevertheless shall tell to you it. Today very interesting dream has dreamed me. To me has dreamed, that I stand in shop, and the guy approaches to me and speaks me: " Privet Tanya! ". When I have turned, I at once found out him (it was my friend to the childhood). Then he has bought two balloons, and we have run along the street:) I now write to you and I laugh. You ran sometime in dream? If yes, you understand that sometimes in dream very slowly run, though try to run quickly:))) He all time ran faster me, and I could not catch up him, I ran as a turtle and it angered me:) So we have reached my court yard, and then we shook on a swing. It was very interesting dream, but I half that was, I have already overlooked =))) After that dream I have recollected the childhood. I have recollected as we ran along the street, played various children's games. You recollect the childhood sometimes? It is very interesting to me to recollect the childhood. As it was good and quiet in the childhood:) Then I have presented, as I shall bring up children. I shall give children happiness and fun. And I want, that my children grew and were brought up in high-grade and happy family where reigns mutual understanding and love. You agree with me? You want it?
Well on it everything, that I wanted you to write.
I hope, that you will answer me soon. I too shall try to not be late with the answer. But sometimes at me it is a lot of work and not enough time, therefore I not always can write to you.
Successful to you of day!!!
Do not miss, I shall necessarily write to you.
Yours faithfully Tatyana!!!
Letter 9
Hello my friend Gavin!!!
Thanks for your letter. I am glad, that you again have written to me.
How at you an affair? How your health? I hope, that with you all is good.
You feel, that we became more close to each other. We know about each other much, and I think, that we became very good friends.
Yesterday before dream I thought of you, that has changed in my life after I have met you. On work I always try before the beginning of work, all over again to go in the Internet, to receive from you news and to send you my letter (But sometimes it it is impossible to me). It very much is pleasant to me, when I see your letter, my mood always improves, and the reason of it are you. I think, that our acquaintance on the Internet was fine event in my life. I thought, that I shall not find the present the man which never will bring. First I did not think, that it is possible to find the good friend through the Internet, I thought, that on the Internet the majority are for the sake of an entertainment. I so thought, you have not appeared yet. You not such, under your letters I have understood, that you can trust. I am glad to our acquaintance. I correspond only with you, with hope that I should not search for somebody else more. You, probably, did not expect it? Simply to me very important our dialogue.
I shall wait very much for your mutual letter, me interestingly your opinion on our relations. I hope, you to me soon write. I wish fine you day.
With hope your girlfriend Tatyana!!!
Letter 10
Hello dear Gavin!!!
How are you doing? How your mood? How do you feel? I hope that with You all is normal also you feel like superb. Thanks you for Your letter. I very much waited for it and is glad that have received the letter.
After your last letter, having come, home, I very for a long time thought about Us and about our relations. These feelings, they very warm, and also They cool time which it is a little, as the moon on dark The evening sky. If you have time, look at it, and you will understand all Depth of my feelings. At us today half of moon in the sky. You know that You very good person, and I can be with you open. You Fine, sensitive, kind, you deserve the most good Words, and your relation to me the finest in my life. I I think that I was not mistaken in the choice and I am glad that I have written to you. And Now I do not have any doubts in our dialogue. I very much It is glad to our acquaintance, and I hope, that we with you shall continue ours relations.
Gavin I with impatience shall wait for your letter.
Yours faithfully your girlfriend Tatyana!!!
Letter 11
Hello my friend Gavin!!!!
How your affairs? I'm fine, I hope as at you all is fine.
I am glad to read again your letter. Thanks you for your good letters.
How you have carried out today the day?
At me very good day today was. I today had the day off on work.
Therefore had today many free time. By the way, I have overlooked to tell to you, that in two weeks one of my girlfriends marries. I am very glad for her. I know her future husband since the childhood as he lives in the next court yard and we went with him to one school. he very good person. Has no harmful habits. I hope, that she will have happy family. Today all the day long we have carried out in wedding shops. We chose a wedding dress for her. And we have chosen very beautiful dress for her. In this dress she looks perfectly!!! When I have seen her in this dress I have recollected the days before wedding. I was as is glad as she. And I do not wish her of that I have tested in the marriage. But we her girlfriends, trust and we hope that at her all will be fine in her home life. We know parents of the groom, they intelligent people, and they have very well brought up the son. Parents of the groom have told, that the bride of their son for them now as the native daughter. And it very much pleases us. After that we went to restaurant. All of us allowed a parting word of ours all to the favourite girlfriend. There can be we have started to congratulate her, but all of us are glad for her. Recently I have come to my girlfriend (not to that which marries:)) to write to you the letter.
You represent the future wedding? If yes, you can tell to me as you represent the wedding? It would be very interesting to me find out it.
Thanks you for your feelings to me. It very much pleases me. I want to trust you, and to not put your words under doubt. And I want to tell, that time will show all our feelings. Speak, that the swan Has law: beloved Dies, he Dies also. Wings will combine and falls From blue height If you will strongly grow fond - So you will act also?:) As it is healthy, that we with you friends.
Friends, so, not another's.
So that we: both you, and I-
Though something is significant the friend for the friend in this world. And sometimes we think of us,
And even our ideas beside somewhere,
And sometimes, yes however, every time
We speak nobody about it. As though it is a small secret
Only two friends. Only your and my.
To us up to other secrets of an affair is not present.
As it is healthy, that we friends with you! If wrinkles appear on your body, do not let them to appear on your heart. The spirit never grows old.
It is very a pity to me to hear about illness of your father. He does not have any chances to win a cancer? Any opportunity can eat? I think, that you should give more now to him to time. We never estimate kindness and love of our relatives, and their love we realize all only after they together are not present. It is very sad, in fact we do not appreciate that that at us now is, and then when there will be nothing - we regret.
It is a small part of that I wanted to write to you today.
I wish you successful day. Up to the following letter!!!
Yours faithfully, your girlfriend Tatyana!!!
Letter 12
Hello dear Gavin!!!
How you? I hope at you all well.
Now I sit at myself on work. At me has appeared a free time, and I at once have decided to write to you.
Today on 1-st of May, and at us the day off. But I today have decided to work a little because I need to finish some affairs.
My friend Gavin, I think, that there is something between us which force me to trust you and to open my heart for you, I would like to give you my full trust because I see in your letters as you sincere and serious with me.
I hope, that we have met on the Internet knowingly.
I think, that everything, that happens, happens for some reasons, and I think, that either it is good, or it will help you and will function in a firm situation which could appear in the future. What do you think of it, Gavin? You agree with me, or have other opinion on it? I really would like to know it from you.
I would like to write to you more, but now I have not enough time. It is necessary to make a lot of work. Whenever possible, I shall try to write to you soon.
Yours faithfully yours Tatyana!!!
Letter 13
Hello dear Gavin!!!
How at you an affair? I hope at you all well.
I'm fine, and I had good mood when has seen your letter.
It is very pleasant for me to know, that there is on light a person to whom my destiny is not indifferent, the person it is important for them to know, that with me, that I do! In my life I saw a little and felt care of - simply everyone who could care of me, have been very much occupied with the affairs, except for my girlfriend, and I at all was not necessary for the rests. It was necessary to do without care, I even felt like a little confused when received from you such kind letters! I really did not know what to make! And I am very grateful to you for it Gavin! You very tender, clever, interesting and attractive the man Gavin. You the adult the man and much more seriously concern to a life.
I think, that I can trust you completely. I can discuss with you various problems, friendly conversations.
I would like to write to you a poem which I recently have written. I am not able to write verses correctly in English, therefore I have tried to translate them. I hope you will understand. What is the love?
I am seted by a question again.
Probably, something such,
That it is very easy to lose. Probably, something such,
That it is necessary to protect and hold.
It that so is weightless,
And from what you will want to fly. Probably, something such,
Than it would be desirable to live and dream,
Probably, something such,
That is covered in each of us. Probably, something such,
That hides mysteriousness of phrases.
Probably, something such,
That it would be desirable to give simply. Probably, something such,
That it would be desirable to divide with someone.
Probably, something such,
That so it is not easy to explain, Also that in many years
Never you can forget.. Well everything, on it I finish the letter. But I do not say goodbye to you, I speak you: " Up to the following letter Gavin!!! ".
I hope, you write to me soon.
I wish you all the best!
Your Tatyana.
Letter 14
Hello dear Gavin!!!
How at you an affair today? How your mood?
I'm fine.
Thanks you, that you have not kept me waiting and have written to me the letter which very strongly pleases me.
Gavin, I want to tell to you, that every day I start to understand, that you for me not simply the man with which only I correspond, and you for me the man which roads for me. I as have noticed, that I began to think more of you and to speak about you with mum and girlfriends. And my girlfriends confirm to me it. Your letters are very strongly reflected in my mood. For example, if you do not write to me it afflicts me, and my mood at once worsens. At you it happens such when I write to you with delay? You really such the man which can cheer up the woman a difficult minute. I am grateful to destiny, that we have got acquainted with you. After our acquaintance, I have very strongly changed. Even any outlook on life began another for me.
Still I have noticed something. Before our acquaintance, I did not notice as passed day. I woke up and went for work, then came back home. I carried out evening or houses or on a visit at the girlfriend. Especial I did not do anything. And every day was such. But after our acquaintance, I began to appreciate time!!! Now I appreciate each day. At me interests, and meaning of the life have appeared. My mood remarkable!!!
I am grateful to you for all. You are kind to me, and I try to love you.
I would like see and find out you in a reality. But all the time.
Now I shall finish the letter.
Please tell to me in the letter about what has changed in your life after our acquaintance? And as has changed. ok? I sincere with you, also write to you all that I feel.
I hope to see yours the letter soon.
Yours faithfully, your girlfriend Tatyana.
Letter 15
Hello dear Gavin!!!
Thanks you for your letter. I once again want to tell to you, that your letters very strongly please me. I hope you Gavin not the bad guy which have turned a head to the trustful girl and have then thrown her. If I have liked you lovely Gavin I am glad that our feelings are mutual!
I'm fine. How at you an affair? How today your day?
It is very a pity to me to hear about your father. It is very sad. I very much hope, that doctors will make all probably to leave a life of your father. I very much hope for it.
Gavin, I want to tell to you, that you became for me such person to whom I can talk about that that excites me. I am ready to share with you the problems about which I do not speak some girlfriends. I can share with you mine personal. I believe, that you really good man, and at us with you serious friendship.
Now we friends with you on correspondence, and we have with you very good friendly relations. I hope, that shortly we can will meet you in a reality and who knows, can be after our meeting, our relations with you will be even more strong. Gavin how you see our meeting? Where you would want, that we have met?
And I am interested very much with one more important question. How your relatives and familiar concern to what we can soon meet? As it is interesting to me to find out, what opinion at them concerning me? I very much would like to know it so it is rather serious step for me. I did not talk yet to my mum concerning that we can shortly meet you. I shall talk to her tonight. Now I can guess only reaction of my mum after that I to her shall tell. I always came with her to the general opinion, and I hope, that today's conversation does not become exception.
Now I shall finish the letter. I hope to see your answer soon.
Successful day Gavin!!!!
Yours Tatyana.
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