Letter(s) from Tatyana Efremova to Scott (Ireland)

Letter 1

hello my dear Scotty!!!
How at you an affair? I'm fine.
Lovely, I understand, that you will work, and we can meet you only then when you are exempted from work. I understand it. I think, that it not a problem. For this time I could will get acquainted with your native and to spend time with them. You count it correct? In fact, I as need to know your native, I need to understand as they will concern to me if I want that they were to me relatives. It too is very important FOR me.
I yesterday went to travel agency to find out all about my travel to you. I talked to the worker of agency, and all have found out from him. I have explained to him, that I want to depart to you for two months to DUBLIN. he has understood my intentions and has told, that on such case, in travel agency can give a tourist package deal. he has told, that such package deal to Dublin for two months will cost to me 1095 euros.
I too have been struck with the sum which is required to me for travel to you. I was interested at the worker of travel agency why I should pay 1095 euros if tickets cost about 400 euros. he has explained to me, that is included in a package deal from travel agency. he has told, that in me it is required To issue the passport for travel abroad and the visa, the medical policy, an insurance policy, tickets. he as has told cost of everything, that it is required to me. Initially I will need to issue my passport for travel abroad, which cost 142 euros. Registration of such passport of the passport borrows 10-15 working days. After registration of the passport I will need to issue the visa, cost of the visa makes 54 dollars, term of registration of the visa from 7 till 12 working days. As I need to issue the medical policy - 45 euros, and insurance the policy, which cost - 324 euros. Insurance and medical policies are necessary for all citizens, going abroad. After registration of all documents, I can buy air tickets and fly to you. Cost of air tickets Dublin (in both sides), makes 395 euros. I pay other sum for services of travel agency. I can be to Ireland about two months. That I was explained by the worker of travel agency. I hope, now you understand why I should pay for travel to you such big sum. It is really big sum.
Scotty, I understand, that it is serious and the purpose and certainly the sum too. And the more so for you. And I want to tell, that I there is nothing you I do not oblige. And there is nothing I do not ask. If really you think, that you and I can become good pair then it is necessary to conceive our meeting. I want to hope, that our meeting will change our life in the best side. And this step is very serious for both of us. And your answer for me very much much means.
Lovely, I understand, that for you the most expensive gift shall be I.
But nevertheless Russian culture demands it that I have given you a gift from myself. I think, you will not refuse it.
On it I finish the letter. I hope to see your letter again.
Yours faithfully yours Tatyana.

Letter 2

Hello my dear Scott!!!
How are you my dear??? I'm ok!!!
I now on work.
I am happy to see again yours the letter. I am very glad, that you have perfectly carried out the day off, and that you too have very well slept. Means also you as well as I like well and to have a sleep more:))))
Lovely, I have really been concerned with that you cannot spend time long time with me. But I am grateful to you that you have explained all to me. I now understand all.
Lovely, I already spoke you, that today I shall go to agency to take away tickets. I went today there to a lunch break, and recently have come back for work, and have decided to write to you at once.
Some data of air tickets in which my arrival is specified:

Start: MOSCOW 21:20 Wednesday on April, 23 2008
Arrival: LONDON 22:15 Wednesday on April, 23 2008
Flight: BA 875, the plane: Boeing 767-200

Start: LONDON 06:40 Thursday on April, 24 2008
Arrival: DUBLIN 08:00 Thursday on April, 24 2008
Flight: BA 5949, the plane: Airbus Industrie A321

General time in a way: 13 hour. 40 minutes.

When I received the tickets, the worker of travel agency informed me news which I did not expect to hear. I really was in confusion. This news to me was impact.
To me spoke that at you in the country the law on that is accepted for that what to arrive to you to the country it is necessary to have money for hands. To me spoke that many countries do such law. This money refer to to average living wages. It is made for that what to you the country there did not arrive immigrants. I spoke in travel agency why they did not speak me about it earlier? They spoke me that it not terribly and they thought that I can find money. Because I will not need to spend them. I only need to show them at the airport. I should not spend them. At stay of two months in Ireland I will need to have 2400 euros. It is the sum pays off with the account that every day to me is necessary to have 40 euros.
I should have this money with me at the airport when I shall go through customs. And I should show them at customs. If I shall not have with myself money me will simply not let in the Ireland. But I should not spend this money. I will need to show them only. And when I shall come in the Ireland I at once can give you this money at the airport. I should have them only for customs.
Scott, I have really been upset with this news. Now I do not know where to find such money. I am valid in confusion. Lovely I shall not spend this money. They are necessary to show only at entrance to Ireland, that at me is money with itself and that they have understood that I not the immigrant.
I am very much upset with confluence of such circumstances. I now do not have any mood.
Lovely, I shall try to call to you within the next few days. Now only your voice by phone gives to me happiness.
I shall finish on it the letter.
I shall wait for your following letter.
Kiss you!!!
Yours Tatyana!!!!!!

Letter 3

Hello my dear Scott!!!
I am very much upset, I on the verge of nervous failure, I now am in a condition of a shock!!!! At me hands now are very much shaked! I can not believe that it has taken place with me! Now I understand in what awful country I live! Such wild events might occur only here! It is very hurt me!
It is awful. Today since the morning I have arrived to Moscow. Having taken away the bags I have left a train. I have gone to an exit from station. There was a lot of people, and with me close all time there were any suspicious men. But I went further, and then someone has pushed me, and I have felt, that someone touched my bag. When I have looked, the bag was on a place, but those two men was not already close. It seemed to me suspicious. I have looked attentively at the bag, and have seen, that it have cut, and then I have found out, that in it there is no my purse and an envelope in which were money which I should was show at customs house. I was horrified, I began to shout, whom our militiamen did not come, and I have told him, that at me have stolen money. We have run to search for them. But there was a lot of people, and we have not found them, they already by this time had time to escape probably from station. I did not know what to do. I felt fear, horror and feebleness.
I now have no any mood. Money which needed to be shown when I shall take off, they are not. I now do not know what to do. I do not know, that to me to do with my flight to you.
My lovely those gangsters have taken away money which you have sent me that I could show them at customs house. I now do not know, that with it to do, I have lost all money for our meeting. I now do not know, that with our meeting. My lovely I has lost all money, and now I do not know, how I shall pass through customs house. My lovely I need to have money, but those gangsters have taken away all money which you have given me. My lovely I very much want to meet you, I hope, that it is not destroyed. My lovely, what we can solve with it?
I now sit in the Internet of cafe, and I do not know what to do. My flight will be in the evening. And I do not know, that to me to do.
I shall not go through it!
I can not will consult with it!
I can be broken at any moment!
where you? I very much need in you!
Please answer me faster!
I shall wait for your letter.
Please, faster!
Yours Tatyana.