Scam letter(s) from Lisa Carter to Chris (Australia)

Letter 1
I am really happy to get your email, well i am the only daughter of my parents, we are two, one boy and a girl. i lost the both parents in a ghastly motor accident on October 27 2004 and the only brother i am having also lost his life 11 months after both parents died. so i am alone now
Before my brother;s death, he was a contractor with Africa Government, he has been in Spain for many years and he is holding a spanish passport. He is working and living his life in Spain, he also was single before his death.
I have been alone for months now, i am the only person left in my family. i just came in to Africa about 18 days ago for the claim of my brother who suppose to get his pay from the Africa Government on the Pipeline construction they awarded to him before his death. and he has finished the construction since 2002.
Now they wanted to pay off his money and since i am the next of kin to him that is why they call on my attention for all processing, that is what i am here in Africa to do and also that is just the details about my family background.
Like i said i am willing to relocate to a security foundation, to a man that will be with me, take care of me, love me and give me an happy home, i am coming back by next week and if you dont mind i can change my flight to you if you wish and we can start a solid relationship from there when i come down.
if truly you are interested in meeting, me i live with my brother in united state before and now i want to relocate to a secure foundation, so let me know if you are willing to let me change my flight to you just to have a stay with you for some days or weeks by then when i am going back me and you can then go to my place in maryland just for you to know my place and then we can then come back and go to your place to stay together, i just want to have a serious and long lasting relationship that can make me achieve my goals. so if you are interested in meeting me, let me know your full name, address, as well as the name of the closiest airport to you that you may like me to change my flight to you.missing you ****.i dont know when the payment will be ready for me to cash up with.I was told that after my return to maryland the payment will be made to the account that i file in the proccessing paper.I have the some of 7,500 us dollar to pay to the afrca GOvenment for me to have all paper cleared.I beleive things wwill work out fine hunny.The toatal package from the africa Govenment is the some of 935,000 us dollars.The lawyer in charge demanding for 10 percent but i agree with him.The only delay now is payment for the claims prcessing i want to see you in person. lisa
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