Scam letter(s) from Marina Aleksandrova to Felix (Serbia)

Letter 1
Hello! I am glad that you have answered me my message. I feel the lonely woman in this world, and on it I have decided to have acquaintance through the Internet. I do not know that from it it to turn out, in fact I in the first communicate with the man on the Internet. I hope for good friendship and attitudes. As you already know my name Marina. I was born and I live all the 27 years in the city of Moscow. It is capital of the huge country. It is very big and beautiful city which population is totaled already about 10 million by person. And every day this city becomes all more beautifully and more beautifully. I am glad, that I have an opportunity to live in such city. Please tell to me about the city where do you live? And I very much would wish to see photos of your city. I shall send photos of Moscow in following my letter. This city with the big history, and significant events which have occured as well as in Russia, and in the world. I about it know from the academic years in Moskovsk Pedagogical State University. University in which I studied, to me have much given the information and good formation. By formation I the teacher of history. But I work as the senior tutor in children's to a garden. At university I as have very well studied English language by means of which I now write to you the letter. Write to me please the letter in English. Because I except for Russian and English language, any more do not know any. Tell in what maximum establishment you studied? And you have what formation? You seem to me that the interesting person, and it is pleasant to me to write to you this letter. Tell why you in general search for new acquaintances through the Internet? I have houses a computer, and I would want that we with you read from each other letters every day. I send you a photo me. And I as would like to see your photos. Because I cannot present myself as it is possible to communicate with the person not seeing it never. And here we on a photo can though when to look. I think it will be more correct. And you as think? You can ask to me any questions. And I shall try to answer them. I wait tomorrow your letter and a photo. Good-bye.
Letter 2
Hello! I am glad that we with you continue to correspond on the Internet. It was interesting to me to read through your letter. I Would like to tell about family, Why I live in Moscow and why my name - Marina. There was time when there was a Second World war. And then there was still the CCCP, instead of Russia. And my grandfather whom all the life was the militarian. It was at war in Kazakhstan this war together one thousand army has proceeded. My grandfather was the lieutenant colonel. During war it has received deeply a wound, and it has sent the medical center which then was in Moscow. There my grandfather has got acquainted with the fine nurse who then became my grandmother. And after war, to mine to the grandfather have given an apartment in Moscow for brave actions on war. Both my grandfather and the grandmother have remained in Moscow. And so has transferred half of century, and now I write to you the letter. When I recollect this history I I start to trust destiny more and more. I you as think? YOU trust destiny? Tell about history? Me have named Marina in honour of my prograndmother on a parental line. Marinochka this tender name. I think, that you wish to know, how you can change my name. As I also wish to know, how I can name you? How you are named by friends or girlfriends? If suddenly there will be necessary for you my help in what that, That I with pleasure I shall help you. I live one in an apartment in one room, almost in city centre. My father has died of ignition lungs 5 years ago. My mother has died of an inflammation of a brain 3 years ago. It was very much greater loss for me and my family.
I have only one brother. It is more senior than me for 5 years and it already has the family. At it very beautiful wife and at and them is the small daughter. I am frequent to them I come, and I play with the daughter. I would like to know you to me spoke that you were in Moscow two times well as to you my city, I think that you liked I would like to know that you think about my city as at you have developed impressions. To me very much to like to work with children, I as consider that it at me is best it turns out. I at all do not know what plans at me for the summer I yet I do not know. I have two my best girlfriends with whom I together studied at university. We with them very often gather, and we recollect former years which we spent together as studied at university. Bending on experience of my girlfriends, I till now single, and never was. It is very sick theme for me, and in all Russia. I have no guy. I have no children. My girlfriends have married till now about it regret. I wish to inform details because I shall place before you in clumsy position of my girlfriends. I only shall tell, that all divorces were for the reasons of alcohol and change. And till now I observe a picture of evening Moscow when all youth continues a disco or to cafe, Also get ***** alcohol before loss of consciousness. With it, which is necessary what to make because the future is looked, is very pity for Russia. As it from it wins many money. Almost all alcoholic manufacture is made with the state, and it it is opposite very good from it. The state buys to itself on these cars of money, sites of the country. I read in magazines and observed on TV, that in your country there is no such danger to youth and adult generation. And therefore I have decided to search for acquaintance to this attribute. In Russia many jobless people. And on it I know, that Russia borrows 4 places by consideration of TV. I very much would wish to look a photo of your family. YOU can send me? I expect, tomorrow that again I shall read through your letter. Good-bye. Marina!
Letter 3
Hello the interesting friend. To me it is very pleasant that you have written me the letter. I with the great pleasure read your letter. You seem to me the pleasant person. I the supporter of a healthy way of life. You go in for sports? I have no bad habits, such as smoking and alcohol. And you? I once a week with the girlfriends make jog on park, it is usual in the morning in the day off. To me to like to watch the figure. At me growth of 171 sm, weight of 56 kg. And at you as? In general I see girlfriends seldom as each of us would work for that that in the future to live better. Sometimes certainly we dare to relax and we do campaigns at cinema and cafe. And how you have a rest with the friends? How you usually spend a free time? In the winter I with the girlfriends go to the Ice palace and I skate and on skis. In the summer I go on a beach to sunbathe. Me it interests as you live in other country and culture. Tell what music you you like to listen, what films to look? I like to listen to music different sometimes romantic, sometimes fast and cheerful. All depends on mood.
And at cinema I love classics and a fantasy. You are familiar with the Russian cinema? We in Russia had very talented movie producer Leonid Gajdajja. It has removed many remarkable films. One of them of " 12 chairs ", you know it? I as look foreign films " Pirates of the Caribbean sea " or " effect of the butterfly ". You know these films?
In general you know that, I have noticed, that every year tastes on meal, music, cinema, and in general outlooks on life vary. There is constant only an essence of a life, which with each person one. I since the childhood like to read books. I have read through enough books, especially I love verses about love. You know Russian poets Chehov, Nekrasov, Tolstoi? A.S.Pushkin seems to me the unique poet which completely opens a theme of love in verses. At it it turns out more than at others. It is all history, very greater history which each person should know. Tell what you you love the literature, and you remember what poets on what or. It would be completely not bad to have a talk on this theme. Undoubtedly, there are also other interests, for example, I with pleasure read culinary books, and not only I read, but also perfectly I prepare. I prefer healthy food where there are more than vegetables, bean, cereals, fruit. I consider a healthy way of life became popular among people. But I see in it necessity because I have got used to watch over the health since the childhood. Tell to me please about the character. How you think in what at you pluss, and in what minuses? I consider that at me pluss in diligence, purposefulness. And minuses in pity, kindness. To me too very much to like well on to eat, but I do not take a great interest much, to like me chocolate and to like ice-cream as to you. Much to our regret I have no house of phone, and on it I cannot call to you or you to me. I had a cellular telephone couple of months back, but at me it was stolen by thieves. And so I with pleasure would hear your voice. I shall try to find phone, that I could call to you. I shall look forward to next your letter. Yours Marina
Letter 4

Hello my friend. It is pleasant to see that you have written to me the letter again, hence I can draw a conclusion, that I have interested you. For me very important it is the nobility. It is very interesting to know about the person who lives in the far country and is interested about you. We can consult with each other, we can tell about the problems. Such dialogue will lead us to strong affinity. I hope that we shall be sincere to each other and our acquaintance will give us only pleasant sensations. I hope you you understand, that I do not wish to play with feelings of other person or that somebody played with my feelings, I want that you knew it. Not looking at our difference in the age of, I do not see any problem in it for us, it hardly can affect development of our attitudes, at least so I think.
And how you think? You to me have told that you have house an animal a cat, but at me is not present what animals, but to like me small dogs and I would like to have to myself houses a dog. I work in children's to a garden, as the tutor. Very much to like me my work as I spend time with children much. I think that it very much will help me with the future when I shall have the children. I have enough years what to reflect about it, often enough. It is very difficult to find work in Russia. You can judge to that I work not by my formation, and necessarily. Here public relations very strongly influence. If you have communications that you work on prestigious, highly paid work.
And at me my father was the militiaman, and my mother the cook in cafe. And you can see where I work. I think, that children - flowers of a life. I concern very responsibly to the work and me often praise.
But not looking at it I receive 310 euros in a month. In Russia very small earnings. Me your wages, for comparison interest? Tell in more detail about the work? As whom do parents work for you? In Moscow it is a lot of visitors of people from abroad. At times you go along the street, and you look as the aboriginal of Moscow hardly buys home meal for family, and the visitor go by machines and eat at restaurants. It is a greater problem for mayor of city, and it here has made a mistake. I so think, this my opinion. And how you think? Tell the opinion. How occurs in your city? It is interesting to me to listen to you. You write very interesting letters into which I am loaded from a head up to legs. Now I know, that I have the friend which me always will support and will console. You can tell to me all that want me, much interests about you. You seem to me very interesting person. With you to me cosy to communicate. I would look forward what again to see your letter tomorrow. Good-bye.
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