Scam letter(s) from Julia Zabolotnova to Swa (Belgium)

Letter 1
Hello,my dear Swa!
Honey, this morning I woke up and look through the window at once!
A grey day dawned upon the sleeping city. I enjoyed bliss, baby!
I realized, that I'm like a grain of sand in this huge world and need your care and support! You know, my life is empty without you and I all my dreams and wishes about future family are concerned with you!
Some woman say, that it's better to have a family after 30. I think, it's nonsense! People may have a family at any age, when they love each other! Agree with me, darling? If love is true, there is no barrier for age difference, religion, culture or social status. When people feel an attraction to each other, nothing can stop it!
I think, lovers should tell each other the words of love more often, 'cause these words mean so much. They give the strength to live, create something and struggle even against terrible diseases! Sorry for my philosophical arguments today, my sweetheart! You know, when I think of you, I can't help myself! Please don't laugh, but sometimes I even take my teddy bear and kiss his nose, then we fall asleep together! :) What will you say, if I do the same with you, baby? :)
No, with you everything will be totally different. I'll show you how when we meet (I'm sure you'll like it)! Yesterday some of my friends came and we talked about Saint Valentine's Day celebrations! :)
Those, who have boyfriends, thought about special presents this day, how to look beautiful to drive their lovers crazy. As for me, I decided to do a deed for you! I can't tell you what, you'll see by yourself! I want us to remember this special day and prove our feelings we feel for each other by deeds. I dream to get bunch of flowers from you, but I don't know if it's possible. If I have flowers from you, I'll keep every little flower, when they are dried. Darling, what do you want me to do for you? I know, that happiness is what we feel inside, what make us happy and warm our heart! Happiness is not flowers or presents, but something inexplicable, what we feel!
The best present for me is to see your happy eyes, smile and hear your compliments! I need everything, that woman in love needs!
Honey, don't spend the money for Valentine's present for me.
Let's better think about German classes.
Darling, I already tried to study German with a help of German self-taught and dictionary, but without any success.
Honey, the German courses I chosen are situated by the translator's high school in the East Ukrainian University. They have classes 3 times in a week by 1,5 hours. They are professional translators there.
By the way, they teach us how to work at the computer as well. The full course lasts 6 months and cost 700$. One month cost 150$ and 3 months courses cost 450$. The first and second courses are theoretical, and the third part is a practical course. After these courses, I'll get the certificate of international standard.
By the way, then I can write you letters myself, without anybody's help. Can you imagine that? Oh, that would be great!
Honey, I don't know the size of my ring, guess approximately number 16. I didn't know, that sax is an invention of a Belgian guy!
Swa, I feel you closer and closer each day. But I guess, I have to know German to be able to understand you!!!
Hello to your brother, thanks for his translation!
Kiss, Yulia.
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