Scam letter(s) from Oksana Duvbyw to Christian (Norway)

Letter 1
Hello Christian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice to meet you!!!I'm very happy that I have received a letter from you!!! Sometimes it is hard to introduce yourself because you know yourself so well that you don't know where to start with.
My name is Oxana. I was born on the 28 of April in 1986. I am from Rivne,Ukraine.
About me:My height is 165 centimeters. My weight is 50 kilograms.
As for my character I am cheerful, honest, sociable. I have a sense of humor.
I am brought up and have good manners. I don’t respect rude, selfish and foolish people.
I hate it when people lie and can’t keep their promise.
I also hate it when people interrupt others because it’s impossible to have a talk with them. I try to deal with people who are honest, polite, disciplined they never lie and help in difficult situation.
I also go in for sport only sport makes people healthy, active, forms a character. I have not much time for doing sports.
But some aerobics in the morning, a swimming-pool twice a week, are of great help. Sports is fun. I have a wide circle of interests.
I'm very sociable, so I get a way with people. I am a student of Rivne Economic University. I'm future economist.
I speak Russian,Ukrainian. I speak English too, but just a little.
An interpreter helps me. I'm a person who is positive about every aspect of life.
there are many things I like to do,to see,and to experience.
I'm very romantic person. I like to see the sunrise in the morning,
I like to see the moonlight at night,i like to feel the music flowing on my face,
I like to look at the clouds in the sky with a blank mind,
I like to do thought experiment when i cannot sleep in the middle of the night.
I like flowers in spring,rain in summer,leaves in autumn,and snow in winter I'm looking forward to your next letter. Have a nice day and all the best! Your Oxana ***
Letter 2
Hello my dear!!! Thanks that you have written to me!!!!!!!!
In my last letter I have not told to you about my family. Our family is neither large or small.I have Mom Dad and sister.
My Mom is 43 years old. My father is three years older,he's 46.
They are both doctors. They love their job very much,and they send a lot of time at the hospital. Their colleagues and patients resect them.
I am proud of my parents and love them. But as for me I never would choose this trade therefore I study as the economist.
My sister's name is Anna. Like our Mom she has blue eyes and lovely fair hair. Literature her favorite subject and she wants to become a teacher. Oh!!!Today perfect weather in our city. Spring comes and nature awakens from its winter sleep. The days are warm and everything is full of life and joy. the people are again ready to fall in love to live and to create. It is so perfect to stroll about the old streets in our city and to watch how the nature awakens from the winter sleep!!!!
At such moments of life is especially sharp realize that want to love and to be loved
And It seems to me is available to create family.. I want to have a united family I want to feel safe and comfortable with my husband.
my dear can you tell how should look the ideal women in your opinion? Only 1 year I must to study at my university.
I have never been abroad because I haven't got a foreign passport((((((((( Now already it is time to go!! Dear don't forget me! I like your letters and You are very interesting to me!! Honey!! I'm waiting for your next letter very very very very very very very much!!!!!!!!!! kisses and hugs from me to you!!!!!!!!!!
Oxana **
Letter 3
How are you,my dear?What weather in your city?I think it's warm and sunny or not?May be my letter can make the sunny weather in your soul!! Today at university my friends and I discussed the plans for the future.
As for me, I want to finish the university, to become the good expert in economic area ...also my dream to meet the real love... I want to care of my future husband love and respect him. I dream to have the child or even two children from him. I'm sure we will have a perfect family....
May be I has met my love already and may be you are my love?What do you think about it????????? It can be our destiny, and meeting in the Internet not accident? do You believe in destiny,my honey? My sweetheart What is your dream? Tell me about your ideas and dreams,please it's very Important for me!!!!!!!!!!! What about special gift...may it's you my dear??? kisses and hugs from Ukrainian girl I miss you very very very much!!!!!!! Oxana XXXXXXXX
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