Scam letter(s) from Nina Tyryshkina to Klem (France)

Letter 1

How are you doing? I want to inform you some news. My girlfriend sells a computer. He became unnecessary it, because she leaves in the USA, she as well as has got acquainted with the man through the Internet and now they have decided, that cannot live the friend without the friend and she departs to him for ever. She here does not have anybody, her parents for a long time have died here again her more holds than nothing. For the computer she asks 1800 $, but to me she will sell it for 500 $, because we with her very good girlfriends. She even will give me a computer table. Which you can see in a photo. At it very expensive computer, she bought it for 2936,50 $, I have looked it under the check. At it the guarantee coupon was kept. From us to not buy anywhere such computer for 500 $. It simply a find. I want to buy from her this computer because it is very expensive to use the Internet of cafe. I should pay 300 $ in a week, it is very expensive for me. I know, all over again I did not reflect on it, but then at me have ended money. As I already spoke you, Today it is not again necessary for me to pay 300 $, otherwise I can write to you more. I do not want it because I have very strongly grown fond of you. I have very strongly got used to you, lovely ****. very difficultly so sharply to cease to communicate with the person as I very strongly love you. I know it is possible to take the loan in bank, but to me will not give such huge sum because my salary is very small, in comparison with the sum which I want to take. In bank to me have told, that I can take only 200 $. What for to me what that vanity because of 200 $. It is senseless. I understand, that for you it too very huge sum, but understand me correctly, I am not simple so I ask you this money. I ask you money for a computer. We can communicate with you is more often. We can communicate through yahoo messenger. In the letters you wrote to me about trust, about honesty.. .. Certainly correctly to not trust it to the person whom you never saw, but in fact I not such person. I never shall begin to deceive you. You very much like me and it is the truth!!! I very much love you and I do not want to lose you. If funds for you it is more important than love then I do not know what to tell to you. I am not going to persuade you, I am not going to prove to you that I not to a deceit of you, it is simply silly....
I shall write to you the data on which you can send me of money, but I already why that do not hope for your help. To you to decide, all in your hands Name Nina
Surname Tyryshkina
The country Russia
City Cheboksary You should use these data, when will send money through Western Union.
If all of you decide to help me, I shall be very grateful to you for the help. All this for the sake of our love.
Now it is time to me.. To me it is very sad. Today I listened to a song and to me was very sad, on my eyes tears slid. All this of that I very strongly love you.
Still I want to tell, that tomorrow I shall come to the girlfriend to receive your letter. I hope, that it will not be the last.
Beforehand I thank you for the help.
Forever yours Nina
Letter 2

Hello lovely!!!
How are you doing? I want to tell, that I not scammer. I at all do not know that this such.. You want to send my photo on scammer sites, well, if you will make it, I shall go to police and I shall tell, that you were threatened to **** me or that you offered me ******. Think, before that that to make!! I love you, I shall always love you!!!
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