Scam letter(s) from Olga Dadiyko to Bjorn (Sweden)

Letter 1
Bjorn, honey, where are you?
My girlfriends forced me to visit cinema today and I decided to visit Internet cafe after my visit to cinema, to write my letter for you.
Movie was so boring, wow.
I remember the first credit line and the beginning only, but vaguely, because I started to nod off to sleep, and I slept till the end of movie, and I want to tell you my night dreams were much more interesting and talented, in contrast to movie. Therefore I can't tell exactly was this movie good or bad, I think it
was quite good movie, without loud explosions and shots, because I was sleeping peacefully, nobody was waking me up.
Listen, do you like to read books? What books are your favorite?
I ask because one of my girlfriends made one strange present for me today - thick clever book about history of human civilization.
First of all - who told her I'm educated enough to read? :)
OK, I can read, thank Lord.
When I was young, and when I had a lot of free time - I've read a lot of books.
These times of light-hearted childhood are over.
Now I have a time to look at pictures in women's magazines and to read most interesting news in newspapers when I'm sitting in lavatory.
Nobody can accuse me of reading of books now :)
Moreover, if somebody will notice me with clever book in my hand - this fact will spoil my image of pretty silly girl, right?
Well, I send you my hot kiss!
Kiss kiss kiss
Letter 2
Bjorn, honey, thanks for your letter!
Good news! Payment is came right now.
I'll go to agency this evening to get information about my visa and all other travel papers. Wait for my information tonight please!
Sorry for sort message, I hurry to inform that everything is all right with payment.
OK, I send you my hot kiss and I look forward to your answer!
Kiss kiss kiss
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