Scam Letter(s) from Tatyana Viytyk to Robert (USA)

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Letter 1


My name is Tatyana,or Tanya. I am here to find my Prince,my love and soulmate. I am very cheerful girl and I appreciate every single moment of my life. My life is pretty good,but it is not complete without love in it,I have so much to give and want to find someone with whom I can share good and bad times,with whom I will be happy!I believe that there is my second half and I want to find it. I will be happy if you write me on; , let's see,maybe it is our chance to be happy?

A kiss for you,
your Tanya.

Letter 2

Hello dear Robert !!

Dear Robert , thank you very much for your reply. I was waiting for it and now I'm happy to here from you again!

Dear Robert, being honestly with you in the beginning of our communication I want you to know that I don't know English and use the translation service for translation your letter, but I really hope that it won't a big problem for our communication. I will be happy to meet with you in case you could really come to Ukraine in June but I ant to be sure in your intention, for what you would like to find girl in Ukraine. I live in Lugansk now that is East part of Ukraine.

I'm interested in you and want to know more about your life and hobbies. Could you please write more information about you. And of cause you are free to ask me any question you want and I will answer with great pleasure.

I will wait for your answer with great impatience.

Kiss you dear Robert,

Letter 3

Hello Robert, my dear!!!!

Thank you for your letter that was very interesting to know about you and your intention while visiting Ukraine find your future wife! So how are you today, how is your mood? I hope that everything is going fine with you and you will be happy to get my letter!

You know dear Robert till 20th of June there is some time you could decide to whom you should come in Ukraine or are you going to meet with all girls, who is living here? That is the only one question which makes me doubt about our real meeting!

Yes that should be very funny to see how I would kill the driver teacher in case I would drive bad. But you know Robert, I'm good student and I will try my best :-))) The only one thing I didn't understand in your letter was about vodka :-))

No I don't live on Sovietskaya street,

My address in Starobelsk as I was born there and my Mum lives there still is:

Starobelsk,91000,30 Let Pobiedy 37/15

And my full name is Tatyana Viytyk .

I just hope that I could be the only one girl whom you are going to visit!!

I should go now as I need to gather my baggage to go to Starobelsk but I will be waiting to get news from you my darling Robert. Wish you to have a wonderful weekend!! have a nice time !!

Send you my kiss,
yours Tanya



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