Scam letter(s) from Nelya Zabelina to Billy (USA)

Letter 1
My dear and sweet, Billy!
Again your letter and big smile on my face! You give me it not only because of your letters but when I think about you. My co-workers think that I am become very positive oriented girl and bad mood not for me now. But I do not tell them why. I prefer to be mysterious and only I know who puts this smile on my face! You know the answer: it is you!!!!!! I love you, my angel Billy
My love, today I do not know why but I remembered one memory from my childhood! When I was a child I had a lot of friends: boys and girls. We played together and just having fun like only children can! One boy from this company liked me a lot! I am very funny so we often spend time together! After some time his parents decided to go in another city and this situation separated us. I even wanted to go with them but as you understand it was impossible! Now I often think that it is some kind of model of life. The idea is simple: you should do everything to be with your loved people! We grown people so we will not be so helpless like children! We can decide and can solve many problems!
My dear Billy if I can to you arrives that present me your gift, at you .ok? That's why, my love, this time I cannot make the same mistake, I cannot loose our feelings, I cannot look how my happiness is flowing away from my hands. I swear that I will never loose you. Without these moments you give me, I will just exist, not live .
I love you, my sweet hear with sugar ears!!! You drove me mad and I became another, I found a lot of new in myself, though I thought that I know myself best of all, perfectly.
No, darling, I understood that I am ready to struggle for my love, I will not be calm and indifferent!!!
I do not see why we cannot try too. I love you, I feel that and I need you for my heart or it is will be broke. I want to try to make you a happy man. I want create a paradise for you soul and heart! I have met you and now I understand that it is very important for me to see you happy and peaceful. If you will feel your self bad I will support you as I can, if I will be feeling the same I know that you will give me your shoulder for tears. I promise, Billy, I will not be crying for a long time. Why? Because you will dry my tears by a kiss!!!
I wish to tell you how much I love you when I looking in your eyes! I want to see that happiness just jump out from your eyes and it will make me happy!
Now I feel happy and a little sad at the same time because you are so far away from me.
As you know I work at school so I think that vacation is not a problem for me to take.
I think about our first meeting, oh... I am shaking. I want it so much! I am going to know about possibility of trip and what do I need for this. I never been so far away and I want to try to do all this stuff. I will know what should i do to go to you and then I will write you because I want to know your ideas about this. I am planning trip and i think that all will be ok.
So wait for my letter and I hope that it will not take many time to go in the other country. I love you so much and I will be waiting for your answer, my heart! With love and big kiss! Yours Nelya
Letter 2
Hello, my love, my Billy!
The new day began only when I saw your letter! When I read your words and when I see that you are with me and you think about us and our love, I can feel myself the happiest person in the world! I love you and my heart tells you this. Can you feel this? I hope that yes!
I believe that we can be together and I think about you like my second Half. I perfectly understand that we far away but we are in the same universe and it is enough for us.
In our days distance can be solved just with buying a ticket and I am sure that it is not a big problem for us. The most important that we want to see each other and our meeting can show us many things that letters cannot express. I mean physical contact, chemistry. I can feel your energy but I think that physical part of relations is very important too. I cannot wait to see you!!!!
I promised you that I will know about travel arrangements and I had time for this and I want to share with you this information. I never did it before and I need to know about your opinion!
I had a lot of questions to agency how can I go in your country and do it right and as fast as it is possible. So they told me that every person who goes abroad should have a passport (190 $), it is not difficult to do, then tourist visa (it is more difficult but it is possible, it is lasts for 3 months, 235 $), then two-way air-ticket (980 $), insurance (895 $, it will help me in any problems, connected with me, my property, my things, my health and things like that). My tourist visa will help me to do all with out any problems and because of this I must do package tour and two-way ticket. As you understand they want to be sure that tourist have a chance to come back but we will think how I can stay longer! I have a friend and she is going to help me with all this stuff, she works at the agency and she promised me that will try to do all quickly.
I was so exited when I understood that I made one more step to be with you. I like a wind came to see all my friends and co-workers to ask if they can help me with money. I have some sum my self but it is not enough. That is why I need some help from my close people. They when heard about my desire to go abroad agreed to help me and I can pay for all this stuff my self, exept insurance. So I need your help only with insurance (895 $)! I counted and I can do all this documents but not insurance and I must say with big sad that it is not will be enough for this insurance. I asked everybody who just could help me and they told me that that it all that they can do! I am so sad because of this. I like crazy asked everybody who just could help me but nothing. If really to say I do not know what can I do else I that is why I need to hear your opinion!
For our country it is a big money and I do not know where I can find it! I know that I want to see you but I guess that with out your help I cannot do that. It is making me really sad because I hope and I just dreaming to see you soon. I need you in my life and that is why I ready to do all possible and impossible to be with you. But I think that my powers are not enough and I need you help with insurance! I will be waiting for your opinion.
I asked them to show me a contract with agency for services to go abroad and I saw all this documents and possibility for me to have all of this with out problems! So I understood that I must have all this documents.
I want you to know that I am so exited and I am seriously want to be with you because I love you and you are my destiny! Don't forget that, my love, Billy!
I will be waiting for your answer and I am nervous a little. I hope that all will be well, I kiss you, Nelya.
Letter 3
Hello, my sweet man, Billy, from the another country!
I received your letter and I want to tell you how much I need you. Your words and love in my heart make me crazy and impatience! I love you and I can ' t think in the other way! I do not want to think in the other way! My dear Billy if you solve to me I shall help with money to you is very grateful.
You are with me no matter what I do and I think that together we can move a mountines. I wrote you about possibility of our metting and I hope that soon we will be able to see each other and tell all pleasant things to each other! You are so far right now but I have a hope and a great feelings of our close relations. I love you and I want you to know it!
I think that every girl is dreaming about her prince and I think that I can call you my prince, my dream from childhood.
My heart is crying when I think that time just goes away and at this time I can kiss you, touch you, just hug you and feel your energy, the warmth of your body! I wish I could feel that just right now. I can only imagine it for me and I can share with my dream with you! I hope that you will like my dream! I can see you in the moon light and you give me your hand, I think that it is a magical moment and I giving my hand to you and after this I know that all will be fine in our lifes because we are together and we love each other. Do you like this dream?
I think that maybe it is too hurry for us but I just cannot wait and I cannot stop dreaming about us. You are deep in my heart and it is want to tell you: " Billy, I love you! "
I can feel no matter distance that you are with me. I can imagine your smell, it is tender and I think that it could be called a chemistry. I love you so much.
The weather is so pleasant now. It's rather sunny and I want to jump with the happiness that seizes me all over.
I love you, darling baby!!!
So, I think that all is in our hands and we will be fighting for us. I love you and, sweetie I wish all the best. I am with you, Nelya.
P.S Dear today went to bank and learned the information on the international remittances. I for a long time talked to the manager of bank. It has told to me that the most reliable system, system " Money Gramme ". This system is similar the Western union. Advantage in that that in our city is present some branches of this system and it will be easier to me to receive money!!!! The manager as has told, that in your country this system has very big distribution and you will not have problems with it!!!!!!!
I know that it is necessary to have information to send money thru Money Gramm.
I am going write you this and please be careful, there should be no mistake.
Last name: Zabelina
Name: Nelya
City: Omsk
Country: Russia
Money Gramm. As I know to use this sistem I should receive after your translate money in my country 8 numbers to have an opportunity to receive money in my country! So when you will send money to me please write me 8 numbers and I will receive it in my country. Money Gramm. As I know to use this sistem I should receive after your translate money in my country 8 numbers to have an opportunity to receive money in my country! So when you will send money to me please write me 8 numbers and I will receive it in my country.
I need to know it and that you have already sent me. I will need a full information about
you (country, state, name, last name, address) .I hope that everything will be fine and I can do everything very fast. I really dream about our meeting. I love you so much. I love you, never forget it!!!!
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