Romance scam letter(s) from Natalia Boridina to Johny (Australia)
Letter 1
Hi ! I am happy to know that you are interested in me . Thank you very much. I can tell that i am very much interested in you too and i have a great desire to know you more. I read your profile and i am seriously wanted to take a closer look at you. I hope you want the same. Am i right? I am sending you my picture. I really hope that you find me attractive woman. if you want you can give any comment about my appearance because i easily accept critics. I have serious intentions to be your friend. I am going to tell you more information about me. My name is Natasha. I like my name. Do you know what does it mean? If you are interested i will write you more about it. I am 27 years old. I am very optimistic person. I like to make joke and laugh. That is why I have a lot of friends! I am very romantic too. I am fond of romantic movies. They make me crying sometimes because there is such a deep love in them. I like outdoors and picnics! I really don't understand people who do not like nature. I think nothing make you to be in harmony more then nature! I like to enjoy life and be in good mood! I am person who will never give up. In spite of this features, I can be fragile as woman, that is why I dream to find man who will be my protector and who will love me. My heart is opened for love. I want to meet my love and be happy as much as possible! I hope you dreams about the same. I am who I am! Feel free to ask me any questions, i would be gladly answer them! Here is my e-mail address - Take care and write me soon! Natasha
Letter 2
Hello my sweetheart, Thank you for your letter and picture.! I am touched that you answered me today, because now your letters are like an oxygen for me! Please don't get me wrong and don't think that i am joking. It is true. I sent you only several letters , but i opened my heart for me and you are the first person who helped me to recover from the pain which i felt before. You know that i have been betrayed, but i am recovered only thanking to you, because I am falling in love with you! Please just listen to me. I don't want to ask you a question today , because i want to tell you how dear you are for me! I feel that we became so close. I know that should be together. My heart tells about it!You know i will not tell you about my city in this letter and i will not answer your questions but i think that we need to talk about more important things, at least they are important for me!!! I feel that we can't lose opportunity to be together!!! I feel that i can be frank and i don't need to think what to say , because words are streaming from my heart! I need to tell you so much because i don't know if you will write me again after such letter! My Angel , i am not playing with you , because i know that it is so painful when you heart is broken. That is why i will never do this! I am very happy that we found each other. I don't know if you trust me. It is hard to trust people in the Internet, but i have feeling that a great future is waiting for us!I feel that we can build strong family. I think that we both know what we want. it is important to know what we want and we have a lot in common!! That is why we are together right now.
Of course i can't be sure , but i know that we should stay in contact and continue this conversation. So telling you all this my heart is beating very fast! I nervous! I need to tell you something. Sweetie , do you remember in my first letter i told you that my English is pure, and i can't write and talk in English! I use the service of the translation company to translate your letters and write you main. I don't have any other way to stay in contact with you. I tried to translate them with the help of the dictionary , but sweetie , it is nonsense. I don't know how to start... The matter is their service is not free. I paid for our correspondence all the time, but it doesn't matter. More important that i can't do it any more , because i am lack of money! I am so upset, because i am not sure if i can write you more. Sweetheart , i want to ask you about help! Please understand that we should stay in contact and we can't lose each other! I belive in us!!!I am sure that our meeting here is not a simple meeting for both us, it is something more!! I don't know what to do , because i am afraid to lose you. So , i want to ask you about help! Please help me my Angel to cover translation fees and stay in contact with me! It is not comfortable for me to ask for money, but i don't have any other way out! I hope that you will hear my heart which is calling for you!!! I need you... I am waiting for your prompt answer!! With love Natasha
Letter 3
Hello my dearest, John! Thank you for your wonderful letter. Sweetie , i was waiting for your letter! I didn't know what you would answer , but now i am on the seventh heaven of the happiness!Sweetie , i am so glad that you want to help me, more over , your each your word touched my heart, because finally i found person who wants to be my protector, who wants to love and who just wants to be happy with me! John , i promise that i will do all what i can in order to give you all my love and all my care! Sweetie , i am happy that you understand the necessity of our communication thorough the e-mails , before our meeting. Of course it will happen one day! This is for sure. Your letter made me speechless because of the happiness! Please John , now is everything in your hands. Yes i want you to send me some money only, because i don't want to lose you!!! I know that it is not good to ask for money , but i need your help!!! I can't cope without you!!! Please, help us not to lose our happiness! I think if life gives a chance to be happy we should use it! I knew that it could be the beginning of something very strong and i was not wrong! My heart was not wrong! By the way, i always listen to my heart when i need to make right choice. My dear, i am so exciting right now , i can't find correct words to express all what i am feeling right now. I feel that i started to fall in love with you too. I was able to write you all necessary details of how you can help me! I really appreciate people who work at this company. They are always attentive to me and our correspondence. I still can't believe that it is happening with me! It seems to me that I am dreaming! So I use the service of the translation company called "Sigma". They help you and me to communicate and translate our letters. Honey, I pay 5 USD for the translation of my letter to you and the same 5 USD for the translation of your letter to me. Also if I want to scan my photo to send it to you I pay 3 USD and I also pay the same 3 USD if I want to get your photo printed. Honey, they also propose unlimited correspondence including unlimited number of sent and received photos and 8 free, 10-minutes each, phone calls, per month! Isn't it great? If we applied for this service we could write each other every day! One month of the unlimited correspondence costs $220 and two-months unlimited service costs $380. So I guess this is something to think about.. My dear I was told that you can send your help via Western Union, Anelik or MonayGram. Also dear you can send your help directly to the bank account of the manager of the company. So here is my personal information which you will need to send help for our correspondence. My full name - Natasha Borodina.
the city - Schastye,
the address - Olhovskiy block,12/67
zip code - 91052 ,
my country - Ukraine. When you send me your help, please send me details:
- your full name;
- the sum of payment;
- Money Transfer Control Number (I was told that it is something you would get after making the transfer) Well, my dear, i am keeping hope that we will continue developing our relations. I hope the result of this connection will be our meeting, because i know that one meeting is much better then million letters.
Please understand , what i have already made choice, i want to be with you! I send you warm kiss!
I am waiting for your letter with great impatience.
With love Natasha
P.S. Photo for you!!! My and my best friend!!!Hope you like it!
Letter 4

Dear Mr. John Thank you for your letter. We are translation company "Sigma", which provide fast quality translation for our clients. We have been working since 2002, and we gave a good account of ourselves and made a good showing of reliable partner since the beginning of our work. We have to contact you , because one of our clients Natasha Borodina, asked us to write you. We helped you to communicate and translated your letters. We hope that you were pleased with our translation. The matter is that she can't answer you today, but she is gland to know that you want to help her with the payment for the correspondence, that is why we are glad to cooperate with you give you all required information. Natasha doesn't have bank account, but she asked us to make you an offer. If you wish to help your lady, you can use bank account of our company. Here is ALL the needed information: BENEFICIARY
USD-3551-10 Thank you for your interest in services offered by our company! We hope to continue our business cooperation with you. Sincerely yours,
Lydmila Nikolaenko - Director of "Sigma"
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