Romance scam letter(s) from Elena to Bob (USA)
Letter 1
Hello dear Bob! Thank you for so interesting letter and for the picture, I like it much! I was reading your letter with pleasure! I want to continue our acquaintance and of course I would like to know more about you. I hope that every your letter to me will be the next page of your life story, which I'll be reading with rapture! I'm so excited that we have started our communication in more private and I think even intimate plan:-) May be you will think that I'm too straightforward girl, but I always tell people what I think and feel. I like you and all what I have known about you from your profile. And now I'm full of impatient to continue perceiving you, your inner world and may be even your little secrets;-) I'm just joking, as of course you are free to share with me only what you would like. As for me, I'm very sincere and opened person and I'll gladly answer on all your questions and tell you everything what you would like to know about me. So, as you already know from my previous messages, my name is Yulia and I'm young woman of 27 years old. I'm Ukrainian citizen and all my life from the birth I live in such a big and very beautiful city, as Kharkov. My parents have come here from Russia in three years before my birth and have settled down here. I don't have brothers and sisters and the most part of my relatives live in Russia. When I was little, sometimes we all family visited them, but now it is difficult to do, so our family meetings happen not often. Talking more about me as a person, I'm kind and sincere, I'm energetic and always full of optimism. In the school I was a diligent scholar and have graduated with honors. After school I have been studying in the University at the historical faculty, I liked history from the schooling time;-) Now I work as a guide in the museum of folk art of Slobozhanschina. I like my work and it is really very interesting to tell people about the history of our area, to show them objects of ancient life, what kind of trades practiced our ancestors, etc. As for my occupations in my free time, I go in for sports - I do fitness. I think it is very important for the health to practice some types of sports and besides I like to keep myself in a good shape. Also I like to go to the swimming pool and you know, some time ago a big aqua park has been built in my city, I like to spend time there with my friends. It is very beautiful place with many entertainments. Also from time to time, we go to the cinema or the theatre, I also like arts much. Also I want to tell that I like to dance and to sign and i should tell that I do that quite well:-) As for the nightclubs, sometimes my friends and I, we go there, but it happens very seldom. You know, I have never had an opportunity to travel, but I always dream about that. I think it is very interesting to see another countries, to know new people, their culture and traditions. I hope one day my dream will realize and may be even you'll be my guide?! Now you have a view of me and I hope you like it;-)
I wish you good day and say you good bye till our next meeting here,
Letter 2
Hi my dear Bob! I hope it is a great day for you and for me all days are great from the moment of our meeting:-) I have a feeling of overwhelming attraction to you and I want to know you as well as you will help me with your letters. I appreciate you much for telling me more about yourself. I think it is wonderful to speak with each other about everything, to share our thought and expectations, to talk about our likes and dislikes, to tell each other about good and bad experiences in our life. It also will help us not only to know each other better, but give us a possibility to understand each other's inner world and what we need be happy with someone and may be with each other... Thanks for the pictures, you are very handsome man! You have asked me what I'm thinking about our age difference , ok, I think it is great! I prefer man older then me. May be now you have a question "why?", because you are more experienced and I'm sure you know what woman wants and how to create the stable and happy relationship. I see you are very curious and I like that much, because it means that you are very interested in me like I'm in you! I agree with you, we have so much to talk with each other about. I want to be an opened book for you. I like nature and all its manifestations. I like flowers, particularly roses, my favorite colors are white, red and blue. As for the music it is difficult to say exactly what kind of music I prefer more, it depends from my mood. There is only one thing, which could make me the unhappiest woman in this world - lie and treason! I like to cook, this is my favorite affair. I like to prepare something new, but most of all I like to prepare and eat too, borsch. Have you ever tasted it? After writing you my last letter, I have told my parents about my meeting with you in the Internet. They knew that I have started to look for my soul mate abroad and may be it seems strange, but my parents support my decision, as they see that it doesn't work for me with Ukrainian men and of course all parents wish to their children only happiness. You know, my parents are wonderful people, they are very kind, loyal and caring. They are together already 33 years and all life they live in harmony and complete mutual understanding. My parents still work, father as a mechanic and mother as a seamstress. There are also some dear people in my life except my parents, they are my friends. We are on a friendly terms from the schooling time and we always are ready to help and support each other in any situation. I consider myself a happy girl, as I have true friends. Unfortunately it is not the same in the loving relationship. I have had two painful experiences in my life and after that I don't want to experience my destiny with men of my country any more, as we want different things from the life. May be in the next time I'll tell you more in details about my experience and for now I want to tell that I'm really very glad to meet you and appreciate much your attitude towards me, your letters and your real interest. Frankly speaking, I was thinking about meeting too. It would be wonderful to look into each other eyes and to hear each other's voice. But you know, I don't have any opportunity to travel now, as I don't have an international passport. But it would be great if one day you could come to me, so form now you have an invitation! You know, when I have taken a decision to seek for my beloved through the net abroad, I faced a problem - language. I don't know any foreign languages at all and as for the English it is only some words from the schooling time. I have started to look for the help and I have found a company that helps such people as I'm. So now, I use their service for our communication, they provide me translation of our letters and also give me an opportunity to use Internet, as I don't have my own computer. I hope it will not be a problem for us and our further communication, as any way soon I'm going to learn English on all levels. Now it is time for me to go and I leave with the hope to hear from you soon,
yours Yulia:-)
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