Scam letter(s) from Natalia Vylekzhanina to Dayananda (UK)

Letter 1
Hello Daya !
I thank you for your letter. You also consider, ours dating is very romantic?
ok, I think we can communicate constantly now in email correspondence. I think it good idea! Do you agree with me?
I want to find good the man. I do not know, why I search for it on the Internet? Probably because I very modest...
Anyway, I am very glad to your letter!
ok, I do not know that you write. Probably we should tell more about ourselves.
I am 27 years old and and my name is Regina !
I am not in marriage, do not pay attention on my photo. Be not confused, this ring on my hand not show that I am in marriage.
On my orthodox religion it only an ornament :). I write you letter :)! I like you! :)
I wish to tell to you, that you have very strongly liked me. Do you know that you very lovely man?
I can speak and write in English! I ask you, that you have written to me in English :)! ok?
Now I will go on a balcony, I like to breathe fresh air... Spring, I love spring :)
ok, I will wait from you for the answer. I hope you will send me your photos! :)
Regina :)
Letter 2
Hello Daya ! I am very glad, that you wrote me. I do not believe that you have written to me even now! Well, I am very glad to it. I was very happy, when I have come to Internet-cafe and have seen the letter from you. I write to you from Internet-cafe because I have not computer in my to an apartment.
Internet-cafe here works all days and nights. I think that you are very good person:) you very much like me! And you were glad when you have received my message in dating site? ok, I shall tell more about myself!
I live in biggest of the world country called Russia:)
be not surprised, in Russia people can speak in English:)! I will tell you about my city in following letters! ok? Can you send me many your photos? I think, it would made a lot of pleasure for me:)... So, my height is 165 cm. My weight is 48 kg. I was born at 1 September, in 1980.
I work as the waiter in small cafe "Zig-Zag" This small cafe in the centre of my city which is in demand a usual average layer of the population. By the way, I carry myself to average layer of a society. And you? What can you say about it? I only the waitress, but I am not ashamed it, in fact this business have not only minuses but also pluss. We meet many people, due to my work, I know many people now! It is great! Can you cook too? I have good sense of humour!:) ok, I had attitudes with Russian men, but they drink so much alcohol and can be rough with girls. Such attitudes do not arrange me. If to tell shortly and clearly in Russia not remain the truly men. This my opinion. I want the person who will love and respect me. Therefore I am serious in search person with help of the Internet. Now I think, you understand that I want from you. We can try build relationship with you, if you do not against with it? ok? I do not know what tell you more about myself. You are very interesting to me.
I shall wait for your letter. P. s. - I hope do you understand me? Regina :)
Letter 3
Hello Daya ! I am very pleased to receive the new letter from you. I am pleased, that I have Opportunity to write to you. I'll be very glad, if you will send me more your nice photos! I love soft and fluffy toys very much! :)! Do you like my photos? I am very glad that we with you have an opportunity to communicate. E-mail letters it is a remarkable way to communicate. All this reminds me medieval knightly love novels when letters were forwarded with the help of pigeons... It so is romantic... Do you agree with me? I would like to hear your voice. I would like to see your fine photos. I want to read your letters constantly. Can you tell me your phone number? I shall call to you if i will have opportunity. :) Recently I thrown my phone nasually in street and phone now does not work.
I am very much upset.
While I have no new phone, I shall buy new phone from my next salary which I shall receive in next month. I hope you understand. ok :)? Still... I spoke that I write to you from Internet - cafe when to me conveniently. I want to agree with you if we want to get acquainted very close, we should write on a regular basis each other letters. ok? You agree? conveniently to me. I want to agree with you if we want to get acquainted very close, we should write letters to each other possible more often. ok? You agree? Mine a favourite dish - salad from vegetables "Mimoza". It is very tasty!
I am ready to eat this salad in the whole tons!!! Do not worry, I love my body! I was born in city which I live now. It is a small but beautiful city Zelenodolsk. If you want to learn about Zelenodolsk more in detail, I shall tell you in detail about it in the following letter. Be not surprised, I have specified not that city on our site.
I have made it because I could not find my city from the list of all cities.
Do not worry, I do not live in 2 worlds different parts! :) I have finished high school and have not acted in university because i do not have enough money.
I learnt English and German language at school. Here are excellent teachers. In English I talk much better than in German. Still I know the French language very little! Parle le france :)? I never have travel anywhere, but I very much would want to look the world. I know perfectly only my city Zelenodolsk. What that time I worked as the distributor of cosmetics for women ORIFLAME, but have soon stopped it to be engaged, because at me the small income was. Now I
work as the waiter in small cafe. There I work 3 years. I communicate on work with set of people. I am very sociable also to me it is pleasant to get acquainted with new people. You have very strongly interested as anybody another very much for me. Certainly I would work on more perspective work, but in my
city it is difficult find such work. I dream to arrive to university and receive higher education. But in Russia is road and full of obstacles. I dreamt to be the lawyer, but I cannot allow expensive training on this speciality... Now I live one in a small apartment of parents. My parents live separately from each other. So appeared, that when I was absolutely small they have divorced. It was the need as their incorporated life was accompanied constant scandals.
Usually I do not like, when it recollects, but I want tell it for you. Later in each of them have appeared new families, but I could not live in one of them.
Therefore to relatives for me the person became the grandmother - mum of the father. The grandmother from my childhood studied to be fair with people and not
repeat a mistake of mine parents. But later in 2003 I have lost the closest person for me. My grandmother has died from illness of heart. In the family I grew one, at me was not present brothers and sisters. Name of my mother Marina and daddy name is Alexey :) I have never been marriage. I had never have children. I very strongly love children!!!! I adore them!!! I would like to get children with my beloved. Tell to me about the relatives please. My working day from 8:00 till 17:00. And how many time your working day lasts? I hope to you, it was interesting to learn more about me. I am very pleased to our dialogue. :) With impatience I shall wait for yours the answer. P. s - is my favourite cat. Her name is Belka... ha - ha! She such ridiculous! Regina :)
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