Scam letter(s) from Natalia to Dayananda (UK)

Letter 1
I really glad to see that you wrote me on dating service how are you???
I think that you are interesting men, so I decided to use the chance to get to know you better.
if you think that my letter boring just tell to me about it I really don't know what should I write because I do it at the first time..
and i hope to see more your photos soon is it a problem for you???
in any way.. want to say that I'm adult person already.. and I need man in my life..
please tell more about youself.. and i'll tell you about me in my next letter..
will be wait your answer..
and by the way I attached my recently photo i hope that it liked you, and of course I'm waiting your photos too
Letter 2
Hi my new friend, Daya
it's so great to see that you wrote me!!!
Thank you for your photo, you are in my taste!
Maybe you can send me more yours pics?
so what do you think about me..?? just wondering!
so i bet that you want to know more about me.. am I right???
I what to tell that I'm adult person already and I understand that I cannot be alone forever.. I need man in my life.. but I want to tell that I need to be completely sure in that person.. to know that we are perfect couple.. do you understand?????
so first of all i want to say that my native country is Russia and I live in city has a huge history.. may be you heard something about it..
but i hope that distance doesn't scare how you know already my name is Natalya, what about my family..I live in small Christian family from three person, it is my mum, my daddy and me. I can say that I have successful loving family!!
Mum's name is Elena, she works as the cook, in one from restaurants of our city. I love my mom very much!!! I trust her completely.. we are the best friends, she never left me in the difficult situation !!!and I want that we have such relations with my future husband!!!
she is 43 daddy is the best !!!!his name is Gena, and his age is 57 years old, he worked as policeman all his life, and he is retired now.. I have older sister.. but she don't live with us..
so now you know everything about my family I hope that you will tell me about yours too!!
now about me..i am 25 years old, my weight is 54 kg, my height is 5'6" . I have blue eyes and blond hair..but you could see it on the photos already... I love reading. do You read Russian writers? Pushkin, Dostoevskiy, Tolstoy?
so I'm student I'm in the middle of studying in university, and I'm going to visit USA or Europe in this year I don't decided where should i go.. but I think that I'll choose very soon..
we just moved to the new house and I have no phone yet I just don't know when it will be set.. I'm writing from the university write now and I hope that we will be in touch through Email.. do you agree????
i had no serious relations in my life, an of course I have no any kids.. Sometimes in the winter, I with friends go for city and I go for a drive on a ski. These are the most beautiful moments in my life!!
so.. I hope that this letter helped you to know me better..!!!
I'm waiting your letter about your lifestyle..!!!!!
to see my life style.. and history of lonely woman, who tired to be alone..
hope to see you answer soon..
I'll try to write you everyday!! ok???
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