Scam letter(s) from Diana Varenik to Samuel (USA)

Letter 1
Hi pleasant stranger :-) Sam, of course you're not a stranger for me already, as I am writing to you and try to know you better. I do really wish this, and for me it's a real pleasure that I can attract your attention. My intuition tells me that you're nice. As for me, I am nice :-) I don't boast, this is a fact :) he-he. You will see this when get to know me closer. So, I am Diana. I am simple Ukrainian lady of 25. But I will turn 26 next January. So, as you may calculate, my year of born is 1983 and my date is January 14. Yes, I am Capricorn. I live in Izyum. It's little town in Kharkov region, but it is very possible to find it one the map of Ukraine.
I was going to apply to the Internet much time ago, but for different reasons was postponing this.. and finally I am here. What for???! I am here to find my second half. Yeah, I think our wishes are the similar, so we have the same goal, and, if you want can join our efforts and achieve this goal together :) So, if you are searching for good candidate for your love woman... Look closer to my photos.. Maybe you have already found her..? :) Dear, I am very sociable person and can become a soul of the company. At times of course, like every person I want calmness. I can listen to music, read something and read a book. But my life doesn't exist without people. I like communicating with my friends, and I can say about me that I am a very good friend. I don't boast, but I say how it is because for me friendship is the same to love, but without ****** relations. And what is friendship for you?!
What is your life motto? How can you describe yourself in three words? By the way, one of the reasons why I didn't apply for the Internet way of finding my beloved man before was my lack of English. Total lack, if to be honest. But to say just "I don't speak English" is not so promising start. In relations two people should make efforts. And i made my first effort and first step to serious relations. I enrolled myself into the English lessons. Yes, it was difficult and I had to save money for this, but I did that. I had only one lesson and we only started learning alphabet, but I will be progressing. You'll see this. For now sure, as you understand, I can't speak English, that's why I had to enroll myself also into using the services of translation agency to translate my letters from Russian into English and back. But, as you may understand, this is temporary, and maybe in several months, I'll write you something on my own :=) We have some time to get to know each other better. And then after we know each other a bit, we'll be able to think about the way to meet. What do you think?! What's your idea about this? Maybe you have some other plan about this? Just tell me, and we'll always be able to find a solution. ... what else?? what else I forgot to say?? Give me a hint? What you want to know about me.., and I will surely tell you. I have very good sense of humor, and it is always possible to laugh and joke with me, but I not only laugh, I cam also be serious, take important decisions, be good adviser, and in future very good beloved woman and wife for you. Work, work.. I work as a decorator.. Interesting work, and I like it a lot. Actually my work is my hobby :=) I bet, you haven't met such people before who would be in love with their job.. :) But it's only because I don't have anyone else to love... Maybe you'll change the situation?? Tell me about you, your family. Tell me about music.. Do you like it? For me music is a part of my life. Sometimes my Mom and Dad say that I am made of music.. Yeah, it is so, especially my heart. There are so many tender melodies in it. I like Elton John (adore him!) Madonna.. She's very strong and talented woman. I adore old music of 70-80-90.. Yeah, those were times when people produced REAL music! The Beatles..!!! Great example of this. Who knows.., maybe some day I will devote one of my heart melodies to you..?? Ok, I'll finish my letter now not to make you yawn..
Or I will explode from the amount of information i want to tell you.
And I also want to know about you.. Everything!!! Absolutely! Write me back..!
I miss you already!
Letter 2
Hello Sam! You are mistaken. Totally mistaken, Sam. I don't need even a cent from you, and I don't accept sops neither from you, nor from anyone else. Bye.
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