Scam letter(s) from Karen Amoako to Grant (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello dear
how are you i am soo happy to get your mail ok and that has really made my day the way as you know i am Linda i am 28 years i am USA but i am currently in Ghana because my mum is here in Ghana ok.
By the way this is the reason ok my father died when i was 18 years of age mother is a Ghanaian ok and dad is from the usa ok and you know that since dad is dead and mum has decided to come to Ghana and you know at that time i was too young to live by my self ok so i move with mum to Ghana ok.
yopu know i have been in ghana for such years but you may ask why i used my profile country to be ghana it is simply because mum has really tell me about the usa people and she always tell me that they are really good people ok and that makes me use my profile as usa ok.
by the way i am loving curing understanding courageous honest loyal passionate and so supportive and i am looking for the right man ok so that i can share all my life with ok my love.
it is always my dream to see the right man in my life ok so that i can really show him the right love that has hide from him for some time ok.
by the way i love to meet a man who is also understanding loving honest and curing ok.
i think you now know all about me dear ok.bye
always love from Linda.
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