Scam Letter(s) from Veronica Volnova to Bob (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello, my dear faraway friend Bob! I'm so glad to have an opportunity communicating with you!!! I like communication and i have lots of friends, but i haven't met that man who I am waiting for. So I'm very excited that I can write to you and I hope to know what kind of man you are and we'll get on well. So now I'd like to tell you about myself. As far as you know my name is Veronica, surname is Volnova. I'm 23 years old and i live in the western part of Ukraine in little town called Khust. In spite my home town is not very big, but I like it. I think that it's full of interesting things such as historical palaces and picturesque landscapes. I'm happy to be born in such a beautiful corner of nature.

Of course i have a family. I think family plays an important role in person's life. I have a mom, a dad and a sister. My mom is a very gifted person. She is a landscape designer and she shares her talent with me. Thanks her I'm a very creative and sensitive. I adore her, I trust her and I definitely know that she will support and accept any my decision. I appreciate that very much. My dad is a real man I think. He is the leader in all spheres of life and he has a tremendous sense of humor. My parents are married for a long time but they preserved their love and passion. I admire them and i believe one day I will also meet the person whom I will be ready to love forever whom will be given every support and encouragement. My sister is a very active girl. She likes travelling and sport. We are close enough. I like chatting with her, sharing secrets. I'm happy when we gather together. Unfortunately it happens not very often because my parents are very busy at their work and I'm a student, so I also have no much free time. I'm the last year student, I will be a stylist.

I'm a very sociable and friendly person, and I have a good imagination. I enjoy my future profession because I like to help other people especially when they are on the way of searching their own style. I think when a person is looking for changes it should be a good specialist near by. By changing the appearance we can discover new positive sides of our personality. I like books, I read a lot. I particularly like love stories and fashionable magazines. I pay a great attention and apply great efforts to look good, because I want my the second half could be proud not only of my personal good qualities but also of my look. So I'm keen on eastern dance as well. I think it helps me to develop my sensuality. I like cooking, I always do it with great pleasure I'll tell you about this later. I like flowers, roses, it's so romantic... My dad always buys flowers to my mom. That is one of the ways to emphasize his feelings.

I am a girl with a tender heart and wonderful dreams!But I know what i want in my life.

I wish to be happy with the only one in this world who could make me the happiest girl ever!:)

I just feel how happy I could be with him and it makes me feel inspired and i feel as if i have the wings behind my back! I know that I deserve to be happy and I will surely be! Are you with me?

I will be waiting for the answer from you with great impatience as i would also like to get to know you better! tell me everything you wish!!!

Yours, Veronica



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