Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Lozovaya to Tony (USA)

Letter 1
Hello,my honey Tony!!!
How are you,my sweet? I am ok because I have you.
Sorry for my delay in writing,I had a very busy week because I had exams at the Academy and had to prepare to them thoroughly but I thought about you all the time,I hope you'll forgive me.
Many kisses for your warm letter with nice photos,I was happy to receive it, I like you very much and you even can't imagine how much I want to be with you.
I think about our meeting all the time but I try to be patient and not to hurry up.
My darling Tony,I want you to know that my intentions are serious and honest to you, I like your appearance and I like your character very much,I don't like skinny men,I like your body structure and I don't think about your age at all because I don't feel any age difference between you and me, I like you very,very much and of course,I understand that your job is what you do for living.
My honey Tony,I see that you are wonderful person,you deserve happiness and love and I'd like to give this to you because I feel if we are together we'll be happy,I see that we think in the same way and we have many things in common and I believe that it is a good foundation for building strong,long and happy relations, don't you agree?
My sweet Tony,I miss your voice very much and I'd like to talk to you over the telephone again,please,call me to the same phone number as soon as you get this email or this weekend at any time which is convenient for you, I hope you'll be able to do this,I'm waiting for your call impatiently, have a nice weekend,
kisses and hugs,
with love,Masha.
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