Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Zagaynova to James (England)

Letter 1
Hello James! I am very glad that you have answered me, I write to you from Internet cafe as at my place there is no computer. I hope that you too are glad to see my message. Allow I will tell to you about itself: my name is Olga I live a Zelenodolsk in a city, it is very beautiful and small city. I have sent you a photo, I think that she was pleasant to you. I too would like to see your photo. I wish to see a photo of your city, you can send her? Now I will tell directly about myself. To me of 27 years. My growth of 174 sm, weight of 49 kg. I was born on July, 8th in a city a Zelenodolsk in 1980. I work as the the bookkeeper in one of schools of our city. To like me my work. Coming every day from work I would like to see the favourite person of the house. I had relations with Russian men, but it turned out nothing. They love alcohol and happen very rough to girls. Such relations do not suit me. At us it is very difficult to find the good man in Russia, kind, gentle, loving. I want that me loved and respected, and serious relations are necessary to me. I have decided to find such man through the Internet. You understand that I want from you, we could construct with you relations if you it is final not against? I have nothing to tell about myself if you had any questions you ask more. You have interested me, I with impatience will wait for your letter. You like my name? Olga
Letter 2
Hello James! I am very glad that you have answered my letter, and it is good that I have a possibility to answer you. Thanks for a photo! I search for the true love. You want will find the person for the sake of which to live? I want that you were frank with me. You the man on which I have turned, I would like to find out than you are engaged. I will try to write to you about me all. Find out me better I do not want that you have made a wrong choice. I am very glad that we can to communicate with you through e-mail. I would like to hear your voice and to see your beautiful photos, I would like to read your letters again and again. It is very a pity, but I cannot give you the phone number because I have no phone. This pleasure expensive to me, my salary does not allow to buy phone. I hope you do not take offence at me? But you can leave to me the phone number, whenever possible I will call you. Remember, I spoke that I write to you from Internet cafe when to me conveniently. If we want with you will more close get acquainted, we should write letters constantly. Well? You agree? I will tell to you about a life. I was born in a city in which now I live. It is a little but beautiful city under the name a Zelenodolsk. If you wish to find out about my city in detail that I can write about him in the following letter. I have finished high school and could not to study in university in the absence of money. At school I studied English and German language. At our schools very good teachers, they excellently teach English, In English I speak little bit better than in German. For all life I did not travel anywhere, and I would like to look the world. Any time I worked as the hairdresser, but because of very little salary and began to work as the bookkeeper. I already work as the bookkeeper about 4 years, for me very amicable collective. To me to like I get acquainted with new people, very sociable. Certainly I could find work with the big salary, but in our city it so is complex. My dream to enter the university and receive higher education, but in Russia it so is difficult. Now I live one in little apartment of the parents when I was little my parents have divorced and now live separately. Parents often quarrelled, swore, it is not pleasant to me to recollect it but nevertheless I will tell to you. Later the daddy with mum had families, but could not get used to new conditions and consequently the grandmother became the unique person close to me. The grandmother since the childhood taught me to justice, and always to speak the truth. Not to repeat a mistake of parents. But soon my grandmother has died, I have lost the person close to me. In a family I was one, at me was not the brother sister. My mum call Natalia and daddy Nikolay. I do not have driving licence but I like to travel on the car. I was not in marriage, I have no children, but it would be desirable to get the child. I very much love children as my trade is connected with children. Tell to me about the relatives, how many to last your working day? I hope have not upset you with the long story about the life. With impatience I look forward to hearing from you. Olga.
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