Scam Letter(s) from Anna Ogienko to Paul (Faroe Islands)

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Letter 1

Hello Paul.

I am so glad to receive your reply on my mail and I will be happy in my friendship with you. I hope that our communication will bring us to a real and serious relationships.

I hope that our communication will be like a sweet and beautiful journey and we will get to know each other and will be able to meet each other in a real life. I would like to give you my personal information about myself. My name is Anna, I was born on the 17th of August in 1979. My eyes are brown and hair too. But sometimes I streak my hair blonde. Height- 170 and weight- 55. I live in Chernovtsy. It is a city in Ukraine on the Prut River. It is in the west side of Ukraine. About 260 000 people live here and atmosphere and the ambience is perfect. I removed here from Vinnitsa because I found a job here. I finished culinary collage but now I am waitress in restaurant. So now I live in Chernovtsy and rent one-roomed flat. And I have never been to another countries.

I prefer arts more, my hobbies like reading, traveling, listening music ( I like different kinds of music), making trips and visiting various places of wonderful nature, I have more concerning in some activities of sports like tennis, sport dances, ballroom dances), swimming. I like to spend time in the open because it is very fine.

So if you like to know more about myself you can see that my personality as romantic, compassionate, sensitive, social, faithful, honest and free person, I am open minded and respect others in their ideas and desires, I love simple nature and hate complex or complicated things cause I am very simple in something.

I cannot tell you more about my family because my childhood I spent in children's home in Vinnitsa. I was informed that my parents passed away many years ago. They were involved in serious car accident. I do not remember them but I am sure that they were good people. I was 4 years old and I was at kindergarten. I was a little girl and I could not understand why I have to live in another place. There were many children and I misses my parents. Then I was informed that my parents had to go to another country. I know that my mother's name was Irina and father's name was Misha. When I was 15 years old I found out about my grandparents. They were killed in the war. So my biography is not happy but I want to do my best in searching for my love.

LOVE is not sex but making love between two people who emotionally are linked to each other. Making love may be as simple as holding hands, cuddling, a small kiss, a kind word, caressing, a card in the mail, a special look across the room, or as passionate as to bring each other to that blissful physical feelings that two people can share. Two people who LOVE each other know just how special making love really is.

So now I want to know more and more about yourself and your life cause you can see how I am interesting in you, so how you prefer our relationship like to be, I need to know too what is your real sense and how you feel towards me now or before cause I like to continue with you our relationship in good behavior.

I am waiting for your letter and you are welcome as my dear man,


Letter 2

Good day PAul.

I waited your reply. Thanks for your letter. Thank you that you told me about yourself.

I believe that two people who want to be truly in LOVE must first be best friends. They must be willing to share any and all thoughts and ideas with each other. They must be honest in the thoughts they share even though sometimes these thoughts may be hurtful, not intentionally, but if there are differences between the friends then they need to be voiced. I want to share everything with my lovely man. The person who will give me a hug when I feel bad, a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, lips to kiss away the hurt, a mouth to voice opinions when asked for, someone I can always turn to for any reason.

I will be able to live in another country. I will not think about obstacles if my beloved man supports me. of course it is not easy but I will be ready to learn your language. Unfortunately I speak only Russian and use help of translation firm.

I believe in love but I have never met my real love. I thought I did a long time ago but it turned out badly. I had boyfriend 3 years ago. When I found out what he was doing I confronted him and he told me about doing what he did. This hurt me so badly I could not be with him because he still wanted me but then he also told me he wanted to sleep with other people, this broke my heart and I could not be with him anymore knowing he was sleeping around. So I am not married. But I dream about a real family.

And I choose the Internet for a way to contact and to find my one and only man. I know that many men only look at the outside of a person and never get to know the real person inside. I want you to look not only at my appearance but and in my soul.

I believe that two people who are truly in love will do everything for each other. They will not care about age difference or something else. That special bond that unites two people and keeps them together through all the difficult times. It would be nice if there were no bumps in the road of a relationship but that doesn't exist. I want to be with my partner when he needs someone to care for him when he is ill, physical or mental, when he is poor, or whenever. And in turn I will be there for him. Just as a child is dependent on a parent so a partner should be dependent on their partner when the occasion should arise. If I found you I would be happy to come to you and present you all my life, my love, my soul. I want this man will be you.

You will always have those special memories that only two can share. And they can be as simple as taking a day off from work to be together, sharing lunch, helping one another in a time of need, a walk in the rain, or any memorable times we would share together. So we need to become best friends then we will value our love.

I am a woman who will love my husband with all my heart and soul. So I think you understand that my intentions are more than serious and I hope you are looking for the same. As for my personal qualities so I am many sided, easy going person, I like to cook very much ( I like to find new dishes and surprise my friends), when I have free time I spend it with my friends. I like reading books(I like Russian classical literature and sometimes I read romances. I like lyric poetry. By the way if you were Shakespeare how you could conclude "Romeo and Juliet"? ? ?), and watching TV( I like to see Russian comedies. I like " Diamond hand" and " Ivan Vasilievich changes profession"). To create a strong family is my main goal now! Hope to hear your own thoughts about it very soon, please write me!! A serious honest woman with kind heart who wants to love and be loved. And appearance is not much important for me, first of all I value men's soul, I believe that money is not as important as love. I want to be with a man who will be able to love me as much as I will love him. I need a partner in life, and it does not matter where you will be from because I am ready to go everywhere for my love!! I want my beloved man to be kind, respectful, with a nice sense of humor and rich inner world. I will do everything for the man of my dream! I liked you very much and I hope that one day I will feel touch of you body. And you will allow me one day know the warmth of your nakedness, the tenderness of your body beneath mine.

Finally, I will leave my letter now but really you still in my mind and living in my soul every moment.


Letter 3

Dear PAul,

Thank you for your message and sympathy! I liked to read your message. I like to think about you and I am happy that you write me.

Dear, I sincerely believe in honesty. I try to accept people as they are and I will appreciate this quality in my future husband. Could you be my husband? I enjoy social and home life, Love for me is not just physical attraction; it is the harmony of souls and tender relationship between partners. Partners should have the same ideas of the future. If they like each other very much, but their philosophies differ a lot, their mutual understanding cannot be complete. Dear, I am looking for the man who wants to love and to be loved unconditionally, to understand and be understood, who likes to laugh, have fun but in the same time be absolutely honest, responsible and trustworthy I believe in a harmonious balance between self and family. I know that life is not always full of happiness and joy and it is important to share life with someone that will always stand beside you through the bad times as well as the good times. I want to be with you and can hold each night and wake up next to you in the morning and know you are the man I will love forever. I am somehow romantic and passionate and it is important to me to find a man who enjoys being held and kissed and cuddled.

Yesterday I had to work hardly and went home thinking about relaxation. I imagine mornings we are sleeping together and I wake before you, I tenderly kiss your lips and whisper softly in your ear... " Are you sleeping lovely?". I will then touch and kiss you. If you are still asleep, I will gently kiss . I will enjoy the flavor and heat of your body.

I will be waiting for your answer, so I wish you happy with me as your lovely person and sure I will be your real girlfriend like I am considering you now as my best friend in my sweet dream which hope to realize someday that I wish coming soon.

Have a great day. I have blown you a passionate kiss and it will bring a light breeze on your cheek.


Letter 4

How are you my dear Paul?

I am going to share everything with you because my choice is you. Your words are so warm and I want to share all my life with you.

You are very close to my heart and my soul because I am sure now that you became my soul mate exactly as I wished. I am feeling like a bird who is fling by the wings of love and peace in the largest broad of sky. I think you are so wonderful and fantastic person because you have a sensitive and emotional feelings as I see in your cute letters. So I hope finally you succeed in finding your real lover and true partner who can share with you all love emotions and real feelings.

I enjoyed your letter and I must tell you I am impressed by you much. It is very nice that we continue to communicate. So here we are. Two people from opposite sides of the world searching a common dream and goal. To love and be loved by someone special. We may only be individual drops of water in a vast ocean of people now. I wish to taste of your essence, let me feel the passion within you as we kiss, sharing of each other completely. I want to share not only my life with you but to have a family with.

I feel comfortable with you because you can share all your thoughts and ideas, so that both stimulate me to blossom like a flower. I think that there is the difference in people when they are in love, and also it shows clearly when people are made for each other. It creates that extra energy that is so important in life. What do you think?

I spoke about you with my friends. They say that they have never seen me so happy as now. And do not want to put obstacles in my life. They think you are good man because I chose you.

Now I want to leave my letter for short time then I will come back again for you to write after receiving your last letters and to continue our sweet relationship while I hope you will forgive me now but I promise to keep in touch with you cause I can not leave you and never forget your sweet heart honey in every moment and you will find me always behind or beside you when you looking to your sky because you become my soul mate as the only one.

Kiss you.

Letter 5


We have to inform you that Anna does not know English and cannot use Internet. She has to use our translation firm. She wants to let you know that she does not have funds to reply to your letter. Anna wants you to know that she is interested in your relationships and wants to continue your correspondence very much.

If you want we can send you the information about our services and prices you need in order to proceed with your future communication. If you are not interested to use our services please, inform us about it and do not give out the information given from Anna as it is personal and confidential.

Principal of "Accent".



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