Scam letter(s) from Evelyn to Larry (USA)

Letter 1
HELLO DEAR...............I am fine and doing good,nice to raed from you,please can you tell me little about you,like your likes and dislikes,hobbies,and what you like in a relationship that brought you to the site,and some other things you would like me knowing about you,if possible attached your pics so i can have a look of you in my inbox,may be you can give me your cell phone to give you a call when necessary ok,
i will stop here till i read from you again
Letter 2
let me tell u alittle about my self i am 29 years From United States single never married before and have no kids but was ones in a relationship that never went well, ........... i work with an international orphanege home a charity organisation(heart to herat foundation home) that is Affillated to Unicef here we work in allaround the world helping the homeless kids we help the less privillage kids out of the street and give them good life and upbringing and orphans, Right now i am in London where we are helping the homeless kids and we are going allaround the world to do this, i think i really have a great passion for kids and that is why i am working with the, i help as a Volunteer nurse and i Teach kids from the agies of 5/10 as a Volunteer Teach in any Orphanage home that we visit. I would love to know what u are looking for in a woman and the kind of relationship that u want with me, or u just want to have fun with no serious thing invovled, i would love to know what u do for fun and what u do in ur free time , i think i like ur kind of person. I am a very Down to Earth Lady , caring kind and Romantic Lady, i love to travel have fun and meet new people, i love Sports and i love to be in a very good
Shap,and i have a very good and high *** drive i love to try New Things and be happy. i think what i want in my life ight now is some one that has so much energy that can give me the best of *** try new thing and go on a very good adventure and that is while i am on that site i dont care where the person is from i just want to meet some that we can make our dream and ****** Phantacy come to reality so tell me about ur self and wht u are looking lets see how we can meet and have some good time . better still you can tell me more about ur self and your like and dislike in a woman........i will have to stop here now untill nest time........thanks
Letter 3
HELLO DEAREST.............How are you doing again,i want to tell you that i am glad hearing from you again,hope life is treating you kind,
i like the fact that you are telling me truth and not lies,i wnat to tell you that i like honesty,sincierity and not treachery,that is what keeps me going and little things makes me happy and brings my heart closer to the man i love,
My Dear,would you do us a favour that would makeour relationship going,that is by removing your profile in the site so that we can concentrate on each other without distractions,and i will do so too,
i want to tell you that i am an easy going person,i hardly make one angry that is why i ahve to let you know more about me so that it would keep us going,i want to tell you that i am single too,though we are very far from each other but might be close to our heart if we work it out,i want to tell you that i use to be in love with a man that never loved me rather he left me for my close woman,and i dont like men cos of that cos that makes me think that men are cheats,
i want to tell you that i liek *** too,cos that makes relationship going,and it makes relationship grow strong ok,i want to tell you that i dont deprive my man ***,i like lovely satisfaction to my man so that he dont go out looking for what he has inside,i liek all games,but have interest on snooker and tennis,i watch football sometimes when i am free,
i want to tell you that i am looking for man that will loveme cherish me respect my womanhood,caring,understanding,romantic,and in return meet much love from me too,this is what i am looking for in a frelationship,and i wish to have that from you ok,i want to tell you that i am not in rush to come,i would love to take time with you and know you very well before we finally meet someday,i want to tell you that i am getting closer knowing you as we keep talking ok,i dont really have a **** pics of me,but as we keep the relationship going i will take one and send it to you,please can you send me more pics of you,
i want to tell you that i am good in making my amn so excited i know will make you happy one day on bed when i will make you feel like a what you wanted in your woman,when your magic toy will be in my *****,but all i want from you now is to be closer to my heart then we will work of meeting each other an you have all that is in me ok
i will stop here and hope hearing from you soon,
Letter 4

HELLO SWEET ONE..............How are you doing,hope life is treating you kind,i want to tell you that i am glad hearing from you, i want to tell you that i am very glad hearing that you have someone you are taliking with very close to you,may be cos i am very far from you, i promise not to lie to you,i want to tell you that u i have always wanted a man that will grow a relationship with me,though i might not know the person before we meet,and i am very glad that we have met thru this means,my dear,i have earnestly seek to have 4 children with my spouse in life,and i am glad you want to have a serious relationship with me,that shows we have things in common, i want to tell you that i am able ready to meet a man that will loev and cherish me,that will be my husband,brother,lover,betterhalf and my complete if nature have anything for us,and i will leave ny ganny for you cos she had lived her life but i must not forget that she is the only one i have for now,may be you tomorrow ok, i am very glad to read that you care and cherish me this way,i truly understand your english very well,i want to tell you that it woudl be a nice moment with each other when you will be there as a Doctor i am already a Nurse,that shows we will enrich and treat each other so kind and homely as a in our professsions,i know it would be a nice time with you since you live alone,though the distance is very far i dont really know what you think of us,good to hear that you have a lovely girl,but please lets talk about each otheri know with time you will have much attentions that you needed from a woman in me i think that was why you are here in the sigyt for someone to fill in the gap whhere she couldnt,and i will feel the gap someday since i am the one ok,.
i wnat to tell you that,i dont get jelled easly or treaped cos i have been hearing about this from men,all i want is sincierity heart this si why i am not in rush to meet a man,all we do is learn about each other and feel comfortabke in each others arms,please i would love to see your cute pics ok
i want to tell you that i have removed my profile in the site, i have contacted the customer care so that they will remove me from there cos i am thinking more about you,please dont break my heart,i like *** too that was why i am open to you,i dpont deprive man ***,i like ****** satisfaction to each other when we finally meet i dont think we should number how many times we are to have ***,cos you are mine and i am yours when ever we need eaaach other we make love,all i want from you in ,life is love and not just ***,i want to tell you that you are like every other good looking man inmy sight,i will love,cherish and care about you only if nature have something for us,let me tell you that many desire in ,liofe to be rich and have cars but all i wanted in my life is love,no matter how the man is like,i like learning about you thru this means and to stay long in learning about each other cos i am not in a hurry to meet my man,what ever shall be shall be ok,do you belive with me
i will be very excited if you will let me know some little things you would like to know from me and i will be glad to make it up to us,i will stop here and hope hearing from you again
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