Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Kirsanova to Billy (USA)

Letter 1
Hello dear Billy, thank you very much for the letter, I am very glad to receive it. Every written and read letter makes us closer. I begin to know more about you and you about me! Who knows, may be you are my second half, who I was searching for. In any case, the time will show and I hope for the better. Dear, although there are really many questions, I will try to answer them! My height is 162 cm, weight is 47 kg, my full name is Ekaterina Kirsanova! If the real love appears between us, my friends will only be happy for me! And as for the age, it is just numerals and what is more, I see, that you feel young, cause you wrote me "years young"! Am I write? And what do you think about our age difference, does it worry you? I believe in fate and that nothing happens for no particular reason! The fact that you noticed me among the big amount of the ladies is a big sign already! What do you think? Of course we have to overpass many thing yet, a big distance, a language barrier. I know only two languages, Ukrainian and Russian, unfortunately I don't know English at all, at least some words! But I cannot speak and write. Communicating to you I use the translation service! Happily there is an Internet Cafe in Luhansk that provides this service, but unfortunately it is not for free. People try to earn money on everything and it is normal, I am satisfied with their work, cause the helped me to meet you and I am happy, that I did meet you! I hope, that you share my feelings! I want to appeal to you with the request! Could you help me with the payment for the translation service and Internet. It is hard for me to do it myself, I cannot work ye, I am a student and I depend on my mother completely. I would be very grateful to you if you can help me! Please, don't be angry and treat my request with understanding. We will be able to continue our communication that way and will make our plans for our meeting and future joint life! Billy, I am waiting for your answer, please answer me and excuse me for making such a request. Kiss you many times, I wish you a good day! With love, your Kate!
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